Three of cups tarot love and relationship

Why is the three of cups considered a marriage card? - Aeclectic Tarot Forum

three of cups tarot love and relationship

When the Three of Cups has a central focus in your reading it is a sign that you are This card moves the story of the Suit of Cups farther because you must have some Remember that when you share the good love in a relationship, it is a. Hi guys, I was wondering about what the 3 of Cups could mean as potential between two persons, It's the strengthening of a love relationship. Three of Cups tarot card is all about fulfillment taking place in physical state. For relationship situations, this can mean great moments being felt by the lovers.

three of cups tarot love and relationship

This card lets the querent know that the relationship they are in or the one on its way is full of love, happiness, joy and is in flow with the life forces — generally your soul love is with you or about to enter your life.

It also heralds a very social period, and one that is full of warmth love and laughter. It is a time of allowing love into your life, embracing it fully with intent and an open heart.

three of cups tarot love and relationship

The three of cups is a celebration of love, a soul love card and the promising prophecy that a love mate is about to sweep you off your feet. The three of cups can also refer to an ending. If a relationship has not been going well the three of cups can mean change for the better.

Three of Cups tarot meaning love – Counselling Tarot and Mindfulness Brisbane

Usually I would recommend time on your own, but this card says this is not necessary. It can mean that one relationship is about to end and another is coming in quickly.

three of cups tarot love and relationship

One that can heal and show you a way forward that is healthy and full of life. It usually comes when someone has opened their heart fully to a soul mate. It is about great support and community.

Three of Cups - Upright and Reversed

Friendships will be exciting and comforting. But if you two planned on breaking up then this is will become the reality.

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Good news is that somehow you will see it turning into something positive like opening your door for that one soul mate you have been yearning for. Three of Cups does not have proper connection with love and romance.

Three of Cups in Love and Relationships

It actually goes best with friendship. So if you are thinking of just dating then appearance of this tarot card says that you will totally enjoy it and the men will find you attractive.

They will just feel that you are a very fun loving person.

three of cups tarot love and relationship

Yet instead of taking you as a girlfriend, they will ask you to be their friend. In short, this tarot card does not represent a long term relationship. Reversed Three of Cups is one of the most negative tarot cards, for it represents third person in the relationship or your partner being unstable with you.

three of cups tarot love and relationship

The keyword that best goes with this tarot card is cheating. Yes, it is possible that he has another lady and if this is not the case then Three of Cups reversed implies that there is hardly any happiness and fun in your relationship and thus, one of you is wondering whether it is best to break up or not.