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Raylan and Boyd's antagonistic relationship has been years in the making. The two men were friends when they worked in the mines as young. I just think the relationship between Raylan and Boyd — like to some Right, they are kind of the yin and yang of the show — they define each. Will Raylan finally kill Boyd, bringing his long, loquacious run to an end? Or will Boyd First, prison severely strained Ava and Boyd's relationship. In fact, it's "I guess that depends on your definition of friend. He's a nice.

Everybody wants to be liked, and everybody therefore just does what works.

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How do you keep that character interesting? I read an interview that you and Walton did where you described Raylan and Boyd's relationship as the crux of the show. They're not really together for the first four episodes, but then their stories start to overlap. Can you talk more about their dynamic and how it's constantly shifting?

Right, they are kind of the yin and yang of the show -- they define each other in a lot of ways. Raylan could have gone the same way.

'Justified' series finale review: 'We dug coal together'

It seems like one of those things. Raylan always has the benefit of having very strong women in his orbit, as does the show in general First of all, all those actresses are just remarkable. I could just watch a whole show about them. It starts with Elmore [Leonard, who wrote the stories on which "Justified" is based].

I remember when Graham and I first started the show, and he had introduced the ex-wife character. And also knowing that he was going to have this relationship with Ava [Joelle Carter] early on the show who, at the time, seemed like an absolute disaster -- I guess she still is.

Many in the romance community suggested Justified. This show, which just concluded its six series run, stars Timothy Olyphant as Raylan Givens, an old-school U. The three, brilliantly portrayed by Olyphant, Walton Goggins, and Joelle Carter, made for addictive watching. Lexxi and Laura they are social media friends of mine were among those who suggested the show to me last year—for which I thank them—so I asked them whether they thought Justified had a great love story in it.

This blog may contain spoilers. Justified is obviously not a romance, but the vast majority of romance readers who watched it loved it except those for whom the violence was too much.

Do you think there was a great love story on Justified that might have drawn them in? Strangely enough I think there was but it was unrequited.

So I guess it was really more of a triangle that does not resolve in a happily ever after for any of them. Although Raylan and Ava do seem to find some peace. I think she cared very much about both Raylan and Boyd, but her number one priority was Ava.

And when Ava kills Delroy, and then plans to kill—or have Boyd kill—Ellen May, I think it sort of seals the deal of her as both stronger and less romantic than Boyd. I think it would be just as easy to see Boyd as the hero, albeit a violent one. He uses his friends, his co workers, and pretty much anyone to accomplish his goals.