Tekken jun and kazuya relationship problems

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tekken jun and kazuya relationship problems

A subreddit for those that play the video game, Tekken. . The lore is that Jun likes edgy boys and Kazuya had some pent-up . I can fix you. talking about sex by itself, but why on earth would they even have a relationship. Supposedly Jun had some sort of "soft spot" for Kazuya at some point, but there is Kazuya clearly had his own issues going on and (from what I understand) Iron Fist (Tekken 2), but then their relationship went to nowhere as Kaz was soon . Tekken 7 hyped itself up as being the end of the Mishima saga and didn't Although Jinpachi had a loving relationship with his very young grandson, Kazuya, the . Being that Jin was Kazuya's son, Heihachi secretly became afraid of what Jin . Lars handed Alisa over to Lee Chaolan to fix up while continuing to lead the.

Someone in a Tekken comment brought it up and it had me wondering: I mean yeah they hated him but the whole brainwash thing happened in T1 and he could had talked it over tea and boom Steve Billy bob or Sumi or whatever is the next child instead of Jin. But instead they went a different route, Jun came along, Kazuya was thrown in the volcano and Jun raised her child in the forest. Which made me wonder: Maybe Kazuya did love Jun and well things happened so they are frosty now.

Its always bugged me because well Kazuya was a pimp so he could had gotten anyone but why specifically her? Teeleaf57 4 years ago 2 You sure like using whatever a lot don't you. As for Kazuya being a pimp? He never been shown to be all that interested in women or such things its really Lee who's the ladies man. Now as for why he picked Jun. Paul doesn't have supernatural powers. I think of him as the Tekken equivalent of Krillin or Yamcha.

He may be hard asbut the playing field isn't a level one, and he suffers for it. Is it just me or is Namco determined to make Yoshimitsu look Darker and Edgier with each sequel? In the first game, he was just a silly-looking roboninja thing. Then Tekken 2 came along and he was given evil red eyes and vampire teeth, as well as a darker colour scheme. Tekken 3, he's a scary alien cyborg. It's a matter of personal opinion. Realistically speaking, Yoshi's designs have been hit-and-miss throughout both series.

See edition on character sheet for how it's known. The issue is still open. Supposedly Leo could very well be female. Harada has since said that Leo is female.

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What the heck is the "Fallen Colony" in 6? Canonically, there's colonies floating in Earth's orbit. Clearly an homage to Gundam.

tekken jun and kazuya relationship problems

The campaign mode of Tekken 6 just a quick vote who wanted a beat em up for this games story. Eddy's father's plan to "protect" his son. Does he really think that prison would be safe? Or, more importantly, that being sent to prison for several years, possibly for life, would be better than simply going into hiding? He must have known Christie's grandfather was in the knick, to get Eddy out of a riot and teach him Capoeira.

That actually seems kind of believable. So, why the hell is King friends with the guy who murdered his mentor? I mean really, has Marduk even shown any remorse for what he did? At least Armour King seems to be reacting properly to the whole damn thing.

Also, King not so much forgived him as much as not lowered himslef to his level at first. Maybe so, but that still doesn't explain why they've apparently become partners in later endings.

They seem to get teamed quite often. Not sinking to his level is one thing, but still, teaming up with the guy in matches? King and the rest of the orphans were raised by a Catholic priest.

Maybe the original King stressed the importance of forgiveness? I cannot for the life of me remember where, but I vaguely recall some info on Marduk suggesting that while he wasn't exactly remorseful over Armor King's death, he was far from proud of it.

tekken jun and kazuya relationship problems

He just wasn't the kind of person to take being treated like a monster for a mistake lying down and rebelled against it in a jerkass fashion.

The way he saw it, he went to jail, did his time, and lost everything he had because of it. He's paid for that mistake in his opinion.

Kazuya Mishima

Regardless, I understand the point the OP brought up. Marduk killed King's father figure and not only showed little remorse, he actually desecrates Armor King's grave by digging it up.

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Forgiveness is one thing, but befriending his mentor's killer and treating his death like it's water under the bridge is the point where fans call bullshit. As it turns out, if Marduk didn't prove Armor King I dead by digging his grave, both he and King wouldn't be able to fulfill their objective to uncover the identity of the new Armor King. It may be a bit disgracing yes, but you have to also take account that both of them were at shock at the prospect of Armor King coming back, so asking them to just take it like a stride is what would either make me scratch or bang my head.

If she only knows Aikido, which involves holds, throws, reversals, and joint lockshow did she learn to do all of these flashy moves? I believe her fighting style is officially a mix of Koppo which revolves around crushing and breaking bones and assassination arts rooted in Aikido. It's like how Paul's style incorporates judo and aikido or how Law's is just listed as "martial arts" despite clearly behind based on naturally Jeet Kune Do.

Why does anyone bother competing when only Mishima's ever win? Several if not all characters in the series have their own reasons for joining the tournament, not to mention the big prize money the Mishima Zaibatsu offers and the claim to the title of the World's Strongest Man. Sadly, anyone who is not a Mishima isn't particularly important in the main plot, so, yeah.

Being a King of Iron Fist Tournament contestant is suffering. So now that it is actually confirmed that Leo is female; is she a transvestite or a transsexual? Both seem to be equally likely. So we could be probably be looking at the next Poison? Given how both have very similar costumes To answer the question, she's just female. A Bifauxnenyes, but not a trap or anything of the sort.

While it would be safe to say that the transformation takes place outside of the screen, note that in the first game, Kazuya had a special tag-in animation with Devil. Gameplay and Story Segregation. The annoying thing is that the headbutt to arm wrench tag throw they have makes no sense and could have been avoided like in the Great Combo. There have been theories that perhaps Ancient Ogre isn't the Ogre that transformed into True Ogre back in 3, but is just one of many other Ogres perhaps given credence by A.

Ogre's endingso make of that as you will. I think the fact that normal Ogre is called Ancient Ogre is a great clue that he isn't the Canon Ogre.

Not to mention that this version of True Ogre has multiple snakes for an arm whereas the original Tekken 3 version had only one really large snake.

Even if that isn't the case is there any proof that Ogre could ever transform at will? It could feasibly be a result of the whole soul stealing process. That doesn't necessarily mean anything, though, and a lot of this could simply be chalked up to "this is a non-canon game, let's spice things up a bit", as could be the case with True Ogre's visual update.

tekken jun and kazuya relationship problems

If Paul went on to fight Ogre in the third tournament, does that mean Jin lost to him in the final then was chosen to fight True Ogre because he was second? Paul was the only one whose record in the third tournament was actually mentioned, but it's unknown how well Jin fared. Presumably, he'd have to be of high standing in the tournament ladder if he killed True Ogre after Paul finished bulldozing the rest of the competition. In the Tekken Tag 2 swimwear Pre-Order Bonuswhy do almost all of the men have loincloths as their swimsuits?

I dunno, but it would have been nice if they were given a bit more variety. Sure, we can understand if the fundashis were worn by characters such as Heihachi or Ganryu, but Marduk and Ogre? Speaking of swimwear, anyone find it odd that Angel is the only character to not have a bikini when two androids who, unlike Alisa, are easily recognizable as robotsa bear, a kangaroo, a dinosaur, a panda, and a person carved out of wood all get swimsuits?

Even Combot has floatation tubes. And if they wanted to not defile Angel's "pure and divine" status, they could easily give her a pareo like the ones Jun and Alisa received. Honestly, it can't be that much racier than the customization options already present for her.

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In this game, True Ogre has 3 customization items that happen to be bikinis hanging off his horns; the bikinis come in 3 colors just like the swimwear for all characters that do have one.

She's treated as such but she doesn't seem to do anything that would be considered wrong. Tekken producer Katsuhiro Harada created Kazuya Mishima as a corrupted character with a "pure dark side" as opposed to his father Heihachi Mishimawho Harada identified as having a more "human dark side". Denying claims that Tekken's plot is too convoluted, Harada said that its basic story is a "simple" struggle among members of the Mishima family with other characters dragged into the conflict.

Surprised by the length of the rivalry between the characters and Tekken's popularity as a franchise, he felt it necessary to end in a fight to the death. Harada said that Jin's mother Jun Kazama would be "an important and essential element in talking about the story of Kazuya and Jin".

When creating the illustrations for the characters, artist Kazuma Teshigawara said that he wanted them to complement one another. Nina was selected for the game instead of Anna Williams since her cold personality was similar to Kazuya's. The two characters were featured in the game's first trailer in a fight against Street Fighter characters Ryu and Ken Masters ; the trailer was intended to attract the audience with the game's main feature.

Completing the game with Kazuya and Nina unlocks ending scene where Nina is revealed as an agent who escapes from Kazuya's forces. Artist Toshio Ohashi described the ending as the game's most cinematic due to similarities between the characters. He was made more powerful, with his ten-hit combo easily taking down enemies. Realizing how powerful the character had become, Namco decided to balance his moves before the game's release.

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Blood Vengeance, Kazuya's devil form from the film was added as an alternate version of the character for Tag Tournament 2.

He saw Kazuya as a fun character due to how powerful he is. As a result, Harada felt that gamers who lose while playing as him feel ashamed. The character's combo had a glitch in this game, which Capcom patched. Undefeated, he reaches the final round and battles Heihachi. Kazuya then announces a second King of Iron Fist Tournament.