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Elizabeth Taylor And Richard Burton's Strange, Fabulous Relationship.. How Janet Became Embroiled In The Jackson Family Drama. In the 27 years since her husband's death, Sally Burton has kept silent about the film star's turbulent relationship with Elizabeth Taylor. Now she. Suzanne Harrington reads Richard Burton's just published diaries — and reveals what they expose But I am very confident of my relationship with Richard. failed, but they continued to work together, even as Burton married Sally Hay, his make up artist. Cathy Desmond selects her highlights of

It was no wonder that audiences thought Private Lives was about their lives.

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Now the story of that last turbulent year is to be made into a TV film starring Dominic West and Helena Bonham Carter But rather than a triumph the next year was to be a watershed. For the first time Taylor — a consummate film actress but with virtually no theatre experience — seemed out of her depth and for the first time in the tempestuous 20 years he had known her, Burton found her irritating and boring.

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Most poignantly they were to be the last months they ever spent together for Burton died the following year. Now the story of that last turbulent year is to be made into a TV film starring Dominic West and Helena Bonham Carter in a BBC project that might be described as art imitating life imitating art imitating life. She was the producer as well as the star. Not so, recalled actor John Cullum who played her discarded spouse.

Sir John Gielgud asked him: For the first time in his career he was coming to work sober. Taylor, however, was still drinking heavily. In his diary Burton recorded: Wine only, she says. ET as exciting as a flounder temporarily.

Richard Burton and the wife he ‘bought’ for a million dollars

This is going to be a long, long seven months. How terrible a thing time is. She stinks of garlic — who has garlic for breakfast?

richard burton and sally hay relationship goals

Tells me twice an hour how lonely she is. Burton was seeing Sally Hay, a year-old continuity girl he had met in while filming TV series Wagner in Vienna and Taylor could see the relationship was serious. In his diary for March 13, Burton recorded: She is very lonely. Feel sorry for her. I watched from the wings, later I sat in the dressing room and read a book while listening to the performance on a speaker.

richard burton and sally hay relationship goals

He was exasperated by Elizabeth but he kept on going, because he was a professional and because he was committed to it. So there he was onstage with his ex-wife and all the audiences wanted was for Richard to get back with Elizabeth. Burton had found a new contentment and calm in his life, and a way forward from the barnstorming years when he could command millions of dollars for a film.

She has never remarried, and has prolonged the relationship by dedicating herself to preserving the Burton name with drama and writing awards and other acts of low-key philanthropy. One of 13 children, his mother died when he was two. His education misfired and he ended up working in the Co-op before fate redirected him, finding him a six-month placement at Oxford via his service in the RAF. His writing gives more than a clue to the transformation.

His daily entries reveal a man who is colossally clever, with an exceptionally retentive memory and a yearning for knowledge.

Burton and Taylor, private lives played out in public

A self-styled bibliomaniac, he would read simultaneously detective fiction, Baudelaire, Dickens, tabloid newspapers, biographies and diaries, rugby annuals and, of course, Shakespeare. Thus by the time he emerged as an actor of note in the late Fifties, he had put distance between himself and his humble origins.

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But he never forgot his Welsh roots and remained exceptionally close to his family. There is, in his often elegant diary jottings, an interesting dichotomy.