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Enter ” Service agent” in the Value text box for this role. Detailed description, Severity and Ticket attachments.

Add these as String type attributes to store text. Make sure you drag Subject and release it well inside the group when the “Drop Here” message inside highlights by showing a greenish line. No results are displayed, because case security, which you configured through Bizagi Studio, is working effectively not allowing bizago unathorized user to view details of a case not assigned to that user. This tutorial illustrates how you, as a customer, would build those applications with business processes.

Then click Add User Role in the right panel and tuhorial Analysis from the drop-down list:.

Bizagi video tutorials

Take a series of online courses tutoeial your own pace to learn how to model and automate tutorkal processes using Bizagi. You see a display of the entire process diagram, focused on those shapes in the workflow which are designed for human interaction and for which you need to define a user interface.

You may of course, further customize and extend this process by including additional activities and business scenarios. Clicking OK closes the window and returns you to the Entities module view.

When you click the pending activity, you see the UI for it, as you designed in Bizagi Studio. Do not change the default assignment method it should remain By load.

Tick the Yes radio button and click Next when ready. With Bizagi, you can create an application with any number of processes, but for the sake of simplicity in this tutorial, we will create just this one.


Then click the Subject UI field at the right so that it becomes selected:. Switch to the Business key tab, and check the Enable business keys checkbox. For this new one, change its data type to one that is not from the Common Types list.

How to’s > Bizagi tutorial

Only a Requester can start new process instances; only a Help desk agent can work on assigned Activities ; and only an Admin user has access to system settings, general configuration and monitoring options including BAM, analytics or reports. Where the workflow continues from the Gatewayand because this specific shape is meant to support the process workflow splitting into more than one possible path, you can also use the Pie menu to include an additional Sequence Flow that automatically draws a connection to an existing shape.

For this tutorial, create four end users: In the Organizations tab, associate this user with the same default Organization:. By default, the first time you access the Work portal you do not see a login page, since this is the bundled one for Bizagi Studio that has no users created so far, other than the default internal system user.

Close the Process Modeler and click Yes when prompted to save changes:. When logged out, you see the login page, and you can now run a full test involving the different users participating in the Help Desk process:.

Click the Else when no other option is valid checkbox.

Select Default Assignation users from the drop-down list and click OK. Even though this tutorial does not focus on it, you could make the most of the potential of data modeling within Bizagi by features like defining multiple-to-multiple relationships between entities, defining entities which inherit from others, and involving system entities which already manage information used by Bizagi “metadata”.


For the Basic Informationwe suggest that you use:.

Bizagi Maintenance

When the data model diagram closes, you return back to the Process wizard. Click the Based on the result of an expression checkbox:. After you click Add Severity, the cursor is in the first column needing your input Name for this value. Click Create you are ready to ttutorial the ticket in the built Help desk process. As when defining forms, the elements which haven’t been configured yet are highlighted with yellow shadowing.

Click Add to include four new attributes and give them names. Report ticket, Analyze and resolve, Confirm resolution, Review and documentalong with other secondary shapes. Double-click the newly created Sequence Flow and label it No: The submitted ticket has been numbered as case 1, and it is currently assigned to user U Back in the process bizagu view for the forms, click Confirm resolution to define its form.

Select the Required property and, from its drop-down, select Yes. Modeling the process means graphically diagramming the series of activities that make up the workflow of a process, from start to end. In the Organizations tab, assign the same default Organization:.