Our relationship is like rose and gregs

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I wouldn't be surprised if Steven is feeling doubts about his relationship with Pearl. Especially because Rose's face turns into Greg's kind of like resulting in a. with her and there was no need for anything to change in our relationship.' 'So what did you say to that?' demanded Greg. As it happened, Aunt Em had just died and left this cottage with a life interest to my mother and the remainder to me . 'Did I?' demanded Rose, gesturing at the shabby room that surrounded them. In "We need to talk," Amethyst shows a liking to Greg, referring to him as "her favorite." Pearl then says "I think he's Rose's favorite too." For most.

So put on your limb enhancers, people, and get ready to analyze. He almost instantly falls in love with the giant woman Rose, and tries every way he can to get close to her. While making a music video with Greg, Pearl suggest to Rose that they fuse in front of him. They fuse, dance, and the song ends with a literal mic drop from Pearl. Rose leaves and Pearl decides to confront Greg about his feelings for Rose. You know that, right?

What makes you so sure? Well then, I will try! Yeah, I was just trying to get my head around this fusion dance. Wait, you guys are Gems. You gotta help me out here, I need to be able to fuse with Rose. First you need a Gem at the core of your being. Then you need a body that can turn into light. Then you need a partner you can trust with that light.

He is not made of light, so he cannot fuse the way Gems can.

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Let me tell you something, Mr. You have to dance like you. You have to fuse your way. Get open, get honest, invent yourselves together. If she thinks Greg and Rose can fuse, I trust her judgment.

Greg trusts her too. None of the Gems knew about Lion. Steven himself might be a long con unbeknownst even to Greg. Whether or not that proves true there are certainly some compelling bits of evidencereinventing seems to be something Rose is doing constantly. There are a few suggestions, particularly in the fact that Rainbow Quartz is a highly compatible fusion like Garnet, she is completely humanoid except for having extra eyes.

But Rose is so flippant in both of her flashback appearances, always laughing and putting on a cheerful front, and we have yet to see a real one-on-one conversation between the two without an audience. That fact makes it almost impossible to get a handle on their relationship. I am, dear readers, most confessedly afraid of that day. All gems are flawed, which is something every gem has in the show and even Steven is flawed.

Steven and Pearl's relationship. What it really is.

Rose Quartz was even greatly flawed in the ways of communication and understanding of other species other than just caring for them. And Pearl shoots Steven a look that clearly means she is very unstable once a long-term relationship she was in has been broken. Imagine how you'd feel if you've known your bestest friend for thousands of years and began to develop romantic feelings for them but then they begin to love someone else but you still care for them, then they have a child with that other person but also sacrificed there self just because they had a relationship with that other person and you but also wanted them to experience it.

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It's like they completely forgot about you, so she's kind of mad at Steven for it considering he's part Rose. And it's clear that Pearl is slowly having her sadness feed away at her sanity, and there are huge clues that this is happening.

Here are the clues: