Tuff puppy dudley and kitty relationship quiz

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tuff puppy dudley and kitty relationship quiz

As a member of T.U.F.F., Dudley Puppy helps Kitty Katswell protect Petropolis it is known that his mom didn't like him dating because relationships are a lot of. Oct 7, Explore Austin Boyd's board "Kitty Katswell in TUFF puppy" on Pinterest. | See more ideas about Television, Television tv and Tuff puppy. —Dudley Puppy, Diary of a Mad Cat There are rumors, among many fans, that Dudley and Kitty have a relationship. Though, it seems to start as a love/hate.

Let's see how it goes. Katty just sent Kitty to jail, and Dudley showed up, promising to be the most loyal partner ever. I know Dudley isn't always loyal, but he's working on it.

She knew that Kitty knew Dudley well enough to call him by his name. This gave her the idea that this person was a Kitty imposter. She was looming over Katty, and she said, "Something tells me you're not Kitty.

You may have fooled Dudley, but I'm not easily fooled. You didn't call him by his name. Get off of my case! And to make this easier, I'll quiz you with something only the real Kitty would know.

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She started to sing the song "Sisters", and she partially had her answer, because try as she might, Kitty wouldn't be able to fight singing along. Katrina got her answer when she motioned for 'Kitty' to sing her part. Instead of singing, Katty said, "What?! You're our other sister, Katty! How did you know it was me?! You didn't know any of these things, so that pretty much confirmed my suspicions!

Kitty and I have another sister with whom we are triplets. Her name is Katty, and this is her. I tune you out a lot. One of us might say something that you might wanna remember. Choices" where he is adverse to being waken up. Agent Snake — A snake T. George Looney — A loon that works as a janitor at T. George Looney has so far been only seen in "Legal Beagle". Her name is a pun on "salamander".

Scary Jimmy voiced by Matthew W. Taylor — A bull that works as a janitor at T. He is a very suspicious and strange person. Scary Jimmy is implied to be somewhat of a shut-in, mentally unstable, paranoid and potentially harmful. He has stated that he can memorize the backs of people's heads. Main villains Verminious Snaptrap voiced by Matthew W.

Taylor — An evil and stupid rat and the leader of the Diabolical Order of Mayhem. Despite being a rat, he is allergic to cheese which causes him to swell up. Like his nemesis Dudley Puppy, he is hyperactive, immature, and airheaded.

However, unlike Dudley, he doesn't show intellectual potential. He is often easily frustrated when his fellow D. A running gag is Snaptrap throwing Larry, Dudley, Kitty, or others into his shark tank which never actually kills any of them. Happy Birthday", it's revealed that he still lives with his mother. Later on in "Dog Dish", it's revealed that his mother buys all of Snaptrap's evil gadgets.

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That same episode shows that he has a blog, and that he uses his gadgets for incredibly stupid plans such as sneaking into movie theaters. Although, on some occasions, he has shown to be able to do true evil, such as launching the entire town into the sun as seen in "Mall Rat" when he faked his reform.

After most defeats, he shouts "I will now plot my revenge! In "Mind Trap", he's shown to go dumpster diving for food. The Chameleon voiced by Daran Norris — An evil and stupid chameleon in a molecular transformation suit which allows him to shapeshift into virtually any disguise or inanimate object. In "Doom-mates", his name is pronounced "The Cham-a-leon" as a running gag he wanted to get revenge on Kitty Katswell by blowing her up nine times but Dudley heroically thwarted his evil plan, thus saving her.

He talks like Peter Lorre and eats any bug he sees, a trait used against him several times. His relationship with D. He said he wanted to go to D. The Chameleon later teamed up with D.

Really Big Mission," ending with him being blasted into space which he somehow survived. As a running gag, he often tries to wear some type of eyewear only to have his eyes go around or through them, as his chameleon eyes constantly bug around and look in separate directions, which creeps Dudley out, as seen in "Doom-Mates. Whenever he's in disguise, he tends to say random things relating to his disguise For example, in "Internal Affairs," disguised as General Warhog tells the soldiers "semper fi" and "remember the Alamo".

Oddly, whenever the story has him using a disguise for a long time as a major plot point, his voice is never disguised, despite him being able to disguise it during the short disguises in other episodes although this may be because he experiences a sort of discomfort by mimicking voices, forcing him to do it rarely, but this is just speculation, and it has yet to be explained. Another oddity is that Dudley can never tell when the Chameleon is disguised or what he is disguised as, despite him having the sharp nose of a bloodhound possibly the Chameleon can disguise his smell, too.

If the Chameleon is splashed with liquid while in disguise, his suit will short circuit and he will be forced to return to normal although he notes that it's only on the outside, as inside, it makes him feel bloated. Also, his suit is wired into his brain and if it's removed, he will have no choice but return to his normal form.

Bird Brain voiced by Rob Paulsen — Bird Brain is an evil blue-bottomed booby genius who can't fly with his wings something he always forgets. Despite his species name's origin which is from the Spanish word "bobo" or "stupid", he is Petropolis' most competent villain. Bird Brain seems to be quite intelligent and capable at his job. Like Snaptrap, he is very easily frustrated by his comrades, whom tend to be genuinely much more foolish than Snaptrap's smarter and more villainous gang.

In "Thunder Dog" it is revealed that he is prematurely bald. In "A Doomed Christmas", it is revealed that although he looks old he is only In "Hush Puppy", it is revealed that he lost his hair at a young age due to stress. Snaptrap's Henchmen or D. Larry voiced by Jeff Bennett — A shrew who is Verminious Snaptrap's brother-in-law Larry's married to Snaptrap's sister and one of his three main henchmen.

Despite being considered dim-witted by Snaptrap, Larry is the second smartest and most intelligent of his three main henchmen. Larry often infuriates Snaptrap by talking back to him or, on a few occasions, making mistakes, which results in him either getting blasted by a laser or thrown into the shark tank. In "Doom and Gloom", the recent abuse from Snaptrap and him not listening to Larry's advice not to tell T. While planning a plot to turn off Petropolis' power and cover the whole city in fog emitted from a fog machine, Larry had G.

M's temporary headquarters in the sewing room owned by Snaptrap's mom. In "True Spies", it is revealed that Snaptrap actually doesn't hate Larry, but only mistreated him because he believes he has much potential to be malignant. Ollie voiced by Jeff Bennett — A sensible and smart British opossum who is one of Snaptrap's main henchmen. Ollie is Snaptrap's voice of reason whom he often ignores. A recurring gag in the series is that Ollie is the one who accidentally gives Snaptrap something cheese related either forgetting about his boss's cheese allergy or Snaptrap idiotically forgetting it himself.

Another gag involving him is that Ollie is the one who gives Snaptrap the ideas for his evil plans due to a misunderstanding that Snaptrap has already come up with a plan only to reveal it's just something he likes to do i. In "True Spies", it is revealed that Ollie isn't really British, but uses a British accent to make himself sound smart. Francisco voiced by Daran Norris — An alligator who is one of Snaptrap's three main henchmen.

He is also the only one of Snaptrap's henchman who seems to take villainy seriously. In "Dog Dish", he kept trying to convince Snaptrap to use the invisibility helmet for more evil deeds than sneaking into the movies.

In "True Spies", it is revealed that Francisco's real name is Francesca because his parents wanted a girl. He is often seen with a black torn sleeveless shirt with a skull on it similar to Punisher 's T-shirt. Bad Dog is often paired up with Leather Teddy. He stops appearing after the first season. Leather Teddy voiced by Eric Bauza — A leather clad blue bear and one of Snaptrap's henchmen that wears an eyepatch though the first episode shows that he still has an eye under the eyepatch.

He wields bear traps on chains for weapons. Leather Teddy's outfit gives him the appearance of a biker. He is often paired up with Bad Dog. The Mole voiced by Matthew W. Taylor — A mole agent who is Snaptrap's master of infiltration. Skunk voiced by Jeff Bennett — A skunk who is one of Snaptrap's henchmen.

So far, he has only appeared in "Cruisin' with a Bruisin".

tuff puppy dudley and kitty relationship quiz

Snaptrap is also shown to have other, unnamed minions over the course of the show, but they never have major roles, and eventually stopped appearing. Bird Brain's Henchmen Zippy voiced by Grey DeLisle — Zippy is Bird Brain's scatterbrained hummingbird sidekick who constantly encourages him to fly, despite the fact that his subspecies is incapable of it although real-life boobies are able to fly.

Whenever Owl and Bat would say "Hoo. He and Bat are both very incompetent where he would often infuriate his boss by saying "Hoo". He and Owl are both very incompetent where he would infuriate his boss by saying "Where? Bat is suggested to be blind although he occasionally does his job exactly as told implying that he has some vision and he is apparently slightly smarter than Owl. Bird Brain seems to like Bat more because at one point in "Thunder Dog", Bat did his job exactly as he was told without saying his usual "Where?

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He can speak in both duck and human languages. Whenever someone says his name, other people "duck" for cover because they think that something is coming right at them.

In "Puppy Unplugged", it is revealed that his real name is "Skip", causing everyone to skip around happily. Fly — A small purple fly who is one of Bird Brain's henchmen as seen in "Bad Eggs" although he never signed the application, and is in fact just a housefly.

When Bird Brain says his name, his henchmen start flying around him. When Bird Brain says his name, his henchmen start pecking him.

Recurring characters Other villains R. She stops Snaptrap and the Chameleon, but when Keswick attempts to unplug her because T. With the help of Keswick's hologram, Dudley makes her to fall to her death on a cliff and into a lake.

Some of her lines and actions suggest that she at least in part is a parody of the evil computer H. Snowflake and Slush voiced by Mary Birdsong and Dave Boat — Snowflake and Slush are evil rabbit siblings who dress up as vegetables and cheat in events by eliminating and kidnapping the winners. Snowflake is the mastermind of the two, while Slush possesses little to no intelligence, who in his sister's words is "dumber than a box of hair" she should know, she used to skate with one, and claims it was smarter than him.

Despite his immense stupidity, he is very competent with Snowflake's plan and when it is ruined, he is shown to be just as angry at the failure and desperate to escape as Snowflake is. They only appeared in "The Doomies". Mad Cow's escape was a success at the time when Snaptrap was a T. Agent and dating Peg. His name is a reference to " mad cow disease ". Crazy Horse — Crazy Horse is a horse who uses chainsaws he even whinnies while using chainsaws.

tuff puppy dudley and kitty relationship quiz

He ends up getting Snaptrap as his cellmate. His name is a reference to the Native American leader Crazy Horse. His name is a pun on Kung Pao Chicken.

Greedy, clever, arrogant, and dishonest, Jack attempted to lure Kitty into a trap so he could steal her information mostly to get money from Snaptrapbut was defeated by Dudley and Keswick. He and Snaptrap are arrested by Dudley and Keswick.

He later attempted to woo Kitty who was actually Dudley, and had previously used a Brain-Swapping device on himself earlier into letting him steal the T. He was once again defeated, The Caped Cod voiced by Chris Parnell in the first appearance, Mick Wingert in later appearances — The Caped Cod is a crazy cod who thinks he is the ruler of the seven seas, and thinks that Dudley is the king of the surface world and talks to inanimate objects at the bottom of the sea that he thinks are his subjects.

He once tried to flood Petropolis but was stopped by Kitty and Dudley and was put in an aquarium for the criminally insane. His name is a reference to Cape Cod, Massachusetts. In "Cold Fish", the Caped Cod escapes from his incarceration and tried to flood Petropolis again in order to make it part of his kingdom by melting the Riceberg Ice Bird Iceberg. He also did this to get revenge on Bryce Riceberg because she didn't invite him to her wedding which he did, and the Caped Cod just never read his mail.

He later returned to his plan, as the Ricebergs were serving fish and they were best friends in middle school. The Caped Cod was once again defeated in the end. Stink Bug voiced by Carlos Alazraqui — Stink Bug is Petropolis' worst smelling villain who was kicked out of Petropolis for smelling so bad.

He is very rude and cruel to his intern Percival who kept suggesting for Stink Bug to take a bath.

Eric-Kitty Relationship

Because of his very strong odor, Dudley's super sensitive snout made him powerless. When it came to stinking up Petropolis with a combined odor of the stuff he stole, Percival gave away the name of the Stink Bug's device causing Stink Bug to fire him and send him down the trap door.

In order to combat Stink Bug Dudley caught Keswick's cold. Dudley defeated Stink Bug and was taken to jail by Percival. It was even mentioned that she received warning letters from the Health Department involving her dishes.

A goof is that she is depicted with eight legs when ladybugs have six legs. A running gag about them is that they find dangerous weapons that are left in the lost and found by Verminious Snaptrap. Meerkat voiced by Daran Norris — A meerkat who is the eccentric leader of F. In "Bluff Puppy", it is revealed that he is diabetic. His name is a play on "wannabe". In "The Spelling Bee", Wanna-Bee temporarily operated his own stand-alone villain career as the Spelling Bee where he was capturing spelling bee competitors while the rest of F.

Escape Goat voiced by Matthew W.

Kitty Katswell - (Red eye rage) Eric! TELL ME!!!!!

Taylor — A goat who is a member of F. His name is a play on "scapegoat". Fiddler Crab — A fiddle -playing crab who is a member of F. So far, he has only appeared in "Top Dog". Missing Lynx — A lynx who is mentioned as a member of F.

Missing Lynx's name is a play on " missing link ". Bluffalo voiced by Jeff Bennett — A buffalo that is a member of F. He has a tendency to tell bluffs. Bluffalo is also an old friend of Meerkat. Quacky the Duck voiced by Matthew W. Taylor — Quacky the Duck was originally a kid show host seen in "Kid Stuff". Dudley, Chief, and Keswick all watch Quacky's show, but Dudley is his biggest fan and the captain of his unofficial fan club.

When his show was cancelled, Quacky wanted to get revenge by blasting the TV Chairman with a nuclear missile with Dudley and Kitty tied to it. He was arrested by Dudley and his show is now in prison where he has Revenge Rabbit show viewers how to get revenge on the jury that convicts anyone. In "Lucky Duck", Quacky the Duck is released from prison and establishes a restaurant. In "Quack in the Box", he and Sharing Moose are released from prison and start a fast food chain.

They try to get revenge on Dudley by framing him for taking out the competition against other fast food chains using action figures of characters from Quacky's show. However, his plan was discovered and he was stopped once again.