Vincent nightray and echoes relationship questions

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vincent nightray and echoes relationship questions

Echo was planned to work alongside Vincent in the Nightray branch, . of topics, most of which had some relation to either sex or alcohol. We get to meet Vincent Nightray and Echo. Vincent is Gil's blood There are many questions about him I would like to find out about. Break also can't use a. Vince at Barneysª - Free Shipping & Returns Questions Answered Every 9 Seconds. Sharon was abducted by Echo under the orders of Vincent Nightray, who poisoned Sharon in order to blackmail Break into destroying the memories from.

That, of course, left Levi and Lacie alone. Levi smirked, gradually edging closer towards the girl, who had just ordered what was probably her 20th glass of wine that evening. Leaning down, Levi brought his lips to hers, muttering quietly, "She's going with Levi, back to his bedroom…" Giving in to his request, Lacie stood up on her tiptoes, slamming her lips onto Levi's and feeling as his tongue tried to slide past her.

She teased him a little, denying entry before finally opening up her lips, allowing them to explore each other's mouths. Meanwhile, on the other side of the room, Jack thankfully had his back turned to the bar, rambling endlessly to Oswald. All of a sudden, after over an hour of it being like that, Jack eventually realised that Oswald was asleep, grabbing hold of his shoulder and shaking it repeatedly.

Oswald's eyes fluttered open gradually, gazing up at the blonde. Jack stared at him. As Jack continued talking non- stop, Oswald just scanned the room, his eyesight slightly blurry. Right before he was about to refocus back on Jack, Oswald noticed Levi and Lacie — his sister — making out behind the bar, Levi with his tongue shoved down her throat and her hand thrusted into the back of his trousers.

Not sure whether to be annoyed or amused, Oswald simply brushed it off, not bothering to tell Jack as he noticed Lacie and Levi wandering off, turning onto the stairs to the rooms. For all he cared, Lacie could go right ahead and cheat on the irritating blonde with his back to it all.

Unfortunately, it never quite brushed past Oswald's mind that the person his sister was cheating on Jack with… was none other than Levi.

vincent nightray and echoes relationship questions

Meanwhile, Lotti had just seen Levi wander off with Lacie, downing the shot of Tequila before glancing around the room and searching for her new target. The first person she spotted was a short blonde kid with a pretty face — she was fairly certain he was one of the new kids, and she had no idea what his name was. Nevertheless, Lotti decided to make him the next target, brushing through her hair and strutting over to where he was.

Currently, the blonde was sitting alone at a table, a drink in his hand as he stared across the room at someone. What's got you so intrigued, eh? All of a sudden, Oz snapped out of it. Sorry… I think I've, hehe… probably had a bit too much… I'm just staring at Alice and Sharon, wondering if I should do something to stop them…" Lotti followed Oz's eyes to a love seat in the corner of the room.

Sharon, who'd had barely anything to drink, was squirming underneath Alice, who'd undone a majority of the buttons to her shirt and was currently trying to… seduce Sharon? Oz chuckled, finding Gil's poor alcohol tolerance rather amusing, "Oh, hi Gil! What are you doing here? Shortly after, the sound of Gilbert snoring contently filled the area, and Oz resumed his search for Alice as he scanned the room and noticed that she had gone, Reim now helping Sharon to recover from….

Meanwhile, Lotti had given up, realising that she stood absolutely no chance with Oz; he was either interested in Alice or that black haired guy clearly out of his age range. Glancing briefly around the room, Lotti eyed up the two guys in the corner, both from the Baskerville branch. It was none other than Jack and Oswald. Weighing out her options mentally, Lotti finally decided upon making Oswald her target, and she knew she'd succeed this time.

Firstly, Jack had a girlfriend who's admittedly gone off with Leviand would most likely refuse her. Secondly, her and Levi were almost certain that he was fairly sexually unexperienced, making him the perfect candidate for her entertainment.

Finally, Lotti had had a slight thing for Oswald ever since joining the Baskervilles, so having a crack at him for only one evening surely couldn't be a bad idea. Ordering another shot and knocking it back, Lotti strutted over to Oswald and Jack, dropping herself onto the sofa next to Oswald and leaning on his shoulder.

Jack seemed completely unaware of her existence, resuming his endless rambling as Lotti touched the side of Oswald's face, dragging a finger over his skin before pulling herself up onto his waist. Lotti sighed, leaning down towards him and deliberately pressing her breasts onto his chest, "I can teach you a thing or two about human anatomy, if you'd let me.

Feeling overly controlled by the alcohol, Oswald simply shrugged, "Sure. Oswald was staggering behind her, considering the fact that he was still half asleep himself. Back in the bar, Jack had picked up on where they were going, smiling happily for Oswald and looking around the room.

Out of all of them, they were by far the most sober, Sharon only slightly tipsy and Reim still completely sane. Reim glanced down at her, whispering, "I thought we were keeping this a secret?

Do you think we should retire to our room now? We aren't actually going to sleep though, are we? As Alice dashed eagerly into the bar with her brilliant idea, Oz was leaving hastily in order to find her to say goodnight, and to check she was alright. The two teens smashed into each other, Oz falling backwards to the floor and Alice collapsing on top of him.

Alice was straddled over his hips, her skirt scrunched up, face red and shirt unbuttoned half of the way down. So let's change that! That's not how it works!

They'd probably have forgotten everything by the morning. In one of the rooms which they passed, Vincent had managed to sneak away there with Echo at some point during the evening.

And, sure enough, the pill which he'd dropped into her drink earlier was sure as hell taking effect. Currently, Echo had been handcuffed to the bed as Vincent cut up the sheets beneath her.

Most of her clothing had been discarded to the floor, but she showed absolutely no signs of resisting, knowing full well that the drug had rendered her unable to do so. She squirmed around a little, the metal from the cuffs digging into her wrists. Vincent crawled on top of her, grinning sadistically. The traces of alcohol on his breath were easily detected as he manoeuvred his face to only 2cm away from hers.

Vincent smirked, sitting back and straddling her waist as he raised the scissors, holding them dangerously close to her neck. The grin was still painted across his lips, but his piercing gaze told Echo firmly that she did not have a choice in the matter. Back in the lounge, very few people remained, the couple left only sleeping to themselves or drinking the rest of the night away.

Out on one of the secluded balconies, Break stood alone, a glass of bourbon in his hand as he leaned on the railings, staring down at the dark streets below with the night breeze drifting past him.

Even Break had gotten a little read: Of course, he was nowhere near being classified as drunk, but a little too much every so often lead to that calm, relaxed feeling which came from an extreme dopamine release. A minute or so later, Break's content silence was broken by someone stepping out onto the balcony with him and leaning against the fence beside him.

Despite being almost entirely blind, he had no trouble identifying the streak of red hair in the corner of his vision as belonging to Rufus. As Break finished the drink and placed it on the floor, he felt Rufus lightly place a hand onto his shoulder, turning his head to the side and glancing at what Rufus held up in his left hand.

Forcibly, Rufus pushed Break back against the railings, his back hanging over the edge as Rufus edged closer to him, shoving his lips onto Break's and forcing them into a deep kiss. At first, Break froze up in shock as he flew backwards, feeling as Rufus thrusted his tongue inside of his own mouth.

However, he didn't resist, knowing that he'd look pretty stupid if he pulled away at this point. Rufus wasn't stupid; he was fully aware that Break was much stronger than he was, even under the influence of alcohol. That meant that, if Break had an issue with it, he'd have kicked Rufus to the floor by now. After a minute or so of the tight embrace, Rufus finally detached himself from Break's mouth, unbuttoning the shirt buttons as he slid a tongue down his neck, trailing Break's neck with a neat streak of saliva.

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Rufus pulled away hesitantly, before turning his back and gesturing for Break to follow him. Stealthily, the two snuck past everyone else, staggering up the stairs to the rooms. Opening the door quietly, the two entered, a slight awkwardness lingering as they switched the light on.

vincent nightray and echoes relationship questions

Standing to the side and unbuttoning his own shirt, Rufus gestured to the lines of white powder, grabbing Break's attention as the other shrugged his shirt off. Tilting his head to the side, he pressed the paper to the powder, inhaling strongly as he felt the drug enter him. A euphoric feeling quickly consumed him, his pupils dilating. A few seconds later, Rufus copied his actions, snorting the cocaine before crawling onto the bed and climbing on top of the other.

Just before the two picked up from where they left off, Rufus felt compelled to comment: Back on the balcony, Leo had just finished throwing up, collapsing backwards against the railings and falling to the floor. Leo nodded slightly, lulling his head back onto the rails and glancing to the side, hoping to find something to wash the taste of vomit from his mouth.

Through his head spinning and blurry vision, Leo spotted a stray pack of cigarettes abandoned in the corner, reaching over and picking them up to discover a lighter as well.

Pulling out one of the sticks and slipping in into his mouth, Leo sparked up the lighter, breathing in firmly and lighting up. Leo shrugged, the cigarette balancing between two fingers. Why did he insist on keeping them hidden? Elliot was snapped out of his trance, Leo handing the cigarette to him. He grunted, "Ugh… that's disgusting. Sinking into the embrace, Elliot pursed his lips, allowing the smoke to pass through Leo's mouth to his before pulling away and breathing out.

At that point, Elliot's face involuntarily warmed up, and he felt as blood rushed from his brain cells to his face and genitals. Alternatively, Gilbert appears to view Echo with respect, but does not seem to give much thought to her, apart from the fact that she is his younger brother's loyal valet. Oz To begin with, Echo was not fond of Oz, finding him annoying and even threatening to eliminate him because he was acting as an obstruction to her mission. Echo also finds Oz annoying in the way that he calls her 'Echo-chan' rather than 'Echo', as she prefers, as well as through Oz's constant insistence on her involvement in social life.

Despite these points against Oz, Oz has managed to break through Echo's hard outer-shell. Echo's connection to Oz comes through even more after the revelation of Oz's existence as a Chain, as shown when Echo risked everything by giving Lottie a bribe in order to see Oz when he was emotionally distraught in Pandora's dungeons, even going as far as hugging Oz and begging him not to speak so harshly of himself.

Echo now faces feelings of regret and guilt toward Oz however, due to Noise's part in murdering Oscar in front of Oz, leaving it unclear where the relationship between the two of them is headed.

As Echo fights against Noise, just as she's about to give up, Oz's voice calls out to her, calling her name. When Oz appears, encouraging her on, Echo reminiscences about the times Oz called out her name and how he made her happy for some odd reason. Even when Echo felt that these feelings for Oz were strange, she was filled with happiness whenever he called her name and destroyed herself in order to protect Noise. As she lay on the ground, Oz knelt close to her, telling her he would call out her name no matter how many times, calling her "Echo-chan", Echo, with a small blush across her cheeks, quietly corrects him saying: Noise's body slowly crumbles in Oz's arms, he then thanked her for St.

Bridget's Day and calls her by "Echo". Before Noise's body crumbles away permanently, Echo smiles and states that even though it's a bit awkward, it's not bad either. His braid reaches down to his knees. It's eventually revealed that Jack actually resents Lacie, blaming her for forcing him to live on when he wanted to die and tying him down with the desire to see her again. He was the one who caused the Tragedy of Sablier and had an obsession with Lacie, not Glen.

His mother was driven insane by being abandoned by his father, and would often beat and yell at Jack. Not wanting to have to deal with the abuse any longer, Jack ran away from home. Jack has literally no personality outside of his obsession with Lacie and he admits that he only feels alive when he's with her. Oswald, Oscar and Lacie herself remarked just how disturbingly empty he is.

For someone who's so obsessed with Lacie, he harbors no jealousy or ill-will when he learns Levi's in love with her in the Volume 22 Drama CD. He actually thinks that the pair might suit each other well since they've known each other for so long and understand each other.

Makes sense since he isn't in love with her, so he's okay with her falling in love with anyone else as long as he can still be by her side. While he's hopelessly devoted to Lacie, he does not cross the line in their relationship when given a chance, a line that Lacie believes he put there himself and it's later confirmed that he actually doesn't love her. He originally was the bastard son of a noble man who grew up in the streets.

He had to climb the social ranks in order to meet Lacie again. He never shows empathy towards anyone or regret over his actions, he manipulates others in cruel ways and pretends to care about them to get what he wants and he doesn't care to destroy the world to do what he thinks will make Lacie happy.

The only person he seems to care about is Lacie, but it's eventually revealed that his feelings for her come from deep hatred instead of any sort of love or compassion. The only thing he truly wants is to feel alive and be himself, it just happens that doing something for Lacie is the only way Jack can achieve that.

Every one of his appearances outside of flashbacks are merely the remnants of his soul, which shattered during the Tragedy. Acts as one to Oz in the first half. He appears as the spirit residing in Oz's body who is there to guide him and help him stop the Baskervilles.

That is until it's revealed he had been deceiving Oz's group the entire time. Stalker Without a Crush: He spends eight years searching for Lacie after they first met. The "crush" part was debatable for a long time, but it's later confirmed that his feelings towards Lacie aren't romantic or sexual. He resents Lacie but can only be his true self around her and ultimately views her existence as what allows him to be who he truly is.

Levi deduces that Lacie is growing attached to Jack due to his unrelenting search for her. He's not exactly far from the truth. Though he wasn't completely "good" to begin with, losing Lacie and seeing her remaining feelings through Oz are what puts him on the deep end and convinces him that if Lacie can't be brought back to the world that she loves, then he'll just have to bring the world to her in the Abyss.

His sudden smile concealed a violent passion. Nothing can belong to someone like you. You can't achieve anything. You can't become anything.

Because you are nothing Because you destroy everything! During the first part of the story, Jack is presented as the hero who saved the world, but remained tormented by not having been able to save Sablier and having been forced to kill his crazed best friend. Turns out the truth is quite a bit different. The earring that he receives from Lacie after she leaves him to return to the Baskervilles.

He acts as Oz's spiritual advisor and guide in the first part of the story, appearing to give hints of what happened in Sablier and help stop the Baskervilles. Then it's revealed he had been manipulating everyone the entire time, taking advantage that Oz, Alice and Gilbert couldn't remember Jack was the real villain behind everything.

Or perhaps more accurately, what Lacie represents to him. Pre-Lacie's death, everything he does is to reunite with her. Post-Lacie's death, everything he does is to bring the world into the Abyss out of Lacie's love for the world.

And he has no problems with doing anything and everything it takes to make this goal into a reality. Pretty much everything he tells Oz and the reader about the Tragedy of Sablier throughout the first part of the story turns out to be a straight-up lie.

His plans change from being by Lacie's side to bringing her back from the dead to bringing the world to her in the Abyss. His existence is not, nor is the fact that he was involved in the Tragedy of Sablier. Everything that actually has to do with him personally, however Jack went mad over Lacie soon after he met her and he wants to bring the world into the Abyss because he wrongly believes that was Lacie's wish. However, while there's surely some twisted idolization involved, it's eventually made clear Jack is obsessed with Lacie not because he loves her, but because he hates her so much that his spite for her is the only thing that can successfully make him feel alive and give him any semblance of identity.

Xai Vessalius Voiced by: Toru Okawa "A child like that should never have been born. He treats Oz like dirt, but he's a terrible family member in general, really. Turns out Oz is adopted, but that doesn't change this trope. As he dies, Oz cries and mourns the fact that he never really got to know him. He wants revenge on the man who he thinks murdered his son and wife, and to stop the Tragedy of Sablier from repeating itself. However he long ago mixed his initially noble motivations in with prideful grudges and crossed the Moral Event Horizon with his treatment of Oz and Oscar.

The Cain to Oscar's Abel. He even murdered his brother in cold blood. He tries to be this, but Jack uses his pride and hatred against him, turning him into an Unwitting Pawn. Specifically, Xai realized too late that Jack placed Oz in his family so that Oz might further Jack's goals somehow, and attempted to rectify this by following the only information he had—that is, that if the Black Rabbit is thrown into the Abyss, he will die.

Unfortunately this information was planted by Jack—he wanted Oz tossed into the Abyss, because it would likely result in Oz getting his powers back. And so due to Xai's actions, Jack had all he needed for Tragedy Part 2. If Xai had let go of his irrational grudge against Oz and hadn't been so eager to bite the bait, it's possible none of the deaths in the present would have happened, and the truth of the Tragedy of Sablier may have remained buried for years or decades longer than it was, if it ever came out at all.

This is justified in that, until that moment, Oz was afraid to look at him. He's unable to let go of Jack's slights against him and unable to self-reflect or move forwards, which only makes him more predictable for Jack to use and manipulate. See Unwitting Pawn for how this flaw effected the plot.


In essence, though, if Xai had been less prideful and tried to move forward like the rest of the cast, most of the tragedy that occurs during the manga wouldn't have happened. Xai blames Oz for the death of his biological son, which was either foreseen by Jack and taken advantage of or arranged by him.

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Oz was essentially guilty by association in his eyes. After the death of his sister-in-law, Sarah, in childbirth, and his wife, Rachelle, in an unrelated coach crash shortly after Ada's birth, Xai came to hate Oz and Jack even more, thinking that Jack had planned all of it.

That this is an excuse for his actions is subverted, though, in that the manga makes very clear that none of this actually justifies his decisions; other characters also call into question the validity of Xai's paranoid assumption that Jack could have controlled so much of everyone's lives. Oz can neither remember his face nor stand to look at him, due to his abuse at Xai's hands as a child.

vincent nightray and echoes relationship questions

Eventually Oz gains the self-worth enough to realize that no matter how he came to be he still deserves to exist, and this new realization allows him to look at Xai directly for the first time in years. His abusive actions towards Oz have a lot more reason behind them than you'd think, though they're still misguided and terrible.

Also, while he may have been a horrid family member to Oz and Oscar, he truly loved his wife and daughter. From his perspective, he sacrificed a great deal to prevent the Baskervilles from rising again, only to be manipulated by Jack.

His attempts to stop Jack only made things worse. He refers to Oz as a thing, which serves to highlight his Abusive Parent status. It's played with later, as Oz indeed isn't human and Xai was the only character to be aware of it, but since one of the main arcs of the manga is exploring the depths of Oz's psychological and emotional humanity which Xai went out of his way not to recognize, this in no way justifies his actions.

He has too much pride and is unable to accept his mistakes, and so pushes the blame for them on the one person in his family more a victim than he is.

Nice Job Breaking It, Hero! Xai realizes the mistake he made in helping Jack, but the same flaws that led to the initial mistake prevent him from fixing it and only make things worse, because his harping over his past mistakes makes him unable to cut his losses and grow as a person. This makes him an antagonist to everyone who is actually trying to move on. Despite the horrible way he treated Oz and Oscar abusing one and murdering the otherhe truly loves his daughter and is unwilling to see her hurt.

Xai blames and resents Oz for about everything that has gone wrong in his life. Even upon his death, Xai still blames Oz for all of his own regrets and mistakes.

Small Role, Big Impact: He only has a few scenes in the manga, but the psychological damage he inflicted on Oz subtly dominates the emotional arc of the series. Not to mention that his inability to let go of his grudge against Jack and thus Oz set off the series' plot. The guy just really misses his wife and he let that consume him.

There's no doubt that he's a prick, but it's easy to see how he got there, and even feel sorry for him. Jack manipulated him first by making Xai helping him sound heroic.

Vessalius Household

Then when Xai inevitably found out about Jack's true nature, Jack deliberately left a trail leading to a relatively easy, false solution knowing that Xai wouldn't be able resist 'fixing' the problem and simultaneously getting revenge.

Xai spent years setting up this solution and abusing Oz as a proxy for his revenge on Jack, only to use the solution and find out that all he'd done was reunite B-Rabbit with "its" powers and return a fragment of Jack's soul back to his body, thereby setting up the world for more Tragedy. Then, as a cherry on the top, Oz's lack of self-worth, which stemmed directly from the years of abuse suffered at Xai's hands, made it difficult for Oz to fight back against Jack's control.

Ada Vessalius Voiced by: Kaori Fukuhara "What is really cruel is judging someone without even trying to understand them! As a child she usually tagged along with whatever mischief Oz is up to with Gilbert. Has a cat named Dinah and later Snowdrop.

Anguished Declaration of Love: Beware the Nice Ones: She's not all that badass, but she is in no way a push over and is willing to stand up to anybody.