Vash and meryl relationship goals

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vash and meryl relationship goals

Vash the Stampede also simply referred as Vash, is the main protagonist and the titular Rem sends Vash and Knives aboard an escape pod, but stays behind to try to correct the navigation. Hoppered, a survivor of July, seeks revenge on Vash, while Wolfwood's true goals are questioned by Midvalley as the two battle. Vash is on his way back from his battle with Knives, how will his relationship with Meryl be affected? And what happens when Knives enters the picture?. Rem sends Vash and Knives aboard an escape pod, but stays behind to try to . Knives, lost in his own thoughts of what his purpose for being there was, and.

Unlike most examples which are unrealistically idealistic, Vash has brilliant strategies to save people, and is willing to hurt them if it means more lives can be saved ; unfortunately, he lives in a world much more cynical than he'd like. His name is a corruption of the French word for cow and he's the star of a Cattle Punk sci-fi series. Another example of this trope is more in lieu with the title of the series then his name.

It refers to the three guns on Vash: His standard pistol which Knives made for himthe gun hidden in his prosthetic arm and lastly the arm cannon he can transform his arm into that's capable of leveling a entire city.

Even though Rem Saverem died many years ago he still loves her as his mother figure, and a big part of his character was inspired by her ideals. Double Subverted ; the Vash underneath his clothes is a horrifying mess of scars, but they don't really detract from his attractiveness, especially when covered.

Whenever his Angel Arm gets deployed, whenever a particularly violent gunfight levels the city he's in, but especially when he is forced to kill Legato in the Anime.

Although it wasn't Vash's intention or even really his fault, his decimation of the city of July is the heaviest burden on his conscience.

It was terrible enough that in the manga, when Hoppered and Meryl were privy to Vash's memory, they were both traumatized. Happens whenever he gets drunk, though neither he nor any of his friend wear ties. Vash is a master of this, liberally applying Type 3 as part of his Obfuscating Stupidity to make his inhuman abilities look like dumb luck.

In an early episode, he bursts in on the villain about to kill a Badass in Distress Action Girl. He confronts the attacker with a look of Tranquil Fury and dodges the first round shot at him with a perfect and highly impressive type 1 of the motionless-translation type; afterwards he gets back into character and does his trademark frantic-looking type 3s.

vash and meryl relationship goals

It ends up as a hint at his true badassness. Practically the definition of the trope. Vash didn't even fire his gun once until the end of the fifth episode, surviving the previous episodes by making it look like dumb luck. Another early episode had him rocking out on his headphones and going into a bar seemingly ignorant of the current hostage situation, but carefully and methodically diffused the situation all while appearing harmless.

He's taken on an entire town of bounty hunters by himself on more than one occasion. And he rarely gets so much as a scratch. His glasses already made him scary by comparison.

Person of Mass Destruction: He is literally single-handedly capable of destroying cities without meaning to, and is referred to as "the Humanoid Typhoon" throughout the series. He also has the dubious honor of being the first person to be declared a natural disaster; you know you're a Person of Mass Destruction when any damage you cause is labelled an "act of God" by the insurance company.

It's hard to determine at any time just how much of his apparent drunkenness is honest and how much is an act. While at times he is shown to be so plastered he is unable to maintain his Obfuscating Stupidity such as being so hungover during a shooting competition that he hit all the targets when he meant to miss someat other times he's been able to snap sober in a blink.

Trigun refers to the fact that Vash actually has three guns on his person. He has his standard revolver, a gun one of his arms turns into, and the Wave Motion Gun that is his Angel Arm. Sounds like vache, which is French for "cow", appropriately enough for someone called "the Stampede. Remarkably good at it.

vash and meryl relationship goals

He does not look past his mid-twenties, but he is around years old. He'll save everyone's life if he can, don't expect him to not cause any destruction though. Red Oni, Blue Oni: He's associated with red in contrast to Wolfwood, Knives and Legato.

Vash the Stampede

He's on the extreme end of this trope; he blames himself any time anyone gets harmed in his presence, whether its his fault or not. By the end of the anime he's borderline suicidal. This is basically Vash's core belief; he wants to save both the spiders and the butterflies. This is a sharp contrast with Knives. His whole philosophy is "never kill anyone, ever, and make sure everyone lives".

However, the series ultimately comes off as a deconstruction, as it's pointed out subtly and overtly that just because you won't kill the mass-murdering psychopath or the slave trader or whatever, it doesn't mean they will reform. No, not even if you risk your life to save theirs. Also, it makes you responsible for any crimes that they go on to commit, because you deliberately gave them the chance to keep on committing crime.

Further deconstructed in Badlands Rumble, as Amelia guilt-trips Vash over the fact that the man he saved, Gasback, was an unrepentant robber with no qualms against killing others who'd had 20 more years of freedom thanks to Vash's actions.

On the flipside, Gasback is revealed to be Amelia's fatherand Amelia was conceived after Vash had saved Gasback's life. It's noted that Vash could easily heal all of his various scars, but chooses not to do so, considering it his price for being a Technical Pacifist in a gunslinger world. When he puts these onit means he just got serious and is now going to open a can of whoop-ass. Played for drama in anime Episode 24 after Vash disables Midvalley's saxophone.

When Midvalley reveals the miniguns hidden inside, Vash notices immediately that one of his shots ended up jamming one of its barrels. Knowing what happens when a bullet can't leave a gun, he screams at Midvalley not to fire. Midvalley, with a knowing smirk, pulls the trigger anyway, whereupon his saxo-gun explodes and kills him.

Vash to Knives in the manga, several times but especially when he confronts him at the end of Trigun Maximum. A fan translation had him say "You're a wimp with a bulldozer" while the official translation said, "You, by your own efforts, have become a mindless bulldozer who chases weaklings. In a variant, Vash concentrates on the pain from his previously injured finger to counteract a villain who uses hypnosis to paralyze people.

As a child, between when he tries to kill himself and when he decides to save Rem. In the anime, he slides out of ropes to protect a young woman from bandits.

Vash's Scars

Said bandits catch him before he can get back into them Lampshaded by Wolfwood at one point, who observes that his smile doesn't reach his eyes, and that he's "hurting like crazy on the inside". This is why it's such a big deal when Wolfwood notes that one of Vash's smiles is genuine.

Vash shoots about six times faster than a human gunman, which is impossibly awesome. Also played with with Dominique the Cyclops. He makes gunpowder explode faster than normal. He breaks physics through physical contact! And we thought he didn't have the girly family superpowers.

vash and meryl relationship goals

Played with; his strong personal code of ethics is extreme pacifism, which he imposes on people mostly by obnoxiously getting in their way and humiliating himself. Even Wolfwood admits how effective his persistence is at resisting the dog-eat-dog philosophy of the world around him. He's only willing to shoot people as long as the shot isn't lethal. Actually two years in the manga; timespan unclear in the animebut given Vash's lifespan it may as well be ten minutes.

After the Fifth Moon Incident, Vash ends up in the tiny farming village of Kasted, where he lives under a pseudonym and enjoys a quiet life with the girl and old lady who nursed him back to health.

vash and meryl relationship goals

Unfortunately for him, Wolfwood showed up to remind him he couldn't keep running away from his problems. He has a few Manly Tears moments, but he cries quite a bit as a sign of sensitivity and empathy to other people's sufferings even when said suffering happens to be a completely made up story.

Thou Shalt Not Kill: Not only does he strive to live without killing, he also attempts to spread this philosophy to others, including villains, even at the cost of his own health and safety. Other times, he begs characters who have a just cause for vengeance to forgo it and let things lie.

Legato ultimately forces him to take a life, specifically his life, by using his psychic powers to force a crowd of civilians to kill Meryl and Milly and then puts Vash's gun against his head. All Vash has to do is pull a trigger and he saves his friends while killing a villain.

Even this puts him into a Heroic BSoD. After he emerges from it, he fights his evil brother with the intent to kill him and does so. The bottom line is that fulfilling this trope outside of an idealistic setting is really difficult, really dangerous, and thus the user must be really really to committed to it.

You brought me doughnuts?! After Monev proceeded to kill a decent amount of the population of a town they were in at the time, he doesn't take it lightly. Proceeding to effortlessly fight him off and make him retreat with a calm but evidently furious look on his faceemphasized by his Glowing Eyes of Doom. He does not handle the involuntary unleashing of his Angel-arm well.

Doesn't even begin to describe what this guy's been through. However the "tranquil" part of his rage gives out eventually, but it still doesn't make things better for Monev.

Violence Really Is the Answer: Vash refuses to kill, but his ultimate need to use lethal violence is shown as very traumatic. Since the series ends right after the choice, it's hard to tell what his future will be.

The manga elaborates it more than the anime, but the aesop is the same: Sometimes, you just have to do it, it's not pretty, it's sad, but it needs to be done, to prevent something worse. These comes to a boil when Vash has to fight with every intention of killing Legato at any cost just to stand a chance during their final duel. Even though he ultimately refuses to pull the trigger, Vash struggles with stopping himself.

Known as the "Humanoid Typhoon", he is so potent an example of this trope that the planetary government legally declared him an "Act of God" and a "Natural Human Disaster".

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The plot of the anime involves him being followed from town to village by a pair of Insurance Agents who investigate insurance claims taken out against the damage caused by Vash simply being in the area.

He usually wanders from place to place with no special reason. Unfortunately, he tends to bring disaster wherever he goes. Vash the Stampede's Angel Arm is a proper, honest-to-goodness wave motion gun.

If it gets shot at medium power, it annihilates entire cities. If it's shot at full blast, it carves gigantic craters in other planets. The best part is that, in the anime, it basically consists of a tiny cylinder of Applied Phlebotinum in his revolver. When he smiles for real, since most of them are fake. The real ones are rare, but when they come up In the second episode of the anime, Vash has been hired to guard a young woman named Marianne. He hears the water running in her bathroom, and ties a rope around his waist so that he can lower himself from the roof to peek through the window.

She watches him as he recovers from his wounds. Who really sent the insurance girls off to follow Vash around, and why? He's unemotional and hasnt spoken a word since his fight with Vash. Maybe a little KMV later on. I hav fanart for this!

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What happened after the series. KnivesxMeryl Trigun - Rated: KxM or VxM depending on my mood All her problems begin when she is sent to serve the son, who was driven away by his family: R just in case. Thrills, chills, but mostly action, romance, comedy A short preview for now, sort of a glimpse of where Dark Sun is headed. K - English - Chapters: A look at post-series events. What happens once Knives awakens?

T - English - Drama - Chapters: Seven years later Knives kidnaps Meryl for his plans. Will love somehow spring between these two bitter enemies? When Vash dies following the events at Octovern, Knives is left to cope with the guilt. But he's distracted when the natives and the new Earth-controlled government fall into civil war. Knives wants to protect his sisters from the violence, but will he achieve his goals, or will his lingering prejudice against humans be his downfall?