Yusei and akiza relationship advice

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yusei and akiza relationship advice

I haven't watched the whole series, probably won't be able to any time soon, but I was just wondering since they are the only couple in the. Akiza) from the story Yu-Gi-Oh! x Reader (FAMILY ONE SHOTS) (ALL Even when they're all hungry, thought the couple wouldn't change a single thing about their life. As she was picking a choosing, Akiza and Yusei lended their advice. +. May 21, Crow/Aki friendship, onesided Aki/Crow/Yusei. Rated: Fiction T . She can't believe she's asking Crow for relationship advice. But looking at.

Like a martyr trying to show a man the error of his ways, only to be repelled over and over again.

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Aki doesn't know whether she should laugh at that, but she does so anyway. Things like this make Yusei only more endearing. He's such a good guy… Crow doesn't think so. But looking at him now, in light of everything he's just said… it's good to have allies, she supposes. Crow only sighs at the question. You're already into Duel Monsters, and you're damn good at it too.

That should have gotten Yusei's attention. But beyond that… Sadly, your awesome cleavage isn't working on him…" Aki covers her chest self-consciously. Then realizes the implications of Crow's statement.


There's no way he is. And a pair of horns. Possibly another three arms, and a leg too. Crow puts up his hands in defence. Don't look at me like that! We were all stupid teenagers. And there weren't a lot of girls around when you mostly hang out with tough guys who play Duel Monsters! She settles for the later.

He's actually feeling incredibly awkward right now, but covering stuff like that with bravado and humour is what Crow does. Yusei, Jack, Kiryu and I. She can't imagine Yusei playing spin the bottle. Neither can she imagine Jack, nor Crow for that matter… "I know you probably think it's dumb, but please remember that we are all competitive guys here. And when someone issues a challenge, we can't refuse. Said we probably couldn't do it. That bastard," Crow laughs. Aki doesn't know what to say. You know how that guy can't do anything half-assed.

Not after the first few rounds anyway. After a while, we all started trying to out-do each other. Jerk slipped me some tongue," Crow absently inspects his fingernails. Yusei steps into the living room, towel draped over his neck and a mug of orange juice in his hand. His damp hair is clinging to the back of his neck and face. He's not wearing a shirt. Aki looks at the ground, eyes wide.

Yusei has the bloody worst timing. Yusei looks at them both like he's sceptical, but he lets it go. He sips from his mug of o. Aki smiles and nods. Let's go up to my room. Like he's saying "You know, if Yusei were human, lines like that could actually give you hope… Welcome to hell on earth. Secretly, she's a little bit glad.

It feels like her and Crow just formed a secret pact. She makes a mental note to talk to him before she leaves. Mercifully, Yusei puts his shirt back on before he sits down with Aki to go over her homework. But the smell of clean soap coming from his body keeps her distracted. That, and the band aid across the bridge of his nose.

It's dark outside by the time Aki finishes her homework. After she says goodbye to Yusei, she finds Crow sitting at the kitchen table going over their accounting. Are you sure you're not gay?

yusei and akiza relationship advice

Crow looks up from balancing their books, confused for a moment. Then he bursts out laughing as he catches on. He waves his hand dismissively. He just does that to people. Doesn't make me gay. Jack, for example, I don't think is hot at all. I don't know how his ugly mug attracts so many women. The guy's useless at everything except for Duel Monsters.

Yusei'll come around eventually. I'll be cheering you on.

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Then she straightens and punches him on the shoulder. It doesn't actually hurt, but he plays along. He watches her round the corner, and disappear from his sight. Why are all his friends so damn hot? Between Jack, Yusei and himself, he's the only one who never gets any attention from pretty girls… It's really not fair. Unbeknownst to both Aki and Crow, a mysterious, blue-haired super-mechanic just washed up on shore.

How will Izayoi Akiza's love life fair now with the new competition in town? Why does this read like a sitcom in my head? Poor Crow, nobody appreciates how awesome you are, nor how badass you look in your pro-league riding suit at the end of the series.

Don't worry, I'm sure at least Kokoro wants to grow up to be your bride. What else are four bored guys gonna do? And you know everybody in the series has a mild crush on Yusei.

It's his main character power. Finding conflicted emotions between both Yusei and Sayer's words, Akiza began to lose her focus and by extension her performance began to slip.

yusei and akiza relationship advice

When Sayer "died" and Akiza lost her last "place" to turn to, her parents, the people who unintentionally drove her down her hate-filled path, showed how sorry they were for their mistakes and wanted her back with loving intentions. With assistance from Yusei this allowed Akiza to finally find peace and be willing to join normal society again.

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After joining Yusei and his friends, Akiza's demeanor has become much more caring, sweet, brave, heroic, kind-hearted, and valuing of true friendship, and she has become more eager to help those close to her whenever possible. Akiza has also developed feelings for Yusei, as Jack pointed out whenever it came to his safety she often gets too worked up.

Relationships Yusei Fudo Since their first duel, Akiza developped a crush on Yusei as the latter's words nearly reached out to her heart, as she was shown crying, after losing the duel, asking for his help.

yusei and akiza relationship advice

During their second duel, Yusei was finally successful at reaching her heart, accepting her as a friend and making her reconcile happily with her parents. By the time she befriended yusei, her violent and aggressive personality turned into a much sweet and kind hearted one.

She was finally able to trust and have faith in people.

yusei and akiza relationship advice

Yusei, came to value her as a valuable friend, as for Akizaher feelings for Yusei started to grow into true love, being grateful that she finally was able to achieve what she couldn't thanks to his help.