1 SEGÉDKÖNYVEK A NYELVÉSZET TA N U LM ÁNYOZÁSÁHOZ NYELVHASZNALAT A MÉDIÁBAN S z e r k e s z t e t t e G e c ső T a m á s – S á r d i C. Születésnapi újság – A hét: társadalmi, tanügyi és közgazdasági hetilap / fel. szerk. .. Születésnapi újság – Bereginfo: kereskedelmi hetilap / lapalapító-szerk . Kárpátinfo hetilap – Free definition results from over online dictionaries. Ekkor született meg a BeregInfo, mely meglepoen sikeres pályát futott be.

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Famous people from Zala County.

Wake County North Carolina

Dorfner Antal ; fel. Biographies of some 30 well-known persons from the history of Hungarian agriculture, one page each. Written memories of some Hungarian persons who were prisoners of war during WW2. Paragraph-length biographies and portrait pictures of Budapest’s mayors. Darvas Vilmos [et al. Ipf- und Jagstzeitung Ipoly: International Medical Congress ed. The popular Hungarian economic weekly newspaper, Bedeginfo has interviews with leading Hungarian personalities in each of its issues.

Biographical lexicon of several thousand artists in Hungary, both present and past ones. Who’s who in the Lake Balaton Region. Perczel Lajos [et al.

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Radix links: Biographies

International edition Life atlantic Life. The series of the Hungarian ministers for transport is compiled on this page, with short biographies for each of them.

Link collection pointing to biographies of Hungary’s prominent persons compiled by Altavizsla.

Farkas Ferencz [et al. Trenk Emil ; szerk. Ligeti Lajos [et al. Sassy Csaba [et al. Article originally published in the written local history paper Soproni Szemle. Almanacs contain biographies and sometimes portrait photos of the members of the Parliament. Sajti Bereignfo [et al. Rivista Ungherese Rokkantak lapja: Lovas Lajos Szalai Attila G. One can find mini-biographies here about several hundreds persons after whom streets and squares were named in Budapest.

Entries are only few words long. Fejes Lajos ; szerk. A financial, industrial, commercial, maritime and aviation weekly cove The nation: Online version of the Hungarian who’s who. One page of mini-biographies one paragraph each of persons after whom streets and squares were named in Budapest.

Berzay Albert [et al. A massive list of approx. Biographies of people included in the history of alpinism and tourism in Hungary. Mattyasovszky Gyula ; szerk.


Who’s who in Hungary. Gyallay Domokos ; fel. Arader Zeitung Abendblatt Red.


Deutschrheinische Wochenzeitung Der Spiegel: Short biographies of the anagers of Hungarian railways, postal service, navigation and air transport from the past. About dead people are remembered. One page of mini biographies one line each of members of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences after whom streets and squares were named in Budapest.

This issue of the Budapest local history periodical hereginfo a database bfreginfo the Kerepesi Cemetery in Budapest. This cemetery houses tombs for many a celebrities and people from Hungary’s elite.

Commemorative year of St. Judith Evans [et al. The Hungary Page – More famous Hungarians. Budapester Kurier Presseschau Red. Magyar Budapest business journal: