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Mukhtar Masood died in Lahore on April 15, at the age of After passing his CSS examination inhe went on to serve at several key positions — including that of Commissioner and federal secretary.

Mukhtar Masood, he said was a true son of Pakistan and it is our duty to teach and introduce such a towering personality to our people particularly the youth of Pakistan. Masood Mufti said he had the good luck to have served under Mukhtar Masood. He was an honest officer and a masoood of unique style, said Masood Mufti.


Awaz e Dost / آواز دوست

Prof Jalil Aali said unfortunately our writers and poets working in the government offices were not recognized what they truly deserved. He particularly mentioned Mukhtar Masood in prose and Mustafa Zaidi in poetry.

Hameed Shahid said Mukhtar Masood travelled all over the world but his patriotism was the sole introduction of his personality. During the reference Mehboob Zafar kept quoting from Mukhtar Masood which left lasting impression on the audience. At the end collective Dua was led for the departed soul. Yaran-e-Watan effectively highlights expats problems.

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Awaz e Dost / آواز دوست by Mukhtar Masood

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