Pros and cons of being in a committed relationship

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pros and cons of being in a committed relationship

On Relationships: The Pros and Cons of Commitment to take someone for granted, especially in a long span of time of being with someone. things are probably not going to change until you make them. Here are 15 of the pros and cons of being super comfortable in a relationship. There are many pros to being in a relationship and there are cons as well. Be in a relationship and commit yourself when you feel ready!.

I gave her two options: Ultimately, she left me for someone else. Although the experience was gut wrenchingly painful, I know now that if she had not left me, I may have ended up relapsing.

pros and cons of being in a committed relationship

I am eternally grateful to her for making that choice for me. The kind of relationship that did work for me: In my early days of recovery, I took time off from dating to focus on getting a year of abstinence under my belt.

Most twelve step programs recommend that. As addicts, we tend to be people pleasers.

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It is easy for us to get distracted by the high that comes along with being in a new relationship. A year after that painful breakup I had a strong sponsor, had worked all 12 steps and was coming up on my one year anniversary of recovery when I met her.

pros and cons of being in a committed relationship

I told my new girlfriend the night before my first recovery birthday when we had only been dating a few weeks. The sense of accomplishment I felt about having reached that milestone gave me the courage I needed to have this difficult conversation. As I lay facing the wall that night, I apprehensively told her of my struggles and victories with anorexia.

Pros and Cons of Relationships in the Early Stages of Recovery

During our time together, she shared in the very worst of times but also some of my proudest moments. From the night I told her and throughout our entire relationship, she never stopped asking me questions about it. She knew my snack time, how much I needed to eat at every meal, and how many meetings I attended each week. She held me in her arms as I have cried hysterically at times, and sat next to me as I shared my story in meetings open to family and friends of the people in my step recovery program.

One of the reasons we lasted so long is that my program had a strong presence in our relationship and I had everything in place before she entered my life. The answer was not that I had found the perfect partner, but that I had learned to take care of myself before she came along. She was simply an additional support to me. No matter how much the generation has changed our perception of relationships, it is what it is.

And that is the biggest predicament many people nowadays sort themselves out. It is more like a gamble that can truly change our following days and our perspective. You can be your true self without worries. You get a lover and a best friend, moulded into one.

The world could crash and all, hardships could get slammed in your worlds, but you know you have someone to grow and grow old with. Your partner could be your daily dose of motivation and perseverance. They could inspire you as you inspire them, have someone feed your mind as you feed theirs, and nurture you as you nurture them. All those and more. You know you have a partner to call on when you get a ring, the call of nature. You need not to worry about being conscious or doubtful of your next sexcapade.

You have all the time of your life to explore with your partner and do all those crazy things. You eventually can pinpoint their g-spots, physically and emotionally. It is evident through observation and researches that people with stronger commitment has higher levels of relationship satisfaction and quality, and in turn, a fulfilling life. And while a committed relationship has all those glistening sparkly perks, it also comes with mind-wrecking downsides.

And that is the one major downside of it, especially when you used to be that happy-go-lucky kind of person who goes for what they want when they want to, and pushes through every single thing they think is right when they think so.

While you can still be yourself, your partner also could be themselves. Whether you like it or not, it is either one has to give up their standpoint or both of you has to meet halfway.