Rin and yukio relationship goals

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rin and yukio relationship goals

Rin Okumura (奥村燐 Okumura Rin) is the son of Satan and the elder, He is also very protective of Yukio and aims to surpass him one day. .. and Karura's contract is switched to Ryuji Suguro by relation of blood, so that Tatsuma may live . Ao no Exorcist (Blue Exorcist) - Katou Kazue - Image - Zerochan Anime Image Board. Blue Exorcist ~~ Big, pink heart:: Chibi Rin and Yukio. Blue Exorcist ~~~ Rin and Yukio Okumura They've got each others' back. Blue Exorist || Rin, Yukio & frens Although there ish alot of complicated things between their relationship, tgey are still GOALS~.

When in his Demon form, he too has a blue flame, elf-like ears and fangs. Personality Yukio's angry side Although they are twins, Yukio is frequently noted to be the exact opposite of Rin, and Ryuji even states that he finds it hard to believe that they're related.

Yukio is mostly seen as quiet and calm, but often has mood swings. He is usually seen happily smiling, but can easily get sidetracked due to Rin's personality clash, and becomes rather dark. He takes things seriously, but he knows a joke when he hears one.

Although he and Rin get along for the most part, Yukio is usually quite standoffish and aloof towards his brother, finding him annoying and often scolding him for not thinking things through. He also has a secret resentment towards Rin, not only because he's a demon and the son of Satan, but also because he feels Rin is the one responsible for their adoptive father's death. On few occasions, he is shown to have a very aggressive side, though he is very good at hiding it. If he is pushed too far, he can gain a fiercely angry personality.

His angry side is so intense that it frightens Rin when it makes itself known. This may be as a result of his Demonic heritage even though he didn't acquire Satan's flames like Rin. The things that annoy him include, but are not limited to, people criticizing Shiro, Rin being "childish", Shura's teasing, being kept out of the loop, people asking him if he's alright and being called "weak".

He doesn't like to partake in 'unseemly' actions. He is usually punctual and lectures Rin on how to behave. As the manga goes on, Yukio gets more and more frustrated with his twin because Rin keeps doing things that put him at risk.

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While Rin finally accepts what he is and the fact that he is Satan's son, Yukio just can't seem to accept Rin as a brother like he used to. History Rin and Yukio as kids Yukioalong with Rinwas conceived during his mother's possession by Satan. Though Satan's powers were expected to be split between them, Yukio's body as a fetus proved too weak to handle the Demonic power, which completely transferred to Rin.

Nevertheless, Yukio did receive a mashou at birth, causing him to be able to see Demons ever since he could remember. He was always bullied by other kids but Rin would constantly save him.

rin and yukio relationship goals

His dream was to become a doctor. It is often stated that Yukio is a genius, having already acquired the title " Meister " in both the Dragoon and Doctor class, while ordinarily most people would aim for Meister in one class both are still fully qualified Exorcists. He is currently ranked a Middle First class Exorcist. Yukio used to look up to Rin, but as he trained to be an exorcist in secret, he got jealous because Rin always got special treatment and got to be carefree while he constantly worked, training to protect the very brother he had started to loathe.

Yukio Okumura

He began packing his things, then when he finished he went to Fujimoto to see how he was doing. There he also saw Rin.

Father Fujimoto then asked him if he could heal Rin's wounds. While he was treating Rin's wounds he told Rin that everyone at the church was worried about him getting fired from all his jobs and getting into fights all the time.

Then the next day before Yukio would leave, Father Fujimoto suggested that they will have a party to celebrate Yukio's success. When everyone sat at the table waiting for Rin, Yukio went to look for him. He found Rin on the playground. There he questioned Rin as to why he was fired from his job. They went home together. When they arrived, Yukio and Rin saw a man and his daughter speaking to Father Fujimoto. When Rin suddenly claims that it wasn't human who attacked the girl but a weird creature.

Yukio, was surprised that Rin saw the Demons. After they all went to celebrate Yukio's farewell party. Yukio came back to find Rin and deceased Fujimoto The next day Yukio went early in the morning to the True Cross Academy because his things were sent earlier.

He left a note to Rin informing him of that. While Yukio was at the station he called Fujimoto to see if everything was alright, but Fujimoto didn't answer. Yukio thought that something was suspicious and went back.

When Yukio got back home, he was surprised to find the church totally destroyed and the deceased Fujimoto laying on the ground. He also noticed that Rin awakened his powers. There Yukio gave a speech in front of everyone. He was the center of all gossip and everyone was amazed that he had the highest marks on the entrance exams.

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Yukio points his gun at Rin When Rin entered his Exorcism class, he was surprised to see Yukio as his teacher. There both brothers began to argue with Rin demanding an explanation from Yukio as to why he is involved in all this.

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Yukio promptly sent the class out into the corridor when Rin spilt blood on the floor, attracting Demons. Yukio then said that he could see Demons since he was born. He protects Rin because deep down he needs to protect Rin. He desperately needs Rin and he wants Rin to need him, too. In his eyes, Rin is more important to him than Yukio is to Rin.

Up until Rin joined Cram School, Shiemi was something they did not have in common. Before Yukio started this whole thing, Yukio did have a goal- to help people. He wanted to help others by becoming a Doctor. But Yukio IS a good person. He just needs a catalyst to force him into seeing that.

rin and yukio relationship goals

Rather than making people back off with fists Yukio uses cold words and disassociation. In the anime one of the things that really makes Yukio relax is hearing that Rin does consider him important. That even when he fucks up and is possessed by Satan, Rin values Yukio above all else. Above his own life and above the destruction of the world, Rin is willing to take a chance on Yukio because Yukio is more important to him than killing Satan.

He needs to know that Rin needs him just for being him. He mentions how Rin was always his support when they were young and so he feels he needs to be that support for Rin as well. He needs Rin to tell him that he was never a burden. If Yukio would flip out over something happening to Rin, Rin would do the exact same thing. Because it has always been Rin and Yukio.

Because they are, in truth, twins. And that is a very interesting viewpoint; to be born never being alone. Ironically, this works both ways.