Sephy and callum relationship

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sephy and callum relationship

In a relationship deemed unacceptable by society, Sephy and Callum's tale of forbidden love and resistance takes place in a world of conflict. The relationship between Callum and Sephy in 'Noughts and Crosses' is an interesting one in that it develops and evolves over the course of. Name Forres Academy. Examine the significance of the relationship between Sephy and Callum in Malorie Blackman's novel 'Noughts and Crosses'. There are .

Sephy tells Callum that she had seen Andrew, without knowing his identity, in her house with Kamal, which shows that Andrew is a government informer. Callum tells the rest of the gang what Sephy said about Andrew. The members agree to split up and keep a low profile for six months and not meet up until Callum's birthday. Sephy feels an unusual tummy bug come on.

Callum and Sephy's Emotional Journey

Her sister, Minerva, asks if she is pregnant, which Sephy denies. Sephy takes a pregnancy test, which reveals she is pregnant with Callum's child.

Meanwhile, Callum is working as a mechanic, as a cover, and hears Kamal on the radio, denying rumours that his daughter is pregnant. Sephy's parents learn of her pregnancy and pressure her to have an abortion, but Sephy repeatedly refuses. Callum then meets with Sephy in the Hadleys' rose garden.

Sephy confirms the rumours, and they decide on names for the child: Ryan, after Callum's father, if it is a boy, and Callie Rose if it is a girl. Callum is found in the garden and is arrested.

sephy and callum relationship

No one believes Sephy when she maintains that she was not raped. Callum has his trial and is sentenced to be hanged. Kamal tells Sephy that if she keeps her child, Callum will be hanged, but if she has the abortion, he will serve years in prison instead.

Kamal makes a similar offer to Callum but also wants Callum to say publicly that he raped her. Both decide to keep the baby. On the day of Callum's hanging, he asks his guard, Jack, to deliver a letter to Sephy personally.

Callum is then led to the gallows. He fails to find Sephy in the crowd before the hood is put on. He then hears Sephy shouting, 'I love you'.

sephy and callum relationship

He shouts back, 'I love you too'. Sephy watches the trapdoor open and sees Callum's limp, lifeless body hanging from the noose. She hears Callum shouting to her but is unsure if she heard the word 'too' so she cannot be sure that Callum heard her.

The story ends with a newspaper cutting announcing the birth of their child, Callie Rose, with an announcement from Sephy that her daughter will take her father's surname of McGregor. However, in later books, it is revealed that Sephy changes her mind so that Callie Rose can grow up without knowing her father's role in the LM.

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Callum decides to let Sephy flee from the other kidnappers while they are out. While he shows her the way back to town, Sephy badly injures her foot. He talks her into spending the night with her in an abandoned shack for her to recover. There, they argue but then realise their mutual love. They decide to run away together.

They fall asleep after making love. The two are surprised by the rest of the gang. Jude and Callum point their guns at each other. Sephy takes advantage of the confusion to flee. Jude and Callum point their guns at each other, and the story ends as a cliffhanger.

Minerva offers to patch up things with Jasmine, but Sephy tries to get Minerva to leave. As Sephy had feared after being followed by Jude for a few days, he arrives, planning to murder Sephy.

Jude, Callum's older brother, watches Sephy enter her apartment building, and he plans to kill her. However, he does not know that Minerva, is in Sephy's apartment as well. Sephy tells Jude that she knew that he intended to kill her just before midnight since it was Callum's birthday that day.

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Jude feels that Sephy is responsible for Callum's death and wants to make sure that Sephy will not see Callum's next birthday since Callum had not seen his next birthday. Sephy is not alarmed and does not protest, but Minerva panics. Sephy tells Jude that he would be doing her a favour by killing her and wants to die because she misses Callum. When Minerva tries to change her mind, Sephy declares that she hates the baby because it was alive and that Callum should be alive instead.

That is a lie, and Sephy later threatens to kill Jude if he ever hurts her child.

Noughts and Crosses by Malorie Blackman

Sephy begins to provoke Jude by saying that she and Callum loved each other and Kamal offered her a choice of keeping the baby and letting Callum be hanged or getting an abortion and saving his life. Jude loses his temper and tries to shoot Sephy, but his gun jams.

sephy and callum relationship

Minerva, in an attempt to save Sephy and herself, runs towards the front door and screams to attract attention. That fails, and Jude shoots her in the shoulder. Why we like and dislike Callum's character Edit Callum's character changes throughout the book. When we are first introduced to him I see him as having a lot of potential and talent but he doesn't think it is possible for him to do anything because of the racism he lives amongst.

He is hypocritical and says that it isn't ok for crosses to judge noughts yet he never really gives crosses a chance. He complains a lot about the conditions he lives in but he never does anything about it.

He just assumes that it is never going to change and lives his life sad. But then after the death of his father his whole perspective on life changes.

sephy and callum relationship

He learns about Jude and what he is doing and instead of hating him for it like before he begins to envy him. He distances himself from Sephy as much as possible and try's to illuminate his feelings for her. His charecter turns into a very hard working strong wills charecter. In some ways this is good but along with those traits he also turns into a cold blooded killer. He murders other crosses just to prove himself as a member of the m.

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The only person that can change Callum's feelings from cold and lifeless to loving is Sephy. And at the end of the book she does. Sephy brings out the best in Callum's charecter. In the end Callum fights for what he wants but not in a violent way. He makes a statement without hurting anyone. Even to his dying days Callum's thoughts are still in the interests of whatever is best for Sephy.

He feels so deeply and is willing to give his life to make her happy. He is a very loving person to anyone he thinks deserves it.