Superman and wonder woman relationship in dawn of justice

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superman and wonder woman relationship in dawn of justice

When Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice was announced, all eyes Not everybody's a fan of the Superman-Wonder Woman relationship. At this point, Warner Bros. has developed a very close relationship with the ice. Wonder Woman, released in June, was Warner Bros. The main story picks up right after the events of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Superman and Wonder Woman's relationship is very unusual. Both are members of the Justice League and are perhaps two of the strongest superheroes in the DC Universe. . Superman and Lois Lane Dawn Justice.

Firstly, it allows fans a glimpse in to what Superman would be like if he did not stand for truth and justice. It also shows what he would be like as a poor husband and father. After his marriage to Wonder Woman is revealed as a sham, it is also revealed that their child is different than others.

Instead of being naturally conceived, their child, Zod, was genetically engineered. While some other comics feature these two having children in an earlier issue, this child was born differently. Even though this is a separate universe than the other stories, it was a scary glimpse into how far Superman would go for power. In a recent issue of Justice League 41a stray bullet bounced off of Superman's chest. While this is not new for the Man of Steel, where the bullet ended up was not what he intended.

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The bullet wound up inside of Wonder Woman's neck, severely wounding her. While Superman was quick to jump in to action and cauterize the wound with his heat rays, the damage was done.

superman and wonder woman relationship in dawn of justice

Even though Clark really cares for Diana, even superheroes are not immune to a perfectly placed bullet. Not including alternate universes or timelines, Superman and Wonder Woman had been keeping their relationship strictly platonic. Well, until Justice League Volume 2, Issue The issue focused on the Justice League's battle spirits of their deceased loved ones. Following an incredibly emotional battle where Diana sees Steve Trevor who she thought was aliveshe is left with feelings of loneliness.

Especially when the most infallible heroes are shown as expressing evil. Doomed shows an infected Superman dealing with an aggressive virus. Despite defeating Doomsday's beast, he becomes infected with the beast's blood which causes him to change.

Rather than being the reserved Superman fans have always known, the infection changes him in to an aggressive beast, slowly transforming him in to a monster. While trying to comfort him and support him through fighting the virus, Clark attacks Diana.

superman and wonder woman relationship in dawn of justice

While not in his right mind, it is one of the first times fans have seen him lose control. Initially, Clark believes that he is the only survivor and sadly buries both Batman and Lois Lane. That is until he discovers Wonder Woman has survived as well. While they eventually discover other heroes have survived, most of them have lost their powers. This leaves Superman and Wonder Woman as the last heroes on Earth.

However, amidst all the chaos, one beautiful thing does occur - they have a son named Bruce. Even though the world will never become what it was before, they can take solace that they were the last of their kind.

When an evildoer is targeting Lois, Clark comes up with a plan to save her. Unfortunately, this also means he needs to break her heart. In order to distance himself from Lois, Superman and Wonder Woman fake an engagement to drive Lois away. The hope is that this will keep her safe because only Superman will be under attack.

The thought was that Gadot was too slender to pull off the role and that she wouldn't resonate the strength of spirit expected from the Amazon. And then Batman V. Who would've guessed that the only character that movie wouldn't butcher would be Wonder Woman?

When Gadot appears in costume during the third act, adorned in Amazonian garb, she stole the show. This meme does a great job of making explicit how Wonder Woman and audiences felt at that moment. She confidently arrived in the uber-busy DC flick to do battle with Doomsday -- and audiences couldn't ask to be in better hands.

In fact, there's a pretty vocal fraction of fans that think it's one of the more ridiculous ideas that DC's indulged in since the DC reboot. For all of the reasons why a Superman-Wonder Woman relationship makes sense, there's also plenty of reasons for us to roll our eyes at it. First of all, it's an annoying trope across all forms of storytelling for two popular characters to invariably get together.

Apparently, because it's impossible for a male and a female to remain friends and never experiment romantically at least, that's what the trope is telling us. Building on this, the Superman-Wonder Woman relationship seems so inevitable that it comes across as lazy writing when the writers did decide to do it.

Predictably, the Internet and the tabloids went crazy with speculation. Was Affleck seeing somebody else?

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Did one of them cheat on the other? This meme makes light of the situation, bringing it into the context of the Man of Steel sequel. Batman acts as the voice of unrestrained speculation, suggesting that Affleck may be leaving Garner for Gal Gadot.

It wouldn't be too different from how Affleck met up with Garner. The two built a relationship on the set of Daredevil, lending credence to the possibility that falling in love with women on the set of superhero movies is a pattern in Affleck's life.

Naturally, her success is breeding more success. After Wonder Woman did so well, DC concentrated on making her more of a focal point in the Justice League marketing, to the point where she was upstaging the other two-thirds of DC's Trinity.

Batman v Superman - Diana Prince & Bruce Wayne [Extended cut]

This hilarious meme does an excellent job of capturing the DCEU's unexpected dynamic. Superman and Batman are trying to work up the courage to ask Diana Prince if they can be in one of her flicks, to see if some of her star-power rubs off on them.

Of course, knowing DC's inability to refrain from over-stuffing movies, the possibility of these two making cameos in future Wonder Woman flicks is a real one. This is such a meme. What was meant to be a dramatic JLA moment ended up coming across comedic -- primarily for just how flabbergasted Booster Gold acts.

Is it that surprising that the most popular guy on the team and the most popular girl on the team hooked up? Did you even go to high school?