Snake and meryl relationship advice

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snake and meryl relationship advice

One thing that they didn't really go into was why Snake and Meryl's relationship either didn't work out or never took off after the end of MGS1. Meryl and Snake are extremely different people: Meryl was raised by family; so far could provide Snake with any advice or constructive reassurance to make Snake gains next to nothing in this relationship for Meryl can't. Shortly thereafter, Meryl, disguised as a Genome Soldier, met up with Solid Snake, whom she initially thought had murdered the DARPA Chief and mistook for.

Unfortunately, at the time, Campbell had a broken leg and was unable to support Big Boss outside of driving a stolen enemy van between mission sites.

Also, early on in the mission, he was diagnosed with Malaria and a significant part of the mission was to try and find medication for the Malaria strand that Campbell has, so as to save not only him, but the entire unit.

Shortly after the end of the Mission, Roy Campbell had to endure a lot of time at the Hospital due to his broken leg, including having to endure an annoying nurse. Campbell served as a tactician and executive officer. During this time, Campbell had an affair with the wife of his brother Matt Campbell and from this his daughter Meryl was born.

It is unknown whether Matt ever found out that he was not really Meryl's father, but Campbell eventually found out at least a day before the Shadow Moses Incident, and planned to tell Meryl after the operation was over.

Meryl (HUGE spoilers)

He discarded the codename system and adopted the use of high-tech equipment such as radars and spy satellites. However, during the course of the mission, Campbell was forced to keep a lot of secrets from Snake, including the true purpose of his mission and his injection with FOXDIE by Naomi Hunter, in order to ensure the safety of Meryl the Pentagon had deliberately sent her to Shadow Moses on the same day as a bargaining chip to ensure his cooperation.

Eventually, Campbell revealed the truth at the end of the mission and tried to call off an air strike directed to the base, but was arrested by Secretary of Defense Jim Houseman. However, while he was imprisoned, he managed to somehow contact President Sears and tell him about the air strike, thus resulting in Jim Houseman being arrested for going out of line.

After Snake defeated Liquid, Campbell was exonerated from charges, as blame was laid on Houseman instead. After the events of Shadow Moses Incident, Campbell continued with his retirement. He later revealed to Meryl that he is really her father. However, this Colonel was later revealed to be an artificial construct created by the Patriots and generated by GW, the supercomputer of Arsenal Gear. Sometime after the Big Shell Incident, Raiden and Campbell actually physically met, with Campbell taking on a sort of "commanding officer" role in Raiden's life.

Campbell and Rosemary devised a plan to protect Raiden and Rose's son. They broke all ties to Raiden, who had disappeared into the Alaskan wilderness, and pretended to marry. Campbell played out his new life to the fullest, not even being able to tell his own daughter Meryl the truth.

Not content with the UN and other governments simply ignoring Liquid's attempt to plunge the world into total war, in effect aiding the economy of the 21st Century, Campbell took the matter into his own hands and hired Snake to perform an assassination.

Upon reaching the Middle East, Snake met up with Meryl, Campbell's daughter, who revealed to Snake that Campbell had remarried to Rosemary and she was no longer speaking with "that womanizing piece of shit". Campbell was visibly upset when Snake divulged his daughter's opinion of him, but Campbell had to keep the secret that his marriage to Rosemary was a lie up until Raiden was done with his mission in order to protect John. At the end of the mission, Campbell attends Meryl's wedding to Johnny Sasaki, finally making amends with her after years of deceit and not speaking.

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He congratulated Meryl for getting married but she ignored him. Campbell began to walk away before Meryl pulled her Desert Eagle from her holster. He then returned to her, putting himself point-blank near the muzzle, and then pulling it to his own neck. She then released the clip, forcefully telling him, "You're going to walk me down the aisle. Campbell remarked how beautiful Meryl looked, making both her and Mei Ling, Meryl's bridesmaid, break down in tears.

TriviaRoy Campbell's frequency is the same as Major Zero's frequency Despite his injuries during the San Hieronymo Incident, there were a few occasions in which he was able to stand up and move around in a limited manner, implying that his leg was broken only to the extent of slowing him down.

snake and meryl relationship advice

Roy Campbell was somewhat aware of the Patriots's existence prior to the Shadow Moses Incident, as he began to suspect their involvement in said event during Snake's mission.

Snake is one of them. He feels he has one last mission to fulfill, to leave behind a world no longer affected by his mistakes.

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He feels that he must walk this path alone, as to not drag anyone else with him. The results of this life make him a monster in the eyes of some, and a hero in the eyes of others. But to himself, he is simply a skilled killer.

War has become the goal itself. In this setting, where everyone has to fight for his own survival, differentiating between right and wrong and remembering your values can be a lot more difficult than it is to the outside observer. A shadow of the inside… of the old age. He is the last thing that remains from an era that has passed.

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Now he has a few months left to live. A remainder of the old times. The only time I feel truly alive. And this is why he keeps finding himself in the midst of war. They suggest a deep trauma within Snake that has left a scar, and at the same time they imply he hit a mental switch, where he no longer tries to bring emotions to the battlefield, or to other people in general.

snake and meryl relationship advice

This has made him a lonely man. He goes on to remind Raiden that there is no such thing as absolute reality in this world, so you have to find your own truth, and choose your own life. As a young soldier, she looks up to him and admires the things he has done.

Snake however, denies everything that is human or good about himself, shattering every characteristic Meryl tries to attribute to him, ultimately concluding with these words.

snake and meryl relationship advice