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Mr. Peloso, 40, was found dead by police earlier this week after he went missing. Peloso -- Former Ontario cabinet minister George Smitherman looks at the had an on-and-off relationship before getting together for good in He went missing again Sunday, and was found dead the following day. TORONTO - A throng of former and current politicians joined Ontario ex-cabinet minister George Smitherman Friday as he said goodbye to his. George Smitherman (born February 12, ) is a Canadian politician and broadcaster. Peloso also had a daughter from a previous relationship. Peloso Smitherman also launched the Ministry's "Aging at Home" strategy in Smitherman admitted telling a volunteer working for rival Rocco Rossi to "screw off".

So it could be eight words, or it could go for eight minutes. Article Continued Below His voice falters early, but he finishes strong: Bereavement for a suicide is entirely different than bereavement for any other kind of death, experts told the Star.

This is mostly due to guilt and self-blame.

George Smitherman thanks supporters after husband Christopher Peloso found

Article Continued Below Suicide is the ninth-leading cause of death in the country, according to Statistics Canadawith about 4, people killing themselves every year. Statistically, men 40 to 44 years old are among the most likely to commit suicide. MORE Star reporter Liam Casey explains why he wrote this story Peloso lived with severe depression for years, but it became especially bad in recent times.

He had struggled with his sexuality as a teenager and had difficulty living his life with a public figure. The search captivated the public, who joined police in looking for him.

Christopher Peloso remembered as doting father, supportive spouse

They triangulated his cellphone signal before a dog, Ranger, sniffed him out. It was devastating to live through those seemingly endless days in the spotlight, which culminated with a very short press conference outside Toronto Western Hospital. Then Peloso disappeared again, this time around 11 a. Smitherman flashed back to the previous disappearance.

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By midnight he had organized a search party, reaching out online and asking the public to scour the neighbourhood the following morning.

But he will one day. Smitherman found the spot nestled along the water while snowmobiling during an earlier trip. They moved to a new home in the Junction — in many ways a fresh start for a beleaguered family. As was his back: Colleague Robyn Handley described him as a "kind" boss who "had a way of making you feel you were the most important person in the room.

Smitherman shortly after moving to Toronto, and the pair had an on-and-off relationship before getting together for good in They were married two years later. The couple adopted two children, Michael and Kayla, and Mr. Peloso left work to stay at home with them. Former Toronto mayor Barbara Hall, a long-time family friend, recalled Mr. Peloso's joy Christmas morning as Kayla tried on a new princess outfit, complete with dress, tiara and high heels.

On another occasion, Mr. Peloso was driving with their children when the car ahead of them struck a bird on Bloor Street. Peloso pulled over and went to the rescue of the injured animal.

Peloso disappeared in September. Police found him two days later near a set of train tracks not far from his west-end home. He went missing again Sunday, and was found dead the following day. Smitherman told the memorial.