Vaan and ashe relationship

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vaan and ashe relationship

Storyline/character question here. Starting with Vaan seeing Rassler's ghost in Tomb of Raithwall, what is the connection with him and Ashe? It further gets. Two total opposites, both with great loss in their pasts, are brought together by fate to save the kingdom of Dalmasca. C2 community dedicated to the relationship. "What is between Vaan and Ashe isn't love, but there may be other love . or anything close blood relationship that would like ruin everything!.

Aime Jan 30 At least it's something new I do notice the trend of the later FFs, there are always couples in love Kairi Feb 2 It's even on ffxii. What was not said was whether or not Vaan likes Ashe. Now there's a thought.

vaan and ashe relationship

FinalFantasyElite Feb 4 I hope that's wat they did. Do they ever say that in an interview?? I don't think they through them off Can't ya guys just accept that??? Moontey the Moggle Feb 5 How is another sotry, but it is indefinite. Would you rather have Vaan hook up with Fran?

vaan and ashe relationship

That would be like saying the following. Zidane hooks up with Freya. Not Garnet, and Tidus hooks up with Rikku. Ragnarok Feb 5 I don't know but the prologue seems to be sort of weird.

vaan and ashe relationship

If you're looking for the interview here it is. And they did not say "yes", Moontey. Will Vaan have any romantic interest in Ashe? Will there be some sort of romance inside this war? That's a big question mark.

Maybe it's not as obvious or as serious in terms of "love" between the two characters.

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But obviously he is the main character, he is the hero, and she's the female main character, so, there has to be some kind of relationship.

But it might not be as real and deep as you might assume. It might not even be love between the two. It might be other love. You know, the Viera girl.

It's seriously frustrating to argue a point without posting your proof. FinalFantasyElite Feb 5 But the main theme is definitely gonna be war. Probably like FF7 where there's a little bit of love but the main theme is different. Maybe the main focus of the game's not on the 'love' part but on the other hand, it focuses more on the war Breathe Feb 8 You love your mom, brother, best friend, and pizza, but unless you're really odd you don't necessarily want to get down and make hot, sweet love to them.

Ashe and Vaan's relationship could just be a close friendship, in which they love each other, but aren't "in love. How about it is the love between three? Vaan and Penelo in revenant wings at leastbalthier and fran zoophilia ewwAshe and Basch Penelo letter hints at it Final Fantasy XII is the greatest video game of all time.

Vir27 Vir27 1 year ago 9 I had never heard this one before.

I am trying on thinking about that Penelo letter your way. I'm Basch, and all day every day I'm pretending to be Gabranth for a promise to my dead brother. I get a letter about Ashe, who is my lover, and how she keeps up appearances but she misses me. I understand the appearances she keeps up not to be my dutiful charade of playing Gabranth to support Larsa as part of an international peace conspiracy, but the appearance that she is happy without my good loving.

I don't smile about my lover, I think again about my dead brother. Ghis takes Amalia captive onboard Dreadnought Leviathan while the others are sent to Nalbina Dungeons. In the game the party is confronted by Vayne himself.

Nevertheless, Penelo spots Vaan, Balthier and Fran being led away in chains and approaches them in tears, but Balthier soothes her. In the manga, Vaan awakens in the dungeons and intervenes on a seeq prisoner attacking a former Dalmascan soldier, but has the Goddess's Magicite stolen from him. Balthier tries to teach Vaan why he lost by challenging him to a game of coin toss where Vaan must guess which of Balthier's hands he holds it.

For a wrong guess Balthier wants Vaan's chestpiece from Reks, but Vaan demands Balthier wager his airship.

vaan and ashe relationship

Balthier tosses the coin and Vaan fails at guessing its location with Fran returning and revealing she has the coin and Balthier's hands are empty.

Gabranth authorizes the bounty hunter Ba'Gamnan to search the prisoners for Balthier, and Fran reveals she has found an exit. In the manga, Balthier decides to make their move in two hours after investigating the Resistance, and Vaan declares to have recovered the Goddess's Magicite by that time.

He finds the seeq who stole it but is ambushed by two more. Vaan is thrown into a cell until the seeq, Daguzais ready to face him in arena. Ba'Gamnan offers to free him, but Daguza intervenes and the two fight, and Vaan escapes and charges at Daguza. Vaan ignores Balthier's lesson of using dirty tactics and with a frontal attack seizes the Goddess's Magicite and flees to reconvene with Balthier while another prisoner and Ba'Gamnan deal with Daguza and the other enraged seeq.

Balthier and Vaan fight the seeq in the Nalbina Dungeons.

vaan and ashe relationship

In the game, Vaan attempts to defend a wounded bangaa from three abusive seeq dungeon masters and is thrown into a caged battle with them. Balthier joins the fray and the two emerge victorious and hide within the arena when Gabranth appears shadowing him into an Oubliette. Vaan, Balthier and Fran find an emaciated Basch fon Ronsenburg imprisoned and following Gabranth's leave, Basch pleads the party to set him free.

Reckognising Basch as the King-Slayer, Vaan jumps on the cage and shouts at him. The ruckus attracts the guards and Fran tells everyone to hang onto the cage while she drops it to the pit below the dungeons. Freed, Basch joins the party while they trek through the Barheim Passage though Vaan makes his distaste at the arrangement known. Basch explains the Empire framed him by having his twin brother, Noah, now going by the name of Gabranth, impersonate him to assassinate the King and leave Reks as a witness to "Basch's" treachery, but Vaan remains unconvinced.

In the manga, Basch and Vaan cooperate to kill the Mimic Queen and Basch fights the smaller mimics off to protect Vaan, the two discussing Reks's belief in Basch and the true events of Raminas's death during the battle.

The group escapes into the Dalmasca Estersandand Basch tells Vaan he will accept atonement at his hands after he is finished what he needs to do, and Balthier returns Vaan's chestpiece.

At the Resistance base in Lowtown Vaan finds Vossler disrespecting the people who were at the Nalbina Fortress during the treaty signing, including Reks.