Resident evil leon and ada relationship

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resident evil leon and ada relationship

Ada Wong is a fictional character in the Resident Evil (Biohazard in Japan) horror franchise by . A romantic comedy retelling of the story of Resident Evil 2 centering on Leon, Claire and Ada was released in the . In , "a highly disfunctional [sic] relationship" between Ada and Leon was ranked as the ninth top video. As of Resident Evil 6: Leon is now 35, Raccoon City happened when he was but yeah, RE isnt exactly known for successful relationships. For Resident Evil 6 on the PlayStation 3, a GameFAQs message board topic where Ada confessed her feelings and they both shared kiss.

T - English - Romance - Chapters: Ada sits alone in a bar, and as time wanders on so do her thoughts, to the one person who she will never let go.

resident evil leon and ada relationship

His heart aches unceasingly for her. She is forever an unreadable enigma. How could the two forbidden lovers ever settle their complicated relationship? Rated T for implied sexual events. Company piece for RED. A story of how one creature crawled along the ground, then rose and spread her wings first through survival, then passion.

This is the story of Ada Wong. T - English - Drama - Chapters: Can they sort out their feelings? Little does he know that he will soon be sent on a mission that will make him question everything that he believes in.

resident evil leon and ada relationship

OneShot inspired by RE3 Epiloge. Set 4 years after RE2. AdaxLeon Resident Evil - Rated: Leon stood holding her in shock. Leon thought for a minute. Why did that year seem significant to him? And then it hit him.

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But he was my Captain. S long, not once he saw my special skill set.

resident evil leon and ada relationship

Who was he to judge who she loved, look at who he had his arms around. Which she rarely did. But suddenly she started shaking more and she clung to his shirt as she cried harder. You can stay as long as you like. Something he had gotten used to when spending nights with her. If whatever it was broke her that badly…how badly would it affect the whole damned world? It was years until he finally found out.

Leon & Ada Happy Together

Curious, Leon got up and opened his door cautiously to see a familiar figure leaning against the door frame, shaking violently with tears. Chris had already called him, telling him what happened, explaining happily that he finally had Jill back and was finally away from Sheva. The fucking murdered him Leon!. After everything he did, Leon could see why Ada was so loyal to this guy.

  • Does the Leon/Ada crush not make any sense to anyone else?

Together they sat in silence in his living room for a good while. Leon thinking of how she could feel this way for someone so horrible, but then chastising himself for judging when he would be the same way if he found out something like that had happened to the woman in his arms shaking in heartbreak. But she still remembered that looks of fear when he slammed her into the wall years back; his arm across her collar bone and his hand on her jaw. Her role in Resident Evil 2 is explored in more detail in Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles [12] and Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles Ada appears as an enemy in another Resident Evil 2 spin-off game, the non-canonical Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon Cityin which she is also a playable character in its multiplayer "Heroes" mode.

Her next starring role is in Resident Evil 4 set in the year Ada assists Leon in his mission to rescue the U. She reports to the villain Albert Wesker who is now in a high position within the rival company.

She enlists the help of the researcher Luis Sera who manages to steal a sample but is then killed by the cult's leader Osmund Saddler. Ada is briefly captured and planned to be sacrificed but manages to escape.

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After meeting Leon, she saves him from Krauser who was ordered by Wesker to eliminate Leon. Ada destroys the cult's battleship and the Plagas-mutated Krauser, and aids Leon in various ways. Eventually, she is taken hostage by Saddler, who uses her as bait to trap Leon.

resident evil leon and ada relationship

Leon, however, is able to free her, and Ada provides him with a special rocket launcher to destroy a mutated Saddler before escaping with a sample via helicopter. Ada appears in the game's sub-scenario "Assignment: Ada", as well as in the "Mercenaries" mode.

Does Ada Wong loves Leon Kennedy in Resident Evil ? Is there any cahnce for happy ending ?

Titled "Separate Ways", it depicts the events of the main game from her perspective. The fictional documentary "Ada's Report" describes her involvement with other characters in the story. Ada is a playable character in Resident Evil 6 set inwhere she is "a lone spy working in secret".

Simmons who becomes dangerously obsessed with her. Though she originally worked on her own agenda, she gets caught up in the game's events and is forced to help Leon in his mission to stop Simmons' plans.

resident evil leon and ada relationship