Subaru and porsche relationship

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subaru and porsche relationship

Since , it has had a close relationship with General Motors bordering Porsche owns about 45% of Volkswagen and is in the process of acquiring a The Fuji family includes Subaru as its only passenger vehicle line. Obviously there is some kind of relationship there, does anyone know the history Porsche and Subaru both like horizontally opposed engines. including the Porsche Boxster and the almost the entire line of all Subaru cars. So, how would you compare the quality and durability of each.

New Zealand has only five of them and four have already been sold.

subaru and porsche relationship

Prospective buyers will have the opportunity to bid for the fifth. Porsche Design is part of the Porsche empire but separate from the more illustrious car company.

Its designers, including New Zealander Simon Fraser, work out of a studio overlooking a lake in the Austrian village of Zell-am-See, a tourist centre 80km from Salzburg. Fraser and his colleagues take a concept and turn it every which way, ultimately to give it lasting value.

Their clients have included bigshot companies like Grundig electronics, watchmaker IWC, camera-makers Contax and Rollei, Japanese giant Yamaha, sunglass leaders Carrera and Bausch and Lomb, and a couple of mobile phone heavyweights.

A year or so ago, Porsche Design added Subaru to its list. The car already had a rally-bred chassis and turbocharged 2-litre motor and a modest go-fast body kit, but Subaru hankered after a limited-edition hustler, a bandit like the Red Baron.

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Porsche Design quickly added the visual oomph with unique front and rear bumpers and rear spoiler, and inch black alloy wheels to set off the tomato-red body. It also trimmed the interior with special upholstery and gave the instrument panel a metallic look.

subaru and porsche relationship

It called the car Blitzen, German for lightning. Subaru then tinkered with the suspension, adding lightweight alloy components. They wanted to keep it purely as a domestic model.

subaru and porsche relationship

I don't know how many were manufactured but the limited-production run ended in March. The Sportshift unit is a three-way transmission, offering a traditional automatic mode or a clutchless manual using either the gear lever or steering wheel-mounted Formula One-style buttons. It has formed ties with Tata that has created Fiat India. Init began an attempt to take partial ownership of Chrysler. It sold Aston Martin in to an international consortium.

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It sold Jaguar and Land Rover to Tata in GM is planning to sell Opel to Fiat. It no longer makes cars under the Oldsmobile name. The Honda family includes Honda and Acura. It bought Kia in The Hyundai family includes Hyundai and Kia. Isuzu Isuzu Motors is a Tokyo, Japan-based company. Sinceit has had a close relationship with General Motors bordering on being subsidiary.

The Isuzu line stands alone as the company's passenger vehicle line and, as ofwill not be sold in the US. Mitsubishi Mitsubishi Group is a Tokyo, Japan-based company. It separated from its Diamond-Star Alliance with Chrysler in It has strong ties to Peugeot. The Mitsubishi line is the sole passenger vehicle line of Mitsubishi.

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It has significant ties with Fiat. Nanjing bought MG Rover in It has strong ties to Mitsubishi. Porsche - Volkswagen Porsche is a Stuttgart, Germany-based company.

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Volkswagen Group is a Wolfsberg, Germany-based company. The Porsche line is distinct but heavily involved with Volkswagen lines. Porsche has acquired a majority share of Volkswagen in what will come to be considered a legendary financial coup in which it made billions of euros at the same it acquired the other company.

Porsche's enormous leverage crippled them when car sales bottomed out, and Volkswagen has now acquired them instead! It also owns the Auto Union name. Nissan is a Japan-based company.

The Nissan family includes Nissan and Infiniti.