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The range is typically miles, depending upon the terrain and many other factors. To toggle Close Call modespress SQ. For long-tone pages, such as group pages of more than 3. For each alert in the scanner, you can select from 9 different tone patterns and also set the alert volume level independently from the main volume level.

800 xlt setup help

Once a system has been created, the system type cannot be changed. The scanner’s memory is organized in an architecture called Dynamic Allocated Channel memory.

Use the worksheets to help you program your systems and groups. Conventional Display Mode 2. The charts below identify the scanner band plans, the frequency range, the modulation mode and the default step size settings. Press again to unlock.

To Delete a System press Menu. The display has indicators that show the scanner’s current operating status. Signal Strength Meter – shows the signal strength for the more powerful transmissions. Radio systems have changed a lot over the last thirty years and the XLT may not be able receive them. See Programming Trunking Systems. The scanner will display ‘ Searching for Satellite ‘ in GPS Display Mode until it receives the signal from the satellite if you have your connections and baud rate set correctly.


All settings and data saved on the Slave scanner will be erased. To toggle search bands on or off for custom searchespress the number key of the custom search. The first time the scanner starts receiving a signal from the GPS, it briefly displays ‘ GPS Connected ‘ and temporary locks and unlocks all systems and sites that are ‘enabled for scan’, unlocked, and whose quick key is enabled according to your current location.

Bearcat XLT, Uniden BCXLT Scanner, Bearcat BCXLT, Uniden XLT Scanner

To store frequencies or talk group IDs you find during Search and Store, you must first select a system where the frequencies or talk group IDs will be stored. If the frequency has not been stored, it stores the frequency into a created group named ‘ Found Channels ‘, then resumes searching. Repeater Reverse – tells the scanner to try to switch to the repeater if an input frequency is found.

The control channel is continually transmitted to the field units and has a sound similar to listening to a boat engine over the phone in manual mode; you won’t hear this when you are trunking the system. Therefore, if your fire department dispatch talk group isand they do dispatch tone-outs and alarms as Multi-selects, then those communications will be on talk group If you omit the user ID still need the hyphenthe scanner treats this field as a wildcard will treat the home repeater as 1 ID.

To start a ‘Quick Search’ at the current frequency turn the scroll control then press Hold. Enter the new frequency you wish to start at then press Hold to set the new starting frequency.

Read uniden-bearcatxlt-scanner-manual

Scroll to ‘ Tone-Out for That feature is now useless as cell phones are now digital, also it is illegal to listen to cell phone calls it was not illegal at the time this scanner was released as cell phones were few and far between and the law had not been written yet While it is Mhz it does not do trunking or digital the new stuff a lot if not most areas are now using.


When you have selected a service search or custom search range sthe scanner looks for active frequencies within the range s and ‘ Search and Store ‘ appears on the display’s lower line and the system name and search range maanual s appear on the display’s upper line. Press Scan to exit.

Most people can get everything they scan into the scanner. Press toggle through the backlight colors and intensities in Any Mode. By programming the CTCSS tone for a local channel the scanner will not stop on transmissions from the distant system. Turning on the Scanner and Setting the Squelch. The scanner stores the ID into a created channel group called ‘ Qck Save Grp ‘ with no quick key assigned and you will be at the ‘ Edit Channel ‘ menu to complete the settings for maual new channel.

To select a menu item, rotate the scroll control clockwise or counterclockwise.

If you have a lot of data programmed, it might take the scanner a couple of minutes to complete the process. Press to cancel an error or warning message. To toggle between display modes 1 or 2 Hold on any channel and press then 0.

Although the XLT manual is actually very easy to read but it still has pieces of info in the wrong place, features not explained, and can be somewhat vague on many other features.