Rachel and sheila relationship advice

Teen Stabbed 50 Times By Her BFFs | Martinis & Murder

rachel and sheila relationship advice

Mike tells Rachel he doesn't think long distance relationships work. Post-coitus Sheila tells Louis there is a Harvard graduate named Brian she's been saving Mike goes to Harvey and asks him for advice how to not let women get to him. She had taken Waheya's advice to heart, given her relationship with Rachel a lot of to be two doors down taking care of Sheila's eighteen-month-old daughter. Shelia Eddy and Rachel Shoaf, both 16, had been planning to murder their Shoaf and Eddy kept their relationship secret, but Skylar Neese knew. for months, including asking her biology teacher for “theoretical” advice.

While Rachel might have genuinely felt at some point that they aren't really gonna go ahead with the murder during her apology, Rachel said the person who committed the murder wasn't the "real me"Shelia must have been looking forward to doing it. A common trait among psychopaths is that they get bored easily, which contributes to risk-seeking behavior. Murdering Skylar would have been what's known as a "thrill kill", the killing of someone for the excitement of the planning and killing.

That'd have been Shelia's moment of gratification. Early videos and photographs of Skylar and Shelia together are a bit hard to look at now knowing how it all ended up for them.

They looked so good together, until they met Rachel.

Teen Stabbed 50 Times By Her BFFs

While some have, with the gift of hindsight, mentioned individual instances in Shelia's early life that seem to back up the idea that she always was a psychopath, age is relevant: Psychopathy is a disorder that usually arises in a person's early teens.

Skylar, and others around Shelia, would have been helplessly unaware of this. Skylar's parents would have had no idea that Shelia, their daughter's "bestie" whom they loved as if she was their own, was growing increasingly indifferent to the feelings of others.

Of course, none of this alone explains the murder. Psychopaths can kill people and not feel bad about it, but that doesn't mean they necessarily want to kill people; psychopathy doesn't imply sadism. Psychopaths are also slightly above average in IQ: Even if they had a motive to kill someone, they might still consider it not worth the risks.

Many, if not the majority of homicides are stupid in their execution: A guy walks into a liquor store, gets a few hundred dollars from the register and then shoots the cashier in the face.

rachel and sheila relationship advice

Even some supposedly thought-out murders appear downright farcical, as if from a Coen movie. Murdering Skylar might have been the most stupid thing the girls ever did, but it still took six months to find out what happened that night, and even then only because the weak link confessed.

For sure, the investigators and friends of Skylar helped by applying pressure, but as far as evidence is concerned, they had nothing against the girls until Rachel came forward.

rachel and sheila relationship advice

The bloody clothes and murder weapons were never found. If they don't have a body, what are they gonna charge the girls with? The kind of fearlessness usually associated with psychopathy combined with normal youthful arrogance must have only helped her believe she could get away with it. None of this is meant to imply that Rachel Shoaf is somehow less guilty. She committed the exact same crime as Shelia did. If she didn't really want to do it, she had plenty of time to call it off.

And if she is capable of empathy, then that makes her all the more guilty. At least Shelia can always use her lack of empathy as an excuse. But Rachel should have known better. Neither is Shelia any less guilty because of her supposed psychopathy.

Psychopathy is not a mental disability that'd prevent a person from understanding the consequences of her actions, or from controlling those actions. If they had found a mental disability, the defense would have used it in court. Psychopathy is largely a result of genetics and cannot be cured. Thus Shelia will never feel any remorse for what she did to Skylar Neese, and will die hopefully behind bars blaming others for her imprisonment.

Eddy was the rebel of the three; Neese, meanwhile, was an honor student, a bit more quiet, and always had her nose in a book. They always sat at the same table. Investigators were particularly interested in a tweet she had posted about 9 months before her murder. Since Shoaf was religious, and the girls lived in a conservative town, some people have theorized that Shoaf and Eddy killed Neese to keep her from outing them.

The aftermath After Shoaf and Eddy killed Neese, they chose not to bury her, instead leaving her body on top of the ground where she fell, covered in branches and leaves. Then, Shoaf and Eddy cleaned up, changed clothes, and burned the ones they had used during the attack.

The next day, Shoaf went to church camp. When police discovered that Neese was missing, they first believed that she was a runaway from footage of her running out of a house and getting into a car. Eddy and Shoaf went out of their way to seem like innocent, concerned friends.

Louis and Sheila are "hanging out" again, so to speak.


Scottie tells Jessica she wants to be part of Harvey's deposition. Jessica doesn't think it's a good idea because he'll have dirt on Scottie and Harvey. Mike tells Rachel he doesn't think long distance relationships work.

Skylar Neese: Why?

He tells her if she chooses Stanford it essentially means their relationship is over. Post-coitus Sheila tells Louis there is a Harvard graduate named Brian she's been saving for him. He's perfect for the firm. She wants them to spend the day together. He declines, saying he can't be unfaithful to his firm. Jessica asks Donna about Mike and Rachel. She's worried that Mike told Rachel's father his secret. Mike goes to Harvey and asks him for advice how to not let women get to him.

Harvey says he's not the best person to ask about love and gives Mike the morning off. Louis finds out the Brian candidate is fielding offers from eight different firms and is upset.

Sheila says she needs a commitment from him and says if she wants to take Brian away from Louis' firm she will. Harvey speaks with Eva before the deposition. She admits that she was the one who approached Tanner, picking somebody who he can't intimidate. She is upset that Harvey doesn't seem sorry about the way he handled her case.

During the deposition Tanner tells Harvey he has evidence he knew Huntley had the murders committed. Tanner tells Scottie about Harvey trying to cut a deal behind her back. Tanner goes after Harvey and Scottie's relationship, making sure to drop the information that Scottie was engaged when they got together the last time. Mike tells Rachel he's going to give her space to make the law school decision. Talking to Harvey let him know he'd lose her if he made an ultimatum.

He says he thinks they'll make it work Scottie yells at Harvey for trying to cut a deal.

rachel and sheila relationship advice

She wants to know whose idea it was and Harvey says it was Jessica's. He never wanted to go behind her back but didn't feel he had a choice. He tells her she doesn't have a choice either. Louis talks to Mike about Sheila. After telling Mike what happened he realizes Sheila was telling him she wanted to be exclusive and he missed the signal.