Yata and fushimi relationship with god

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yata and fushimi relationship with god

K Project, Yata Misaki, Fushimi Saruhiko, Window, Sitting On Table. Nicole .. Oh My God XDDDDD Return Of Kings, K Project Anime, Season 7, Vocaloid. Jun 1, Beside Fushimi stood Munakata, Kamo and Doumyouji from the Blue . " Through Anna-chan, we have learnt that this other god who is waking up .. a telepathic connection to Nagato through some means Yata couldn't even. Apr 3, The Four Relationships that shaped Fushimi Saruhiko Or, the three times Fushimi Fushimi Niki, Oogai Aya, Munakata Reisi and Yata Misaki.

But, because he was so persistent, Saruhiko slowly warmed up to him and they became inseparable. One time when Misaki learned that Saruhiko didn't come to school that day because he was ill, he wasted no time going to his house to take care of him. It was then that he realized why Saruhiko never talked about his family; once when the house was burglarized while a sick Saruhiko was at home, his parents simply swept the incident under the rug, saying that they would not leave anything valuable out in the open the next time, never once showing any concern for their son's well being.

When Niki Saruhiko's father met Misaki for the first time, he threatened to put insects inside his friend's mouth to lure Saruhiko out. This prompted a deliriously ill Saruhiko to stagger out of his room and push his only friend out of the house to protect him from his maniacal father.

Following the incident, Misaki persuaded Saruhiko to move in with him, which Saruhiko eventually agreed to, and for a time, things were peaceful, and quiet; both boys had built a world of their own where they became each other's support.

One day, both were lounging out on he streets beside a lamppost, where Fushimi drank from a bottle of soda. He watched silently as Yata took a drink from his soda and then threw it towards a group of rough-looking men. Worried, Fushimi then watched in surprise as one of them took a drink from the bottle of soda and then threw it back at them, only for it to melt despite the bottle being made of glass. The two teenagers then listened as they were offered to join the other group and hang out with them after school.

However, Saruhiko eventually came to conclude that they were only wasting their time acting like punks and gangsters, despite having such special power. Saruhiko would tell Misaki the news while in a dark alley where he also explained his reasons for doing so. To prove his point, he even burned and scratched out his insignia, which Misaki referred to as "their pride". He then tells Misaki to watch what he will become. He is very brash and brutal, showing no hesitation when bludgeoning his opponents, as well as vulgar and irritable.

He is insecure about his height and curses openly towards people when things don't go as he'd planned or when people make fun of him.

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Nonetheless, he shows respect towards his fellow HOMRA members, especially Mikoto, and admits he still enjoys his memories in HOMRA with the "damn monkey", even though their relationship turned bitter.

Despite his childish and immature attitude, Yata displays visible hesitation when dealing with girls, often blushing, avoiding eye contact and stuttering around them uncontrollably. He strongly dislikes his feminine-sounding first name, Misaki, and prefers to be called by his last name. When someone mistakenly calls him by his first name he angrily corrects them and tells them not to call him by that name.

Fushimi Saruhiko Fushimi often displays himself as a cool-headed, though lazy and bored individual. He is described as being rather depressing, showing dislike of many things with little interest in activities that he does enjoy, or even his own future.

Furthermore, Fushimi has shown that he is a pessimist, believing that "heroes" do not exist; rather, he believes that surviving in the world would only come from an individual's own power. He is quite intelligent, being able to solve complex mathematical problems within moments, simply by knowing the equation. He appears to enjoy playing video games and shows a prominent distaste for vegetables or other compliments to his food's side dishes.

Fushimi can often be far more twisted than he leads others to believe. He can be cruel, bloodthirsty, and occasionally sadistic. During battle, Fushimi often sports a wide grin and a tendency to laugh giddily about dangerous events.

He also displays more evident signs of arrogance and superiority towards his opponents. Fushimi grins sinisterly at the sight of his former Clansmen. He then heads outside to greet Yata, albeit in a mocking manner. Fushimi engages in a brief conversation with the skateboarding Clansmen, asking him a variety of questions, albeit with a sarcastic undertone. He further taunts Yata by addressing him with his first name, Misaki, intentionally aggravating him so that they can fight.

When Yata resists his temptation, Fushimi begins to insult Mikoto Suohcausing his rival to finally give in. Thus, the two engage in combat. Near the climax of the event, he pulls out throwing knives and thrusts them upon Yata, stabbing part of his arm just below the shoulder. Fushimi also throws two knives at Kamamoto when he attempts to intervene in the battle. Fushimi prepares himself when Yata is about to fight with more intensity, when suddenly Seri interrupts the battle, greatly disappointing Fushimi.

As per her request, he puts away his weapons. Afterwards, once Yata and Kamamoto had left them, Seri asks about what Fushimi learned from hacking into the school's database. He reveals that he did not find anyone at the school who resembles Tatara Totsuka's murderer. The night as rain falls, Fushimi and his fellow Clansmen surround a soccer stadium in Shizume Cityintending to corner Yashiro Isana. Like most of their members, Fushimi remains on standstill inside a movable base just outside the massive building.

Using a sensory monitor that displays what is occurring inside the stadium, particularly after Seri and Kuroh Yatogami begin their battle, Fushimi bemoans at how their enemies are seemingly on an advantage; impatient, he goes to Munakata about the situation.

Much later, there is an incident from within the stadium that unexpectedly creates a large, light-based structure in the sky reminiscent of the Sword of Damoclessurprising Fushimi. Thus, Fushimi subsequently leads several of his Clansmen in a pursuit for the three individuals, but to due to inclement weather, they are forced to return back to headquarters with utmost failure. The following afternoon, Fushimi receives a report that accordingly states how Kuroh Yatogami recently attacked a member of Fushimi's pursuit squad.

The victim is left with minor injuries though his PDA has been stolen. Furthermore, a note is left behind with written upon it. Fushimi relays such information to Captain Munakata and Lieutenant Awashima in the former's office. Once his superiors have analyzed and concluded the reasons behind such an event, Fushimi is offered to remain on standby with them.

yata and fushimi relationship with god

Fushimi refuses after seeing a dumpling plate with a massive topping of red bean paste, which was also his Lieutenant's lunch. Therefore, he is assigned to alert his fellow Clansmen of emergency deployment, which he immediately tasks himself in doing.

yata and fushimi relationship with god

Approximately fifteen minutes later, Fushimi is given the call to head out and continue his pursuit from the previous night. He gathers several Clansmen from headquarters and immediately departs with them.

yata and fushimi relationship with god

Fushimi is annoyed that they are seemingly unaware of their actual mission, though he does not state it out blatantly. Rather, he elaborates on how powerless Yashiro Isana is said to be, before turning his attention to a nearby pickup truck.

Fushimi and his Clansmen surround the pickup truck and investigate the cargo behind. Fushimi discovers the stolen PDA within the crates but sees that there is no one else in the vehicle.

Nonetheless, he easily sees through the trick and grows even more annoyed at Yashiro's attempt to trick him.

yata and fushimi relationship with god

Fushimi later joins the rest of Scepter 4 to a local airport so that they can contact the Silver King, Adolf K. During an explanation on why Munakata would go to such lengths for a goal, especially since it was brought to attention following Yashiro's own request, Fushimi questions whether the rumors circling Weismann are actually part of an old urban legend. To his annoyance, he is forced to continue listening to Munakata's lecture.

Fushimi listens to Munakata as he reveals how, since the death of Tatara Totsukathere have been many suspicious activity regarding Weismann.

Hearing such news triggers a nerve in Fushimi. Eventually, the Clan reaches the airport. Fushimi gathers a group of his Clansmen before boarding a helicopter and subsequently taking off with eight others. While aboard and armed with an artillery gun, Fushimi reminds his Clansmen that they shall wait three minutes for Munakata to give his final warning. Most scenes with Adolf K. Weismann, from how he began his research into the Dresden Slate with the notion that it'll bring happiness to everyone - only to be selected as the First King with the power of immortality, cursed to live as his sister dies - to how he voluntarily exiled himself from the world for over half a century due to mourning probably longer if not for the Colorless King stealing his body just because he'd rather not involve himself with anyone that he'll eventually have to watch die.

Saruhiko Fushimi

His relationship with Kokujouji Daikaku is also particularly tragic given their recent conversation in episode 12 - his oldest friend waited for him for over half a century, only to hear the words "I'll have to say goodbye again Munakata angrily tells him not to give him that rubbish while looking at peace with himself before asking why he didn't do something before all of this happened. Munakata's voice cracks as he speaks, showing exactly how desperate he'd been to save Mikoto, along with his despair knowing that he failed, and the latter seems to understand it, closing his eyes in acknowledgement of the Blue King's efforts although they'd constantly clashed before telling him that he's said enough.

Munakata's expression as he sees that Mikoto's Sword of Damocles is about to fall; it shows the extent of his fear and worry for the Red King, and as it falls, he chooses the less of two evils, and runs Mikoto through with his saber, while keeping his eyes closed against what he's been forced to do.

As Mikoto weakens, he leans forward, and grabs onto Munakata's shoulders while the latter remains silent with a numb, saddened look as he listens to his old friend say goodbye to Anna before catching him as he dies. The thought that he could have renounced his throne to avoid it but chose not to for the sake of vengeance for Totsuka which he ultimately succeeds makes it the more heart-wrenching.

Even Munakata looks obviously pained after killing his old friend despite his attempt to keep stoic in front of his men. The fact that after Totsuka's death, Mikoto only lived twelve days before joining him.

yata and fushimi relationship with god

He has finally found a reason to live on the ground alongside humans but ultimately choose to fulfill his responsibility as a king for the first and the last time to save their lives. Both Kuroh and Neko's reactions are tear-jerking and Kukuri, even though she doesn't remember, can clearly feel someone is missing.

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Subverted as Shiro being the immortal King survives. Most of the lines shown by the second season preview sound depressing. The final chapter of K: The chapter goes on to show how everything led to the murder, expanded on Totsuka's death scene and the aftermath which leads directly into the opening of the anime. And you will know by now that Anna will soon proceed to lose Mikoto shortly after losing Totsuka Every flashback of Misaki and Saruhiko is just incredibly sad.

When you bring them into chronological order including the ones from CD Dramas and the Mangas you can watch their formerly wonderful relationship crumble and then brake into pieces without Misaki noticing and Saruhiko unable to stop it.

Watching them interact when you know that they used to think that what belonged to one belonged to the other as well is heart wrenching! The fact that they obviously suffer and miss one another doesn't make it any better. The Movie has a few tear jerking moments as well. The beginning of the movie where Munakata is watching the city and holds out his hand.

A raindrop falls on it before rain begins. Wordof God says it is supposed to resemble Munakata's remorse about the high school incident. Yata sitting alone in a living room, rewatching Totsuka's old home movies, particularly one showing everybody celebrating Yata's 18th birthday.

Yata curls up into a ball on his couch, shedding tears, unable to get over the fact that Mikoto and Totsuka are dead, and Homra has completely fallen apart.