Ryu and akuma relationship quotes

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ryu and akuma relationship quotes

Ryu has been in every single Street Fighter game unless you want to idea of who Ryu and Ken are, especially in relation to each other. One of the more memorable pieces of trivia from this game is the English win quote where Ryu claims, Since Akuma had yet to be introduced in the game's canon. Ryu (リュウ, Ryū) is a fictional character and the main protagonist of Capcom's Street Fighter . Street Fighter Alpha 2 () depicts Ryu on a quest to confront Akuma, his master's brother and enemy. . the attention of Bison as well as Chun -Li and Guile, who believe there is a criminal connection between the two at first. Relationship . During the events of Street Fighter Alpha 2, Akuma fought Ryu only to gain His win quotes in 3rd Strike also imply Akuma has become much.

His standing fierce punch cancels out fireballs. Added to Oni is a dashing spinning punch which can vary depending on what kick button is pressed. While jumping, Oni can do an evasive dash backward or forward or even perform a downward attack. He also uses an overhead smash attack. Oni's gameplay consists of high-damage combos and reversal potential, combined with his above-average walk speed, that allows players to create massive-pressure situations while remaining mobile and flexible via buffering moves into other attacks, although he has below-average stamina, stun and short-range Focus Attack.

Reception[ edit ] Akuma is the boogeyman of the martial arts world. A twisted monster who murdered sort of his own brother to prove a point. He wants to drive Ryu to darkness for the sake of competition. He foregoes the ideas of being merciless for the sake of being merciless.

Japanese magazine Gamest named him one of their "Top 50 Characters of ", in a three-way tie for 37th. Bison might be thought of as a notorious Street Fighter villain, Akuma is clearly the fan-favorite 'bad guy'". Bison with ease gets the number-one spot in everything.

Bison in a blink, and challenged you, the player, to a real fight. Children of the Atom as the top fighting-game guest character, [42] and while Jason Fanelli of Arcade Sushi considered it "the best guest turn he's ever done," he simultaneously criticized his cameo in Cyberbots: Moh reprised his role as Ryu in the 5 part mini series Street Fighter: Resurrection and is slated to return in the direct follow-up to Assassin's Fist titled Street Fighter: The Animated MovieRyu is the central character and focus of several other characters, namely Sagat, Guile and Bison himself.

After Ryu defeats and scars Sagat in the film's opening, Bison commands a worldwide manhunt for him, determined to make him a brainwashed member of Shadaloo here known as Shadowlawbut is unable to find Ryu due to his travelling the world and ability to suppress his power, rendering Bison's monitor cyborgs unable to detect him.

ryu and akuma relationship quotes

Throughout the film, Ryu comes into contact with several fighters, such as Fei-Long and E. Bison eventually captures and brainwashes Ken in Ryu's stead, which prompts Guile and Interpol to intercept Ryu before Bison can get to him, but Bison follows them and sets Ken on Ryu, who refuses to fight his controlled friend back. Eventually, Ken manages to break free of Bison's control and the two ultimately work together to defeat Bison.

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The final scene, however, makes it clear that Bison survived, and he ambushes Ryu, who prepares to fight him again. Ryu also appears in the American TV series and is once again replaced by Guile as the protagonist since it is a continuation of the live-action film.

Near the end of the series, however, the story shifts focus to Ryu and Ken, making them more prominent as they face several enemies such as the Mad Gear gang.

ryu and akuma relationship quotes

In both the film and the series, Ryu's name is incorrectly pronounced as "Raiyu", though in the movie Guile and Bison are the only ones to pronounce his name correctly. The original video animation Street Fighter Alpha: The Animation centers around Ryu's inner conflict with the Dark Hadou, as seen in the Street Fighter Alpha manga and games, though adding original elements such as the appearance of Ryu's supposed younger brother, Shun, and their conflict with Professor Sadler and Rosanov.

Like Bison, Professor Sadler seeks out the world's greatest martial artists, though in order to absorb their abilities into his own body, particularly Ryu's Dark Hadou.

Have you ever wondered why Akuma and Ryu were so similar?

After Shun is abducted by Sadler's monitor cyborg, Rosanov, Ryu is implored by Rose to search for him. Ryu tracks down and confronts Akuma, demanding to know if Shun is his son, but Akuma, after attempting but failing to goad Ryu into giving in to the Dark Hadou, denies it. Enlisting the help of numerous fighters, Ryu tracks Sadler to his base, where he learns that Shun was actually working for Sadler and posed as his brother in order to lure him out.

Enraged, Ryu gives into the Dark Hadou and obliterates Rosanov, but at the same time mortally wounding Shun powering Sadler up enough for him to enter the battlefield personally. Worn out, Ryu is initially pummeled by Sadler, until a vision of Rose inspires him to use his normal power to fight, and with help from his allies, he defeats Sadler for good.

ryu and akuma relationship quotes

Shun then dies in Ryu's arms, apologizing for his actions; Ryu forgives him. Generations features a similar storyline, but is unrelated to the previous Alpha anime. The latter implies Ryu to be the biological son of Akuma.

ryu and akuma relationship quotes

He first appears in a sparring match with Ken and decides to go to Tapper for a drink after the fight. Comics[ edit ] Udon Entertainment 's comic book adaptation of the Street Fighter plot places Ryu in the center of the events of the plot. He trains to be a strong fighter without relying on the hatred and consumption it brings. After returning from the first Street Fighter tournament, Ryu discovers and thinks that his master Gouken has been slain by his brother Akuma and sets out along with Ken to avenge his death by fighting him.

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Like in the Alpha series, Ryu is a young powerful fighter who shows great potential, this draws the attention of Bison as well as Chun-Li and Guile, who believe there is a criminal connection between the two at first. He also trains Sakura during the second arc of the comics and later on trains with other fighters specifically Dhalsim and Gen to give himself a better chance against Akuma. Like in the official story, Sagat is consumed with thoughts of revenge against Ryu for losing his honor and even his pride at the first Street Fighter tournament but he does seek him out to warn him of Shadaloo's advances in order to fight him in a fair match.

During the final series of comics, Ryu attends Bison's tournament and advances all the way to the final stage including getting his long-awaited rematch with Sagat and won. However, before he is able to fight Bison, Akuma intervenes and soundly defeats Bison instead with ease.

ryu and akuma relationship quotes

The plot then shifts to the battle between Akuma and Ryu as the concluding fight of the comic series. During the battle, Ryu is almost corrupted by the Satsui no Hadou to defeat Akuma at any cost but refuses the power, which allows Akuma the upper hand in battle. All seems lost but at the very last moment, Gouken returns and he finishes the battle with Akuma.

Ryu passes out before the fight can conclude and is rescued from the sinking island by Dhalsim. Following the battle, Ryu believes he no longer needs to rely on it if he wants victory. Promotion and reception[ edit ] Ryu is consistently ranked as one of the most popular and memorable characters from the Street Fighter franchise as well as gaming in general among critics.

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White gi, dark gloves, red headband for a little touch of color, and that is it. It's rare, when you think about it, to see too many fancy pieces go into the making of an icon". Bottom line, you can't go wrong with Street Fighter's most iconic character. He was voted as one of the best fifty characters in both a Famitsu issue and the Guinness World Records Gamer's Edition from Arcade Edition was noted to share traits from both Ryu and Akuma.