Oz and willow relationship counseling

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oz and willow relationship counseling

Apr 2, Can you even imagine Angel in couples counseling? Willow is a wonderful character with probably some of the most interesting But she also had a healthy sexual relationship with Oz. And pined for Xander for years. Willow takes Buffy's advice and visits Oz just before sundown. Oz is Oz and Willow share their first kiss, leaving Oz saying to himself: "a werewolf in love.". I agree that bisexual seems the best term for Willow - not only is there the relationship with Oz, I seem to recall several indications of her being.

She barges into Mr. Platt's office and starts to tearfully spill about Angel when she notices Mr. Platt's cigarette burned all the way down to the filter in his hand. He's dead, mauled terribly. Pete talks Debbie into a storage closet for some make-out time, but gets upset when he notices an almost-empty jar of some green liquid. Debbie protests that she was just trying to get rid of the stuff because of what it does to Pete, but he only gets angrier, saying it's not the green liquid that does it, it's her.

oz and willow relationship counseling

With that, he changes into a monstrous version of himself and starts hitting Debbie, telling her that Mr. Platt won't listen to her whining any more. Suddenly, he seems to come to his senses, and his face returns to normal.

oz and willow relationship counseling

He rushes to Debbie, hugging her and telling her he's sorry. She tells him it's okay. At the library, everyone's a little happier because the coroner's conclusion that Mr. Platt was killed during the day lets Oz off the hook. However, it's almost sundown and Oz isn't there. He's meeting with Debbie to give her his senior biology notes, and he notices she's sporting a new black eye. Debbie dismisses his concern as Pete watches from afar. Oz returns to the library and, upon hearing the evidence, realizes that the link between the two victims is Debbie.

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They conclude that Pete could be the killer, and everyone goes off to find Pete and Debbie while Oz locks himself in the cage. At the mansion, Angel breaks free of his chains and runs off. Buffy and Willow find Debbie in the bathroom trying to cover up her black eye, and they confront her. She lets slip that Pete is the culprit, but blames herself, saying she's what makes him angry.

Buffy angrily confronts her, saying two people are dead. It would appear to be Oz, who is locked in the cage as Pete shows up. He accuses Oz of putting moves on Debbie, and Oz's warnings about what's gonna happen when the sun goes down are cut off when Pete's monstrous alter ego comes out. Pete rips the door off the cage and starts to brutalize Oz, but then the sun sets, and Oz changes into a werewolf.

Suddenly the fight is more even, and Oz bites Pete, whose scream brings everyone to the library. Buffy grabs the tranquilizer rifle and is about to fire, but Debbie shoves her so the dart goes into Giles, who collapses. Oz escapes, pursued by Faith and Willow, while Buffy chases Pete off. Pete escapes and meets Debbie in the storage closet. Debbie tells him to leave Sunnydale because Buffy knows, but Pete is enraged and accuses Debbie of telling.

Meanwhile, Faith and Willow manage to shoot Oz with the tranquilizer rifle. Buffy tracks Pete to the storage closet, where she finds Debbie dead. Then Pete attacks, but their fight is interrupted by the arrival of Angel. In full vampire face, Angel attacks Pete, and kills him. As Buffy watches, Angel's face reverts to normal. The next day stories of what happened are all over school, but Willow knows the truth: He lets her know he will listen if she decides to talk.

Meanwhile, Pete is watching and seething. The gang have discovered the killer, and they leave Oz in the library to look for Pete and Debbie. Buffy and Willow find Debbie in the locker room and try in vain to talk sense into her, but Debbie foolishly tries to defend Pete and his actions.

Meanwhile, Angel breaks free from his shackles, and Pete finds Oz in the library. He turns into a monster and beats up Oz.

oz and willow relationship counseling

Then the sun sets, and Oz becomes a werewolf, thus leveling the playing field. Buffy and the rest of the gang arrive to stop the fight, but when Buffy tries to tranquilize Oz, Debbie deliberately pushes her gun away and Buffy ends up shooting Giles. Buffy chases after Pete while Willow and Faith follow Oz.

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After a struggle, Faith manages to hit and knock out Oz with a dart. Buffy follows Pete's blood trail, but he finds Debbie first, and despite her pleas and her attempts to appease him, he kills her.

oz and willow relationship counseling

Buffy finds Pete, but he knocks her to the ground and advances threateningly on her. Angel arrives on cue and he and Pete begin fighting; after knocking Angel aside, Pete turns his attention back to Buffy, but Angel gets back up and, using the chains still binding his wrists, snaps Pete's neck, killing him.

Afterward, he turns his attention to Buffy, but instead of attacking her, reverts to his human face and calls out her name before collapsing to his knees and embracing her in tears. Overwhelmed with emotion, and more confused than ever, Buffy begins to cry as well, finally accepting that Angel is back.

The next day, it is revealed that Pete had concocted a chemical potion that turned him into "Lance Macho" when he became afraid of losing Debbie, but eventually he became monstrous himself.

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Buffy tries to console Scott, who has lost two of his best friends. Buffy visits the mansion, where Angel sleeps through an apparent nightmare unshackled. The episode ends with Buffy reading from The Call of the Wild. All Girls Want Bad Boys: Deconstructed for once with three woman Buffy, Willow and Debbie and their relationships with their Monster of the Aesop boyfriends.

All Therapists Are Muggles: Unlike other examples of this trope - Platt, despite not knowing the specifics of what happened to Buffy, is able to figure out the basics what happened to her, empathize with her pain and offer good advice.

From Debbie's words, he was also able to figure out the basics of her and Pete. Oz and Willow walk in on Xander and Giles having an agitated conversation. Um, no need to panic. Poker — not your game. Xander only 'resting his eyes' while guarding Oz. Giles comes across Buffy surrounded by books on Acaltha the demon from "Becoming" and demon dimensions. She pretends they're books Faith was going through.

Aware that Faith is even less into studying than Buffy, Giles is not fooled. Debbie tells Oz her black eye came from when she walked into a door. Buffy realises Pete fled through a window thanks to this. Angel spends most of the episode in a crazed, animalistic state, but when he breaks free of his chains and kills Pete, he calms down, turns to Buffy Willow is talking to Buffy, after a sleepless night concerned Oz escaped during a full moon and killed someone, part of her sleepless night spent watching donuts being made, and bringing some to the library.

She tries to cheer Buffy up by telling her "This time, it's not your boyfriend who's the cold-blooded. Later, they confirm that they are looking for a " kill-in-the-day " monster, to which Oz expresses relief that "At least I'm not a cold-blooded jelly donut. Oz is going wolfey. Jeff's corpse is barf-worthy.

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Scott asks Buffy if they're at the Flowers of Romance stage. Buffy verifies that they're "pre-posey". Buffy has to go to the psychologist to confirm that she's Little Miss Stable. Willow is Mr Donut after her TV did the snowy thing. She asks Buffy, "How come you're the Wakey Girl? Obvious parallels are drawn with the events of Season 2 involving Angelus. Can't You Read the Sign? The road safety poster behind Buffy in the locker room.

Angel breaks Pete's neck using the chains that are still shackled to his wrists. Platt, the school counsellor. Later on Buffy comes in and starts blurting out her problems with Angel, only to eventually realise Platt hasn't turned to face her because he's dead.

oz and willow relationship counseling