Atlantis is an archaeological adventure novel by David Gibbins. First published in , it is the first book in Gibbins’ Jack Howard series. It has been published. Buy Atlantis by David Gibbins from Amazon’s Fiction Books Store. Everyday low prices on a huge range of new releases and classic fiction. This two-page feature by Marcus Dunk on my first novel Atlantis appeared in The Daily Express on 23 July Since then Atlantis has sold.

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Do you enjoy exposition? Just a bunch of characters spouting knowledge at each other and reaching to conclusions without any logical process to follow. All of which superficial nonsense I could actual forgive Gibbins for it is, after all, an airport novel, and many top-tier writers have fallen into these same traps over the years.

The IMU crew visits the underground laboratory bunker near the Belsen concentration camp in Germany and aatlantis bunker in Berlin.

Gibhins 23, Pauline rated it liked it. Sep 09, Cindi rated it did not like it Shelves: He’s pulled from current research, the work of G. The descriptions of these things lessened the enjoyment for me – I just wanted to get on with the exciting story! If you watch enough History Channel or read up on current gibbis, the location of Gibbin’s Atlantis will sound familiar, but to most readers this will be a brand new idea, and a highly plausible one.

For centuries, people have speculated on the location of the gibbjns civilization that sank beneath the waves. Frankly, the only goal I have for this book is to make certain it gets thrown into the recycling bin downstairs, hopefully never to be seen again I felt the same about Atlantis. I am also an advocate of igbbins readers make up their own opinion and not thrashing any author or book, but my friendly advice is: I choose the book without any previous research, solely based on the subject of Atlantis.


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It is even worse than a video game scenario which is originally more of an excuse to bring the player through the different levels of the game than offer a real story like, say, a book should do. Considering my love of archeology TV Shows like Time Team, my fascination with the myth of Atlantia and my desire when I picked up this book for an adventure, this book should have rated much higher. Davis hunt is on for While I enjoyed the plot, the constant dialogue annoyed me.

Because the dialogue really affected the speed at which I read the book, I have to give it 3 stars.

The ancient history was fun and interesting, the premise exciting, but the characters were so awful and some of the action sequences absolutely impossible. As a result, I couldn’t attach myself to any of the characters. Diane on July 21, at 1: Davd 04, Calle rated it did not like it Shelves: Share your thoughts with other customers.

If I had looked at the ratings for all four books by David Gibbons I would certainly have looked elsewhere as I have rarely seen so many negative reviews for one author. I was never tempted to stop reading because I wanted so badly to know what had become of the Atlanteans, what secret the Nazis were hiding and how it all tied together.

But intention, or a good theme, is not enough to write giibbins fiction book. As usual the story rockets along with our heron and archaeologist Jack Howard to the fore.

While some purists might accuse Gibbins of being slightly wet for not definitively stating where Atlantis is, it would be unwise to tell him this to his face. That does not make me better then anyone else. His first novel, Atlantis, published in the UK in and the US in Septemberhas been published in 30 languages and is being made into a TV miniseries; since then he has written five further novels, published in more than editions internationally.


Highly riveting and never ending action made this book fly by until I was gibbijs and a little disappointed I was finished it.

Atlantis: David Gibbins: : Books

He has an expert in every obscure marine and archaeological discipline at his fingertips for every adventure. I have to say I was impressed that a good story could be told without gratuitous sex and foul language!!

In the book, we davvid revisit the Atlantis site from his first book just long enough to get some new clues and information. Our heroes Howard and Costas begin to follow up on events in the Mask of Troy following the search for the Nazi Weapon, as well as playing a game of cat and mouse with the baddie from the last book.

Since then Atlantis has sold well over a million copies and been published in thirty languages. It was just endless bad dialogue and detailed desciptions of irrelevant technical details. Newton Compton August 1, Language: Many of the action scenes seemed implausible, especially within context of the characters involved in them. View all 7 comments. Learn how your comment data is processed. The premise sounded good, but the actual execution of the novel was terrible. Would you like to tell us about a lower price?

But is there a horrifying new dimension – another ingredient in the Nazi’s rule of terror? Turns out theyre Hittite-related, from Urartu.