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Feb 3, Shatrughan Sinha's affair with Reena Roy was the talking point for the longest " Marriage is not and had never been the solution to a problem. Feb 16, Reena Roy was just years-old when she gave her first Bollywood hit opposite Shatrughan Sinha with the movie, Kaalicharan. The movie. Sep 2, Shatrughan Sinha and Reena Roy's steamy affairShatrughan Sinha He remarked light-heartedly, "My problem was not whom to marry but whom not to marry! He was apparently in a serious relationship with South Indian.

Besides, he continued to stay in the relationship with her despite the change in his marital status. It was a reality that Poonam had accepted when she became his wife.

Shatrughan Sinha confesses affair with Reena Roy in biography

In fact, while Bipin, Subhash and all his close friends were distributing his wedding invitation to guests in India, SS and Reena Roy were together in London doing a stage show. Dharmendra and Hema Malini, who had announced their controversial marriage a month earlier, greet the newly-wed Sinha couple. Reena stood by his side publicly while the bride, who knew just what was unfolding in London, waited for her big moment in Bombay. In this very dramatic triangle, both women stood by him with Reena Roy even driving with him to Heathrow to see him off -- the ultimate ego boost for a man.

But if SS expected Reena Roy to continue being devoted to him despite his marriage to another, he was in for a surprise. She wouldn't talk to me for days. I could not give her the position that she felt she deserved.

Why Shatrughan Sinha cried like a baby

I couldn't do anything about it. Reena Roy found cricketer Mohsin Khan from across the border and married him before she could change her mind. That move hurt everybody around, including her man in Bombay. For she had not only married a good-looking, eligible bachelor with a name of his own but she had also done the unthinkable -- crossed over to Pakistan for domesticity. Unfortunately for Reena Roy, the nikaah Muslim marriage on the rebound didn't last even an innings and she returned to Bombay a single woman.

It was rumoured that in her later battle for the custody of her daughter Jannat, it was her former lover who helped her. Jannat was finally brought to India and Reena changed her name to Sanam. If SS had a hand in Jannat's return to her mother, he was circumspect about it. I will forever remain obliged to her for that. Whenever we meet, it is with dignity. Daddy's darling promotes her father's biography.

The reference was to the year exile that Lord Ram spent in the jungle with his wife Sita, once again a part of the Ramayana, the mythology so closely linked to the Sinha family. Sorting out our lives took its own time because it was a question of a commitment to the other party also.

When I was with her Reena outside, I was faced with the question, 'You've set up your home. So was I a toy to be used and cast away? What are you supposed to do? The situation leaves you stressed and tense. Reena Roy and Shatrughan Sinha Photograph: Kind Courtesy Om Books International There were also situations which seemed amusing in later years but caused Promi untold heartache.

SS narrated one such incident that could've caused a conflagration at home had Poonam not been his patient pillar of support. Promi had gracefully given in that time too. She told the operator, 'Never mind, put her on, she's like his sister!

I didn't even know what a parandi was, but I desperately wanted to bring back one. However, the market was closed because it was a Friday. When we returned, Yash Johar told Promi how frantically I had looked for a parandi all over Karachi for her.

And Promi looked confused because she had never asked for one. Only then did Yash realise that it was the other person who had asked me to get it for her!

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I was a victim of emotions and weakness," emphasised SS. That's why today whenever we have an argument, I tell Promi that if, on a scale of one to 10, I was right up there at number 10 for my weaknesses, over the years I have improved and stand at a much better number now.

She's the one who has changed for the worse over the years. So I would think her temper tantrums today are justified. There is no vulgarity or voyeurism in the book.

I haven't mentioned about many girls in my life. They are settled, they have children. It's not the right thing to identify them," Sinha said. The book, released this month, also has comments from his detractors.

Why Shatrughan Sinha cried like a baby - Movies

Sinha said, "Grey areas must be covered. If you don't do that, then it becomes sycophancy. If I would have wanted, I could have edited comments by people who spoke against me, but I didn't. It's a democracy, so let them say whatever they have to say. Sinha described the book as having bits of everything - his struggle, passion, achievement, humour, romance, comedy, tragedy.

He also said, "I think there will be a sequel.

Shatrughan Sinha confesses about extra-marital affair

It will have Whatever happened after in my social and political life. I found out when I was growing up and started understanding things. But I'm not going to crucify my father for something he did years back.