How To Play Like Bud Brisbois. likes · 2 talking about this. Bud Brisbois was known for his incredible trumpet high note playing ability and was a. Austin Dean “Bud” Brisbois (April 11, – June ) was a jazz and studio trumpet player. (Capitol, ); Sophisticated Approach (Capitol, ); Kenton / Wagner (Capitol, ); Stan Kenton Plays for Today (Capitol, ); Hair. Documents Similar To Bud Brisbois Trumpet Today Anthony Plog – Method for Trumpet – Book 6, Low, High, Power & Strength Exercises & Etudes. Uploaded.

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Sep 17, I just got this book and was wondering if anyone has tried this book before and if it really worked for them? On the first page in his Part 4- Professional book, the first exercise includes its first high C and on page three-hundred ten you are served your first nrisbois C and further down the same page you are shown what a triple high C might look like.

Here it is, available in PDF, amazing! So we take our breath, plays strong briebois CI put a certain amount of compression for the middle C.

The scales, the techniques and everything else and you build your range gradually, knowing that every step of the way what you do, how to do it and build the proper muscles. As I go lower, maybe a little less compression, as I go higher I use more compression on this area. Please let me know. Driving it forward, keeping the compression, keeping it open and having it really sing out the best I can. This is the normal way to breath and take in air, and so few of us really know how to do it.


A Clinic With Bud Brisbois – All Things Trumpet

They recorded a demo and played regular gigs metthod the next two years, at one point performing on the hit television show The Midnight Specialbut never secured a record contract and eventually disbanded. It only worked so far, then I really had to build a good foundation.

This takes one week, ten minutes a day. That has put the air in the proper space, so at least we know how to breath properly. Please help to improve this article by introducing more precise citations. I highly recommend adding this method to your library but unfortunately, it is no longer available in stores.

Some of us can play higher than others, but we can all build bu good consistent range, not everybody can play a double C, but they can play higher with more consistency, more accuracy, more penetration if they build properly as opposed to brishois player that just builds wrong.

The mouth squeezed and nothing happened, but if we take a good metuod, support it and put compression on it, the proper compression for that note. He quit the music business entirely and moved to Beverly Hillswhere for a time he worked as a Porsche salesman.

Arban died in and within a relatively short time, material to study in the upper register began to change. Stand in front of a mirror, without a shirt on. In addition, he coached the trumpets of the Musicians Union sponsored Young Sounds band.

Bud Brisbois

Hope to hear from you soon. Around he left Kenton to work in the Los Angeles recording studios. Just a certain amount of pressure, just in order to maintain the mouthpiece there and not kill ourselves.


Would you be able make me a copy or scan from first to last page of your book part -4? Now, the pressure that I put on whether it be in the low register or the brisbols register, we take a breath we put pressure on the air and then we attack the note. I think I was at that clinic. The only way to play up high is to be completely limber. Thank you so much for your time. We are taking the breath in properly, we know how to put the tension on it, if you want to build strength in this area, you can get all mehtod the information in a cheap book, called the Royal Canadian Air Force exercises.

EEE just seems to pinch the sound. In nineteen twenty-four Walter M. And that keeps everything extremely strong in the back and everywhere else. Even though your using it here, you need to keep everything brisboie strong and use every muscle in your body to increase the intensity.

I avoid movements of the horn as much as possible.

That is the 10 min. Thank you in advance. This set up fits me. Let me know what you would like to do.