Total drama action duncan and gwen relationship

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total drama action duncan and gwen relationship

This is based around Duncan and Gwen's relationship starting from Total Drama Island and through World Tour. It will be told from either. Relationships on Total Drama. Duncan and Gwen; Courtney and Duncan; Alejandro and Heather; Gwen and Trent; Bridgette and Geoff; Izzy and Owen; Mike. Duncan and Gwen share their second kiss in The EX-Files, officially becoming a couple. Although their interactions are initially restricted in Total Drama Island.

Next Lindsay, the painfully typical dumb blonde arrives. After some stimulating conversation, Heather shows up.

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She seems like the nasty mean girl type, but we'll see what happens. Punk Rock music starts playing Whoa, who's that dude? Duncan's POV "I don't like surprises" I threaten "Yeah your parole officer warned me about that man, he also told me to give him a holler anytime and have you returned to Juvie" He replied.

This is gonna suck. These people all look like uptight losers. At least there's some hot girls. That tall dark-haired girl is really hot, seems kinda bitchy though.

The blonde looks like an idiot. The goth girl is pretty cool I guess. Gwen's POV After watching our resident criminal Duncan have a "nice" conversation with super annoying host Chris I can definitely say that he is probably insane.

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I mean Juvie, for real? He is pretty good looking, I guess.

total drama action duncan and gwen relationship

After Tyler the not so athletic jock and the geeky Harold arrive to camp, Trent gets of his boat. He seems really cool and is very cute.


But I bet he's just playing me, but that smile is super cute The homeschooled kid is a loser, and that Eva chick is a hothead. The Gophers don't look much better, it does have more hot chicks. But we at least have more athletic looking guys like DJ and Geoff on the Bass. Gwen's POV A gopher? Great, just what I always wanted to be. I already don't like most of my teammates, especially Heather.

Leshawna seems really cool and Trent is alright. The Bass look like they have more strong competitors. They have party boy and DJ, and that really strong chick Eva. They also have Duncan too. Any guy who gives noogies to wildlife must be either really tough or pyschotic, or a mix of both. It wouldn't shock me if he won this thing.

This is gonna be a long six weeks. They are also the only couple who did not reach the final two together. In their respective finale, they are the tough contestant, competing against a goofy contestant. This is the only couple in which both members made it to the final four more than once. In the season where they reach the final four but did not reach the finals, they were ranked fourth. This couple, along Duncneyis one of the only couples on the show in which both members compete in four seasons.

total drama action duncan and gwen relationship

Despite their relationship, both indirectly caused each other's eliminations in Total Drama World Tour. Duncan is technically responsible for Gwen's elimination in Picnic at Hanging Dork. If Duncan had never thrown the dingo at Cody, then Cody would have been able to vote for Courtney like originally planned and there would have been no tie-breaker challenge leading to Gwen's elimination.

Gwen and Courtney's fights were one of the reasons why Duncan had quit the game. Also, in African Lying Safari, Heather telling Duncan that he caused Gwen's elimination caused Duncan to get distracted, which led to him being voted out.

Duncan and Gwen

In an interview, it was confirmed that Duncan's voice actor, Drew Nelson, actually prefers this relationship over Duncan's relationship with Courtney. In Total Drama Online interactive feature Get the Look, it is revealed that Gwen and Duncan went to the same salon, unknown to the both of them. This relationship was in a love triangle with Duncney. This couple along with Duncney forms the first love triangle of the series. This is the second couple from the original cast to have both members make an additional cameo in Total Drama: Revenge of the Island; The first being Ozzy.