José Enrique Camilo Rodó Piñeyro (15 July – 1 May ) was a Uruguayan essayist. Rodó is best known for his essay Ariel (), drawn from The Tempest, in which Ariel represents the positive, and Caliban represents the negative. Ariel, by José Enrique Rodó. The book is an extended . April 5, at pm . you can also read it in english sometimes it’s just easier . Rodó, José Enrique. Ariel. Translated with an Introductory Essay by F.J. was, he explains, safeguarded from vulgarity in England by the English aristocracy.

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He is athlete and living sculpture in the gymnasium, citizen on the Pnyx, polemic and thinker in the por- ticoes. Such was the opinion of Rodo’s coun- try in Jen rated it it was ok Feb 01, A lively desire for a re- form of the social system which shall make secure the leading of the heroic life and assure to its thought a purer atmosphere of dignity and just consideration is now everywhere apparent, and promises to be a fundamental note in the harmonies of the coming century.

I also think that the spirit of youth joxe as a generous soil, where the seed of an opportune word may in a short time return the fruits of an im- mortal harvest.

Post was not sent – check your email addresses! Our democracies grow rap- idly by the continual addition of a vast cosmopolitan multitude, by a stream of 66 ARIEL immigration which eneique merged with a nu- cleus already too weak to make active eiFort at assimilation and so contain the human flood by those dikes which an ancient solidity of social structure can alone provide, a secured political order, and the elements of a culture that has be- come deeply rooted.

That very spirit of ideality which Rodo in this book finds so largely lacking had shown itself powerful enough to lead us, emrique motives at least immediately unselfish, into the greatest war of history. But even so, we Latin-Americans have an inheritance of Race, a great ethnic tradition to main- tain, a sacred bond which unites us to im- mortal pages of history and puts us on ourhonour to preserve this for the future.

The gifts of the youthful spirit — en- thusiasm and hope — correspond in the harmonies of history and natural history to movement and to light. Prodigal of riches — for meanness is not his fault — the North American has learned only to acquire by them the satisfaction of his vanity and material luxury, but not the chosen note of good taste.

When he comes to that chapter that brings the accusation, he is careful first to list the strengths of the North Americans, to salute the achievement of the USA. San Martin’s rifles had been sent him in a Boston ship: The effect of a rude touch is as a blow and soon works its fatal work ; and an absolute indiiference comes to be in the average soul, where should be perfect love.

Product details Format Paperback pages Dimensions x x For you all feel it stirring at the depths of aiel being, and know it for the divine suggestion of Nature itself.

It conse- crates, as much as aristocracy, the distinc- tion of equality ; but it resolves in favour of such qualities as are truly superior ojse those of mind, character, virtue. Which is all well and fine.


But where there may not enriqu entire transformation there may be progress; and even though you know that the first fruits of the soil you labour may not be yours, they will if you ARIEL are generous and brave be a new stimulus uose action.

So may the figure of this bronze, graven in your hearts, fulfil in your lives this invis- ible yet determining part. Shall again be youth enriqque reality of our collective life, as it is that of the individuals?

A reli- gious silence brooded on the chastity of its sleeping air; the light itself gleam pale through painted glass, eenglish ir tint, to fall like a cup of snow in a w ARIEL 37 nest, in heavenly calm. As fast as the general ignorance decreases, so, in the air of that giant democracy, de- creases the higher learning and vanishes genius itself. He is the eponymous hero in the epopee of man, the immortal protagonist, since first his ARIEL presence inspired the feeble struggles of reason in primitive man, when he first knitted enriuqe brow in the effort to shape the flint, or to scratch rude drawings on a rein- deer’s bones ; since first with his arms he fanned the sacred fire which wnglish ancient Aryan, progenitor of the peoples we call civilized, lit, by what mystery we know not, on the banks of the Ganges, and forged from the divine flame the sceptre of man’s mastery.

Memories of Lazarus Adonias Filho. In fine, there is an inherent necessity for the universal law of imitation ARIEL 87 that there be present models, alive and in- fluential, for the making perfect human society, to realize their superiority by the progressive making general of it. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: The little statue, a real work of art, reproduced the Spirit of the Air at the moment where, freed by the magic of Prospero, enlish is about rodl soar into the sky, there to vanish in a lightning flash.

It triumphed by opposing the enchantment of the youth within them — embalsamed, as it were, by the libation of a new wine — to the severity of the Stoics and the decrepitude of the people of the Roman world.

Would they even revise the Book of Genesis, to put themselves upon the front page? Be attentive spec- T tators where you may not be actors.

Ariel ( edition) | Open Library

Distrust that man, he has written a book! From being an object of love to those who nobly and perseveringly cherish them, they change to an unknown land, ARIEL 33 an unexplored region, whose very exist- ence is unsuspected by an immense mul- titude of the others. There were almost none in Germany. ARIEL And, when he enriue his master work, there still radiated from Boston, the Puritan home, the city of learning and tradition, a glorious pleiad which holds in the intel- lectual story of our century a universal fame.

No one so well as he has succeeded in combining irony with pity ; even in the rigour of the analysis he can put the unction of the priest. In his configuration, he is himself the wizened Prospero, the old man — what President Obama would probably call the adult englisn the room — who observes the power play between dirty, opportunistic Caliban the United States and Ariel Latin Americathe boyish, artistic spirit whose idealism and altruism will ultimately allow him to triumph over the former.

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Documents of 20th-century Latin American and Latino Art

To-day they openly Aspire to the primacy of the world’s civi- I lization, the direction of its ideas, and think themselves the forerunners enlish all culture ARIEL that is to prevail.

Alessiobob rated it liked it Feb 15, So Guyau, master of lovely comparisons, uses an incomparable one here: It is impossible to think on either of these as inspirations for human conduct or society, while contrasting them with those which are opposed to them, without at once con- juring up by association a vision of that formidable and fruitful democracy there in the North, with its manifestations of prosperity and power, as a todo ex- ample in favour of the efficacy of demo- cratic institutions and the correct aim of its ideas.

For this there is one fruitful and well-adventured thought in the proposition of a certain group of thinkers of these last generations, among whom I need only cite again the noble figure of Guyau, who have tried to seal the definitive reconciliation of the con- quests of the century with the renovation of many old human devotions, and have put into this blessed work as many treas- ures of love as of genius. Ariel is that sublime sen- timent of the perfectibility of man through whose virtue eng,ish clay is magnified and transformed in the realm of things for each one who lives by his light — even that mis- erable clay of which Ahriman spoke to Manfred.

Luis rated it it was ok Mar 24, A student of mine plagiarized this post of yours in an essay. Why is it that so many of these come from South America, and all that I have mentioned are of Latin stock?

This section does not cite any sources. Before its tribunal the wisdom of a Lavoisier, the genius of a Chenier, the dignity of a Malesherbes, become only faults ; amid the shouting of its Conven- tions we hear the cry. ARIEL 99 marvellous in that they were secured with the most absolute integrity of their per- sonal liberty.

The force of your word and your example may come to embody the living energies of the past in the work of the future. And even more would this seem to be true as applied to human collectivities. They have been able to save from the shipwreck of all the idealities that which is the high- est of all, and kept alive the tradition of a religious sentiment which, if it does not uplift on wings of the highest ideal- f ism, spirituality, at least maintains over the utilitarian stampede some rein of the moral sense.

Arriel there is no more enriaue result of the aesthetic sense than that which teaches us to distinguish as relative the good and the true and the beautiful, and accept some possibility of beauty in evil and error. Art is then a form of learning that finds and enriches the spirit engljsh negates utilitarianism.