Tim drake and cassie sandsmark relationship

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tim drake and cassie sandsmark relationship

But Tim. Tim really grew up during this first relationship. I respeck that. . shown being in a relationship with a future Cassandra Sandsmark. My opinions on Tim Drake's female love interests For someone who's only been a And it was cute while it lasted, but their relationship was unstable from the Cassie Sandsmark - Wondergirl: They make the bestest friends. Fandom: DCU Story Title: "Say My Name" Character/Relationship(s): Tim Drake/ Cassie Sandsmark Rating: K Warnings: None, really. Just that this is a reboot!fic.

There was absolutely nothing else to interest me into shipping them. He tends to bail on them whenever his job gets in the way.

tim drake and cassie sandsmark relationship

They have had their problems, but overall their good moments definitely outlast their bad ones. They were great battle partners as well as good friends in their civilian life. Cassie Sandsmark She can die. They make the bestest of friends if that helps. Both are sort-of geeky, have leadership qualities, and are dedicated to their causes. Tam Fox She is an awesome character, but I could never find a good reason to ship them other than her being the kickass assistant to.

She was written so carefully and agreeably it hurts. I love his expression.

tim drake and cassie sandsmark relationship

Darla Acquista She was nothing more than a plot device to break up Tim and Steph. Shes not even worth mentioning. Does she even count? There was nothing to ship, she pretty much abandoned Tim right after so It has potential I must admit. Is she a Undercover cop or villainness? I guess I kinda like that the attraction was based on lust? Tim needed something new with his love life, and that was it! They had chemistry and it was fun to watch their interactions.

They balance out his serious and calculative side and gives the relationship an interesting personality to it.

tim drake and cassie sandsmark relationship

Greta Hayes aka Secret. I will admit there was potential and her crush on him was cute. Kiran Singh Just like how Tim slept with Cassie under the mind influence of Trigon, he also kissed his teammate Kiran on the exact same night.

Yee, real classy huh? Maddison becomes Firestorm at some point. She joins the team to welcome the Justice League back to Earth. She worked alongside Robin.

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In the series finale of the show, she and Tim allowed Static to the team and she and Tim became an offical couple. Romances Superboy Cassie developed a crush on Superboy shortly after meeting him.

tim drake and cassie sandsmark relationship

When Superboy died, Cassie's normally fiery personality was eclipsed by depression. She joined a superhero-worshipping cult in the hopes of resurrecting Superboy, only to be talked out of it by a fellow superhero who had lost a loved one.

Cassandra Sandsmark

Cassie continued to become increasingly withdrawn, which caused tension among her fellow Titans. Eventually Superboy was resurrected and after coming to terms with this, Cassie rekindled her relationship with him. Red Robin Tim and Cassie started out as just friends, but after Superboy's death, both were left in a fragile state.

Tim tried cloning Superboy, but because he was already a clone of Superman, the procedure was a failure.

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Cassie gave Tim a shoulder to cry on and they wound up kissing. When Superboy comes back, Tim and Cassie keep their distance. In the New 52 universe, Superboy and Wonder Girl were never in love and most of her intereactions are with Red Robin, hinting at a possible romance.

tim drake and cassie sandsmark relationship