Yusei and akiza relationship help

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yusei and akiza relationship help

Yusei is always helping everyone, but Aki wants to help repay the favor The relationship between Yusei and Aki is very close and innocent. After meeting Yusei, Akiza began to question the path she took of distancing herself from normal society. Finding and valuing of true friendship, and she has become more eager to help those close to her whenever possible. Relationships. After meeting Yusei, Akiza began to question the path she took of distancing with the former refers to her connection with plant and the latter to her loneliness. Confused and scared, Akiza approaches her father asking for help, but is called.

A smile formed on her lips as she thought back to the days when it all began. The young woman remembered how her and her fiance, Yusei Fudo, kept a long distance relationship for two whole years while she was studying medicine in Germany. When Akiza finally returned home to New Domino City, it was only a matter of Yusei getting his nerves up to ask the woman of his dreams to marry him.

True, the two lovers were still quite young for marriage, but they had been through so much together, they knew nothing could break the bond they shared.

Akiza then thought back to the painful time in her life when she wanted nothing to do with Yusei or the other Signers. She was scared and alone back then. If only she could go back and tell her past self how much Yusei meant to her now. He was the whole reason why Akiza was able to start a new life and find her true home. She closed her eyes, still fingering the wedding ring Yusei had given her.

It was not an elaborate peice of jewelry, but it fulfilled its purpose. Originally, Yusei and Akiza contemplated on eloping, but quickly realized they needed their friends by their sides during this very special time.

After Yusei proposed, Akiza moved into the garage with him, the same garage him, Jack and Crow rented a few years prior. Her parents were a little hesitant about letting their daughter live with the young man before they were officially married. However, Yusei and Akiza wanted to save themselves for marriage and were okay with waiting a few weeks longer for that moment.

Yusei walked up to his girl, trying to hold back a small laugh. You just looked so lost in thought. Yusei did as she commanded, immediately feeling Akiza's slim arms wrap around his upper waist. Akiza's head shot up. I just can't believe it's only three weeks away. It felt like only yesterday he was nervously trying to figure out a way to propose to the girl in his arms.

I'm glad we decided to have a real ceremony. This wedding was supposed to be the happiest time in their lives and he was not about to let Akiza ruin it by getting stressed over the small stuff. Everything is finished and all there is left to do is enjoy ourselves. The flowers and food are ordered.

Everyone we invited is coming this week or next week. You have your tux. My dress is getting fitted. Wait, I forgot to I'm not having my bride get all worked up before her big day. This is about us, remember. Akiza, her mother and two of her good friends, Luna and Misty, were waiting at the dress shop, where Akiza was going to have her final fitting. It was one of those moments Akiza was so excited for, yet dreaded so much.

You and Yusei are going to be so happy together. The young girl had recently flown back to the city from London with her brother just for the wedding. Luna had always wished Yusei and Akiza would get together. You have nothing to worry about. The world famous super model was flattered when Akiza asked her to come to see her wedding dress.

Only a few years prior, Misty was helping Akiza pick out her prom dress, when she went with Yusei. The two girls were here, first and foremost, to support Akiza, but also because Yusei asked the two of them to make sure Akiza did not stress herself too much.

This wedding was a big deal for everyone involved and no one wanted to see Akiza or Yusei getting upset. Her mother and friends took their seats in front of a set of mirrors and a pedestal. But, before her mother could answer the young girl's question, Akiza walked out to the crowd awaiting her presence, with a shade of rose on her cheeks. All three of the women's mouthes dropped at the sight of Akiza's gorgeous gown.

Akiza Izinski

The dress was a sleek ballgown, with detailed beading and a corset back. It perfectly matched Akiza's style and complimented her figure very nicely. Her mother walked up besides her only daughter. Oh, just wait until Yusei sees you walking down the isle. Don't you want to have some fun before getting tied down? Only this time, it was not over the usual food and rent. In respect for Akiza, he would not be having a bachelor party. Of course Jack did not get that memo. Let's at least go out to a bar or something.

Him, Kalin and Trudge had been listening to the long time friends bicker about what they were going to do that night for too long. I did not drive for three days straight just to sit here and listen to you two fight!

You should have some fun before getting married.

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I know I certainly appreciated having a free night before Mina and I got married. Yusei was a bit nervous. He was never one for drinking and certainly could not handle as much as his friends could. Yusei had a uneasy feeling in the bottom of his gut that it was going to be a long night, a long night that he probably would remember very little of. Yusei and Akiza were getting married tomorrow afternoon. Akiza had decided to spend her final night a virgin back at her parents' house.

The couple also agreed to not lay eyes on each other the day of their wedding until they were standing together in front of all their friends and family. Yusei walked up to Akiza, placed his arms on her shoulders and gentle kissed her on the forehead.

Tomorrow is the day we've been waiting for. Tomorrow I get to start calling you my wife. Akiza grinned with excitement. She loved when Yusei talked like that. It sounds better every time I say it. I used to believe I was destined for nothing more than sifting through trash and sleeping in the cold. And never forget that you were always destined for greatness. I also never thought that saving the world and fulfilling my destiny as a Signer would lead to me find the woman of my dreams.

She fell deeper in love with Yusei every passing day. Yusei immediately jumped around to find Crow waiting at the other end of the room. He never wanted his friends thinking he went soft after making it official with Akiza. The sun had just began to shine in the windows of her childhood bedroom. For a moment, it felt like any other day.

Until Akiza slid her eyes open and noticed the bright white gown hanging up. She jolted, her heart already racing. The day had finally arrived. She had been dreaming about this day for years and almost could not believe it was truly happening.

yusei and akiza relationship help

Now, hurry up and take a shower. We have to start getting you ready for your wedding. I want to talk to him about something. Akiza reached over for her hairbrush and started combing her hair. Yusei was right to recommend she grow her hair out just a bit longer for the ceremony. The former senator of the city sat on the edge of his daughter's bed. Something that could make her smile.

After spending over an hour deciding which ring would be perfect for Akiza, he finally found one.

yusei x aki

A few days later Yusei went to Akiza's father. Despite already saying that he was proud that they were a couple, Yusei worried that the ring he got might not be good enough for her father's standards. He knocked on his office door. Izinski said as he put some papers away. Yusei sat down at a chair in front of his wooden desk. I know that you approve of Akiza and me being a couple, but I want to be more than that. Yusei pulled out a red box from his pocket and looked away.

He then opened it, as his eyes closed shut. Yusei opened his eyes and looked at him in surprise. If you would have proposed and not asked me, we still would accept.

yusei and akiza relationship help

It seems that you take great care of her and she really enjoys how protective you are of her. She loves you Yusei and it's clear you feel the same. You can tell when you both are together that you share something that many people dream of. Akiza and him truly loving one another made his heart smile. He stood up and they shook hands. Yusei closed the box and put it back into his pocket.

The following evening, the Izinski parents had to go to a "sudden political meeting. As Akiza waited for dinner, Yusei was in the kitchen cooking. When he came out, he lifted the cover and revealed the dinner was the same one he had cooked for her weeks before. While the steak was a little overcooked and the baked potatoes were a little hard in a spot, it still looked and tasted delicious.

As Akiza and Yusei ate, Akiza couldn't help, but notice that Yusei was eating rather slowly. Normally, she had seen him scarf down food, but he seemed to be acting differently. Akiza finished well before him and waited for him to finish. When he was done, Akiza couldn't help, but ask, "Is something wrong Yusei? Yusei took a deep breath and took her hand. He then got down on one knee and looked up to her.

However, I hope you'll let me move up in the world from servant to husband. Yusei pulled out the red box and opened it. Akiza gasped again, when she saw the ring. He put it on Akiza's hand and Akiza lifted it to look at it. It looks so shiny and new! I got it at a used store because I didn't have enough money. After a brief moment, Yusei felt two long arms wrap around his shoulders. He opened his eyes to see Akiza smiling at him. The kiss got deeper and they got to explore each other's mouths and enjoy their sweet taste.

They leaned back, when they both ran out of breath, and smiled at one another. He went back into the kitchen and brought out two slices of strawberry cheesecake.

They each took a seat and, before they dived in, Yusei and Akiza looked at one another.

yusei and akiza relationship help

Yusei blushed, but nodded. They moved their seats next to one another and each took a bit out of the cheesecake. They then slid the forks gently into their mouths.

Yusei and Akiza were in their wedding outfits. Yusei had a black tux and clip-on blck tie. Akiza a gorgeous white dress with long white gloves and a vail.

It showed her shoulders and was frilly at the bottom. While it was a little tighter around her chest and waist, it wasn't skin tight and left room for Akiza to comfortably breathe. Akiza had it custom fitted and made sure it covered her cleavage.

yusei and akiza relationship help

After all, now that she was married, there was only one man she wanted to stare at her chest. As for the wedding party, Yusei and Akiza had gotten close to Leo and Luna as they planned for their wedding. They had similar outfits to Yusei and Akiza, for the ring barrier and flower girl, and everyone thought they looked like a adorable little couple.

Leo and Luna blushed at one another as everyone noted how cute they were. Jack and Carly were going to get married a few months later. Jack was busy in the Turbo Dueling Season and his drive to 1 was in full force. He was Yusei's best man. Carly was by his side every step of the way and Jack always made sure she had the same privileges as him. That meant access to the best parties and biggest events.

yusei and akiza relationship help

Carly was also Akiza's maid of honor. Crow was still trying to find a woman, but he wanted to chase Jack up the Turbo Dueling ladder and hoped to find a woman along the way.

Sherry was still in jail and had grown found of a jail mate who was in for life as well. She knew that they were never getting out, so she might as well grow fond of this strange man.

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Luckily for Yusei and Akiza, they never saw Sherry or this new man ever again. They both were going to attend school at the local University together. Akiza was going to become a Doctor and Yusei was interesting in learning about science. Yusei could still be Akiza's servant, to help pay for college, but everyone knew that he wasn't really her servant anymore. Now that they were husband and wife, it was just a excuse for them to be together.