Ryu and akuma relationship goals

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ryu and akuma relationship goals

For Street Fighter IV on the PlayStation 3, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "Ryu and Akuma's relationship(spoilers)". We got to see his relationships with characters other than Ryu. Fighter III, known as Ryu Final, is about Ryu realizing his life purpose as he. Akuma is not Ryu's father. The truth is, Akuma is Ryu. Akuma is from the future, but from an alternate time line. In Akuma's timeline Ryu is.

His main attacks are short-range, and he complements them with techniques that vary from game to game — but the two you can count on are a long-range projectile e. His signature attack is also a blade spin while jumping, though it's a vertical spin rather than horizontal, so it's a little different than the usual Hurricane Kick.

He can also be counted on to have a move involving a ground punch and energy or rocks in one case blasting upwards. Akuma would later have a similar move in Kongou Kokuretsuzan, though more often than not it's unusable in gameplay.

Haohmaru is the samurai equivalent of Ryu. God Hand lets you give the main character jumping spin kicks, ballerina uppercuts and a couple projectiles. Little Fighter 2 character Davis uses the Shoryuken and also has energy blasts. His uppercut is easily his most powerful and useful move. The Tatsumaki Senpukakyu also makes an appearance in the game, through another character. Arm Joe features a nameless, rank-and-file Policeman as one of the playable characters, and his moves are heavily based on Ryu, Ken, and Akuma, with even a little bit of Ryo Sakazaki thrown in for good measure; he has the fireball, the rising uppercut, super versions of both, and does Akuma's signature Shun Goku Satsu.

This is probably a parody; the Ryu-type in this game is a nameless policeman and not remotely the main character. Power Instinct 3 follow the formula somewhat but he's a more obvious riff on Terry Bogard from the Fatal Fury series, even having Terry's long hair from Garou: Mark of the Wolves in Matrimelee.

Their special moves consists of a Shoryuken-esque jumping hand slice Rekkuha and a hurricane kick Ryubisen. However, instead of a projectile, their Hadoken-command move is a flying double punch Soushuga similar to Terry's Burn Knuckle from the Fatal Fury series however, it replaced with a proper projectile during their transformed state. As if that wasn't enough, Billy's main super move is an enhanced version of the Hadoken-style move, while Jimmy's main super move is an enhanced version of the Shoryuken-style move, just like Ryu and Ken respectively.

However, the Ryubisen is based on the spin kicks from the original Double Dragon games, but they still don't predate Ryu and Ken's hurricane kicks.

Gowcaizer from Voltage Fighter Gowcaizer is Jack-of-All-Statswhile the only move he has that resembles one of Ryu and Ken's moves is his flying uppercut move, while his projectile is more like Terry Bogard's. One of his winning taunts also resembles one of Ryu and Ken's. Dark Souls with Kon, a 1-foot tall, sentient plush lion whose moves are almost exact copies of "Hadoken", "Shoryuken", and "Tatsumaki Senpyukyaku", even using most of the same commands.

The main character, Ichigo, is also a Ryu-type. He differs from most Ryu-types in that his projectile is a tall arc of energy that travels along the ground, and his anti-air hits on the way up and on the way down. Seifuku Densetsu Pretty Fighter, a Japanese-only Bishoujo Series fighting game released on the Super Famicom and later ported to the Sega Saturnfeatured a sailor fuku-clad young woman who was able to execute both a Hadoken and Shoryuken-esque special move, and doubled as The Jack Of All Stats for the game.

The Murasame brothers from Sasameki Koto are clearly modeled after Ryu, and are copypasted as if they were on an assembly line, right down to their expressions and poses. Makoto Mizoguchi in the Fighter's History series, although he didn't get the uppercut until later, but it slides first before going straight up, while Ryu and Ken's go straight diagonally upward. The other half is on her default Arcana.

Given the way Arcana work, you can add Shotoclone moves to any other character, or pair it up with Heart to get the full set. Marisa Kirisame's default specials in the later Touhou fighter games Scarlet Weather Rhapsody and Hisoutensoku include a Shoryuken-style broom uppercut done with a DP motion and a barrage of star-shaped projectiles quarter-circle forward motion. All characters have a QCF move, and all but one have one triggered by the shoryuken sequence; most QCF attacks are a projectile, laser or other forward-oriented attack, and the dragon punch one is most frequently an anti-air attack or forward dash.

Marisa is still the most complete example, as she also has a Tatsumaki in the form of riding on her broom. He is not a main character though, nor was there a Shotoclone in the previous Clay Fighter games. Word of God states that this is Filia's intended fighting style from Skullgirlsalthough in practice she plays quite differently. Though her Shoryuken is identical to that of Ryu or Ken's, her "fireball" isn't even a true projectile, instead being an attack that comes up off the ground in a different areas depending on the button pressed, a la C.

Her Moveset Clone Fukua, meanwhile, sacrifices a traditional Shoryukenbut does have a Hadoken-equivalent. In addition, Pandaren characters also feature a Shoryuken-type uppercut as their "enemy interrupt move" e. Jimmy Zappa and Saryn of Capoeira Fighter 3. Between the two of them are all of Ryu's basic moves.

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All Star Battleto an extent. He has a spammable projectile and flaming uppercut, and can spend meter to change properties of his specials. However, his projectile operates more like a Power Wave than a Hadoken, and he lacks a hurricane kick-type move.

ryu and akuma relationship goals

Full Metal Force has Hound Dog, the player's main mecha, which has a cannon that shoot fireballs not unlike Ryu's Hadoken and a rising uppercut move with its blade. However, it does have a blade dash attack as well. Son Goku from Dragon Ball is this to a lesser extent.

In most of the current video games, Goku has a Kamehameha as one of his basic special moves, and the Ryuuken as one of his ultimate moves. In some games, he also has a rushing or another physical attack that compensates more or less for his lack of a Hurricane Kick. Battler, being the main character, gets this moveset: Blue Truth is a projectile attack similar to Ryu's Hadoken.

Blue Strike is an anti-air Shoryuken-style attack. Sommelier Finger moves Battler forwards while attacking, similar to Tatsumaki Senpukyaku. Of note is Blue Raid, which doesn't directly correspond to any Shotoclone attacks, being a Diving Kick.

Street Fighter: 15 Things You Didn’t Know About Ryu

Black Truth is not quite a projectile, but it creates an explosion near the opponent, fulfilling the purpose of ranged attack. Black Strike is similar to Battler's Blue Strike. Deathfinger is his version of Sommelier Finger, which moves much faster.

Beatrice also has special moves that fit the archetype: Red Truth is her Shoryuken, although it's done straight up while Battler's Blue Strike is at a more diagonal angle. I Am The Golden Storm!

Seal of Misfortune is a unique attack that can only be used in the air, creating a large damaging seal in front of Beatrice. The Gears of DestinyVivio's moveset works very differently than a shotoclone's. Her Divine Buster is a grab move, her Accel Smash is her high long-range move, and her Revolver Spike is her block attack. Additionally, Elektrosoldat has almost everything included in Guile's moveset. Rumble McSkirmish from the Gravity Falls episode "Fight Fighters" is partly this, and partly a pastiche of fighting game characters in general.

Ironic since he's the game's Mishima clone, whose family is known to have a different reputation. Of course, for a more traditional one, there's Lucario, with Aura Sphere as the fireball, Extremespeed as the anti-air and Bone Rush as a forward-moving attack. In Akuma's ending, he realized that he had fought worthy opponents and decided to stay alive for the moment, so as to perfect his power, knowing that there would eventually be someone able to kill him.

Eventually, Adon confronted him so as to demonstrate the supremacy of his Muay Thai style. However Akuma easily beat him, but chose not to kill him, apparently deciding he wasn't worthy. Later, Akuma was challenged by M. Bison and thought it would be an easy win, since he was unable to sense Bison's enormous amount of chi, due to it being channeled through the Psycho Drive. Akuma attacked with the Raging Demon, but it had no effect on Bison due to him having eschewed all of his humanity in order to master Psycho Power.

He was able to catch Akuma off guard and easily defeat him. After this, Akuma fought against Gen again, but it is unknown what the result of their fight was. Though Akuma was not an official competitor in the Second World Warrior Tournament, he observed the tournament seeking a worthy challenge. Akuma eventually ambushed M. Bison at the beginning of the final fight, easily taking him down with the Raging Demon. Bison had been forced to merge with part of his expelled soul previously and, this time, his body was destroyed by the attack.

Akuma proceeded to take on Bison's opponent, but the details of this battle are unknown. He headed out to fight him and make him give in to it so that he could become the opponent he wanted.

After watching from the shadows for a time, Akuma found Ryu under the care of a very much alive Gouken. The two brothers engaged each other with Ryu as the prize to the winner, but both survived the battle. In his prolouge Mudo Tensho, he is first seen battling Gen. After being defeated, Necalli tries to devour Akuma, but he fails. He then finds Ryu and battles him, winning but not ending his life.

He wonders if no one could be his equal in power, as Ryu says that he will fight Akuma again. Akuma then leaves, waiting for fate let the rivals meet once more in combat. Akuma's training pushed his power to new heights, resulting in him developing new techniques, ones that could even unleash cataclysmic effects. Akuma did not officially compete in the Fourth World Warrior Tournament, but again watched from the shadows.

In the final match, he appeared and used the Raging Demon on Gillsponsor of the tournament, and fought the other finalist himself though Gill managed to resurrect himself later on. Akuma eventually battled against Oro, after the two sensed each other's massive amount of chi. The two were mutually impressed at each other's strength, but held slight contempt for each other.

Akuma and Oro's battle ended without any real conclusion. Capcom 3 Akuma Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 After the Marvel and Capcom universes began fusing together, Akuma became drawn into the conflict. In his ending, Akuma, having defeated Galactus and many other opponents from the Marvel universe, decided that he would no longer wait for strong opponents to appear to him and instead seek them out himself.


Street Fighter X Tekken Akuma began hearing voices from within that became clearer after the meteorite containing Pandora crashed into the Earth. He decided that Pandora had brought a new era of chaos as fighters from all over the world tried to obtain it. Recognizing that this being was an enraged shadow of himself, Akuma engaged it.

These include both American comics and manga series. The series only lasted for a few issues, but it has become known for its horrible artwork and dialogue.

In the first issue, Chun-Li basically throws herself at Ryu, who kisses her, before refusing her advances. Ryu and Chun-Li do have feelings for each other, but he is too obsessed with his training to commit to a relationship. It doesn't help that she is still determined to get revenge for her father's murder. The reason Sagat has the long scar across his chest is because Ryu burnt it onto him with a Shoryuken.

This was the move that cost Sagat the victory in their fight. Defeating Ryu in combat became Sagat's goal in life. This became his motive for entering the Street Fighter tournament in subsequent games.

ryu and akuma relationship goals

When Sagat walked over to Ryu, in order to help him up from the ground, Ryu cheap shotted Sagat for the victory. When Ryu lose the battle, he also lost control of his senses and became possessed by the power of darkness. Ryu's struggle to control his dark side has been an important part of his story since. Ryu's Shoryuken or his Dragon Punch, as it usually calledis one of the most iconic attacks in video game history. It is also the source of one of the biggest hoaxes to ever be spread by the gaming community.

This caused a stir among players, as no character named Sheng Long existed in the game. The whole thing was a mistake, caused by an incorrect translation of the word "Shoryuken".