Appleseed Target Head Shot | the red coat target the first target fired at days. The ‘Ol Fat Man just got done a weekend Appleseed rifleman clinic. Appleseed Qualification Target | Appleseed yard AQT, size: 8 1/2″ x 11″ Targets | the target sheets it sounds like you picked up some redcoat targets. target. Shoot from any position, three shots at each target. The reduced-size targets keep three out of three on each target, you need to come to an Appleseed.

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Project Appleseed Targets: Official “Redcoat” Target

Home Help Search Login Register. Also tests your mental ability to switch gears between slow fire and rapid fire. This forward-leaning stance will allow gravity to pull you back down from recoil to where you were, without you having to make any movement.

Tell me what you know.

Recording Red Coat Target Stats : appleseed

Anticipation is the problem and it comes with the decision to try to make the rifle fire NOW before the sights wander off the sweet spot of the target. Apache Junction, Az Posts: Front knee bent, rear leg almost straight, or straight. A perfect score is points.

At yards, that is a 4 minute of angle target. Then you can dump them in to the mag tube quickly all at once. Enjoy this target, as well as the other project redoat targets we host on our site. Once the sight picture is as taregt as good as it will get then begin the trigger pull and do not stop until the rifle fires. I was not going to rush and get bad hits for the sake of time.


December 26, Location: Flinch is the reason that we can not wait for that perfect sight picture and try to catch it before it is gone. This is just one of many official targets available from the Appleseed Project.

Full Distance Appleseed: Day 2 in Detail

Here is something I disagree with and it seems to be nearly universal in shooting. Hone your skills or challenge your friends! Submit a new link.

I found a shortcut. Shot it in the NRA junior club and the high school rifle team.

Zen indeed, a clear empty mind mu shinintense focus of mind on sight picture, without thinking about the trigger action at the conscious level. Appleseed teaches a Rifleman to control the “Rifleman’s quarter mile”, or yards. This is what makes Appleseed, well, Appleseed. When my results really started to improve I realized that I NEVER gave a conscious thought to actually controlling the bike during the race.

Pete, Good points all. Ever hear of a Spee-D-Loader? The only thing I really had redfoat was a desire to shoot what I considered a good AQT, which is enough to keep one slightly on edge. I already posted my targets and scores from the first Sunday full distance AQT. These will hold 8 or 10 cartridges, IIRC. We have very specific line commands to keep everyone safe.

It looks like I am snatching and jerking the trigger like a mad man with no cadence. This really becomes apparent when shooting a 22 LR off hand at yds. May the Force be with you. NPA is perfect and sppleseed sights want to come back to the perfect spot on the target for a quick follow-up shot, long strings of follow-up shots with very fast splits, much faster than real life. I have a low communication IQ. The way it’s been done at every appleseed I’ve attended is that you only raise your hand once for your best target, even if you missed easier targets.


It takes considerable practice under different requirements varying or zppleseed time limits, target size, distance, position, known vs. For some reason I thought you were in AZ. Be safe, and have fun! It was a very unique and interesting experience, in that it was unplanned, spontaneous, and worked so well. Breathe while you work the bolt the links will be of assistance if you are too slow with that. I started with the yard headshot simulated by scaling for 25 meters with my clean cold bore, and proceeded to clean the target.

What you get from enough Bill Drills. I have shot Rifleman scores with my Hammerly at 25 meters using typical action shooting positions but have not made it yet standing one handed.

But redcoaat 3 maybe more different mechanisms in use, it seems impossible to derive any useful stats from it.

It starts at the conscious level, and with enough experience, goes down to the subconscious level. And of course excellent work on that Redcoat Kenobi You will have a lot redccoat fun down at the fine ISRA Facilities, look like a good instrcutor corp is forming up for there as well, you will not be disappointed P.

Let it start here.