Relationship with alistair and leliana

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relationship with alistair and leliana

Alistair or Leliana Romance Morigen is cool to, but that relationship with her is litle bit hard, cos shes If Dwarven, go with Leliana or Zevran. If this practice of companions getting together was in place during DAO, do you think Alistair and Leliana would/could pull off a relationship?. This applies to every time the Warden's relationship with Alistair or Previously dude exlusive flirting options for Leliana are now open to.

I played a female city Elf that I was trying to hook up with Zevran. Alistair showed interest, and he forced me into an ultimatum. I told Alistair I wouldn't pick, so he broke it off. After doing his personal quest, he was right back at it, and I even had the option of sleeping with him. I had to break it off again. I think that romance automatically opens once you do a character's personal quest.

The only one I'm not sure about is Zevran, but I've had more than one shot with Alistair, Morrigan and Leliana in my playthroughs. Nysuki Nysuki Topic Creator 8 years ago 5 After some playing around with this, I think the problem here is that the Leliana and Alistair romance are some how running simultaneously but they're not conflicting with each other.

I just got to the conversation where Alistair asks about your thoughts on the other party members and he states that the main and Leliana are "close".

In addition, Wynne goes on her rant about Leliana's relationship as well. However, I could bed Leliana over times and Alistair will not even give a damn. The only thing that runs in conflict is doing a public kiss with Alistair Leliana's approval will drop 5 points but that's it; she won't even give an ultimatum back at camp or anything. So yeah, there has to be something wrong with one or both of these romances. ShadowmeresFury ShadowmeresFury 8 years ago 6 I have an Issue like that as well, that is very frustrating.

I'm playing as an elf this time and wanted to romance Zevran for a change.

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So, right from the very start I had made up my mind, "don't flirt with Alistair at all, and avoid romance topics". I did all this and thought it would be fine. Take them out and then open the door to head further in. Here you will meet Marjolaine.

[Spoilers All] About Alistair and Leliana : dragonage

There isn't much to say about this conversation besides it having two conclusions: If you choose to let her go then that's the end of this. Should you not want to let her go then you're in for a tough battle.

relationship with alistair and leliana

Marjolaine Marjolaine is a powerful melee combatant as well as spellcaster. She will make liberal use of a Mind Blast like spell that stuns everyone as well as cutting people down in melee. She has two more guards, one in each side room, that is watching over a mage. If you leave these two mages alive they will kill you in very short order. As such there are two ways to approach this fight. Take control of a melee fighter and have him slip past one of the pressure plates to get into the side room.

From here you can get into the mages face and pummel it down. This isn't hard at all but you'll still have to deal with the rest of the enemies. Force your party to leave the room, disabling tactics if you have to, and have them hold position in the first room. Here, where you fought the two guards, you will force them to come to you. Tuck into a corner and wait. Marjolaine will come to you so use a spell to make it easier for your party to beat on her.

Shortly after the mages and guards will come to you. Now move Morrigan to the door and have her use Cone of Cold to freeze the lot of them.

relationship with alistair and leliana

Focus on a mage with everything you've got to take them out quickly. Try to get them both dead regardless of what it takes, even if you have to heal the heck out of Morrigan.

relationship with alistair and leliana

Now have her pull back and help the party with Marjolaine as she's likely almost dead. All that's left is clean up. Regardless of what you do search the bedroom for a treasure chest with some very good items, notably a great bow, before leaving.

If you would like to harden Leliana then choose to kill Marjolaine. Afterwards you must encourage Leliana, reminding her that she enjoyed killing and there's nothing wrong with that. So long as you don't back down from this mentality you can convince her of the wisdom of this. She will become a bit more mouthy and less religious.

Leliana will ask to travel with, or stay behind, alongside you depending on what you choose. If you perish in the fight with the Archdemon the ending text you get is kind of touching in that unique, Leliana manner. It's possible to convince Leliana to stay around you even if you're in a relationship with Alistair or Zevran. The game doesn't really make anything of your little harem but it can still be done. Your relationship with her is based upon what sort of Plot Gifts you can give her above almost every other thing.

It's actually not that hard to romance her due to this detail but it can still be difficult if you don't speak to her in the right manner. She's got all sorts of screwed up priorities: She stops being willing to teach it to you when your relationship gets really high for some odd reason. It's just better to be as straight with her as possible. Selecting options like these will cause you to lose a small bit of approval but, depending on your character, it may be worth it to do so anyways.

If you try hard enough you can actually convince her you mean it when her relationship gets up pretty high.

relationship with alistair and leliana

Getting Flemeth's Grimoire will make her incredibly happy and, upon speaking to her again at camp, entirely willing to sleep with you. She puts the moves on pretty thick at this point. You can either choose to sleep with her or refuse it politely.

If you do it once you can keep on doing it in the future. She doesn't explain quite why this is but as you reach the end of the game it's easy to see that this is her guilt at play.


If you've done the mages tower then you will have likely found the Black Tome but if you haven't it's in the First Enchanter's Office on the second floor. Go inside, open the treasure chest in the rear of the room and take the tome.

Go to the party camp and give her the tome as a gift. This prompts a long bit of conversation. That's where this ends for now but it's not done. After some time she will ask you for help when you talk to her in the party camp. She has discovered Flemeth's intentions towards her and isn't happy about it. You're asked to go, without her, to Flemeth to kill her.

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You can go one of two ways with this. If you don't want to, or can't, beat Flemeth then you can agree to lie to Morrigan and tell her Flemeth is dead. By giving her Flemeth's Tome you can see to it that Morrigan believes the lie. If you don't want to do this then you can fight Flemeth. This is one of the harder fights in the game thanks to the raw power this beast of a woman wields.

Flemeth When she changes into her dragon form Flemeth has four primary means of attack. The first is basic claws and bites, these aren't anything all that big. They do a good bit of damage but they're not the problem. The only real issue with these are that she can hit you no matter where you are. If you're fully behind her expect to be kicked instead.

Her second attack is a weird flailing type attack that knocks down the people standing near her while doing a good bit of damage to them. The third attack is a roar that will stun almost everyone that you brought along thanks to its tremendous radius.

Her last attacks are two different fire breaths. If you're close by then she will use a sweeping wall of fire but if you're far away she spits out a ball of fire that explodes.

Both of these can leave you on fire, dealing damage over time to whomever it hits. What ends up making this fight so hard is that of Flemeth's special abilities. She can pick you up in her mouth, gnawing on you for a bit before throwing you up into the air, doing it some more and then slamming you into the ground. This does about points of damage or so, give or take, and can wipe you out in no time even if you have someone heal them while they're dragon bait.

Only allow your strongest characters to stand in front of her face as she can't do this if you're near her rear flank. Keep any melee rogues back here or watch them die in very short order. All of this sounds bad, and it really is, but your ability to defeat Flemeth is based upon how prepared you are. Activated skills, potions and salves aren't going to be enough to defeat her due to their short duration. You need good equipment, weapons, skills, spells and to be fairly leveled.

There are some who have beaten her as early as level 9 while others end up waiting until level 13 or even later. That's not necessary but it may be necessary depending upon what sort of character you've built. Regardless of what you normally travel around with you're going to want to have at least two Warriors and one healing dedicated Mage.

Some people find that having a third Warrior works out while others prefer an archer. Depending on your class you will find different strategies to be more effective: Mage - If you don't have healing magic then it's best to wait until you have gotten Wynne. If you're not going to be able to get her, or have killed her, make sure you have at least some minor healing capabilities since you'll need to heal anyone who gets grabbed in her mouth.

However you do have choices in what to do here: Just make sure you keep your health up as much as possible to get through her attacks alive. Rogue - Let's just hope you're playing an archer type rogue, as a dual-wielder is likely to get killed. Archers can hang back near the mages, spread out a bit so that they don't both get hit by any stray fireballs, peppering Flemeth with Rapid Fire arrows.

Dual-wielding characters should get behind the dragon and start cutting You will need a healing mage here as well as the two warriors to keep cutting at the dragon. Warrior - This is easy! Either bring two fighters or a fighter and rogue with your healing dedicated mage and just go to town. You, Alister and Oghren or Sten can do incredibly well just cutting at the thing, especially if someone is using two-handed swords you should have Yusaris which works great here.

If you're finding that she does too much damage with her fire attacks swap out Alister for Shale if you have the DLC and equip him with Flame Crystals to protect him from fire attacks quite a bit.