Orihime and ulquiorra relationship quiz

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orihime and ulquiorra relationship quiz

Explore Ana's board "ulquiorra x orihime" on Pinterest. | See more ideas about Bleach The Ulquiorra and Orihime Trivia Quiz. Ulquiorra And OrihimeBleach. First of all I find it quite amusing that Orihime's connection the sun is noted by Ulquiorra himself. With that quite poetic line of his he characterizes Orihime as the. Summary: One night of passion, sets Ulquiorra and Orihime up for the rest of But she knew they wouldn't be heart broken if their relationship.

Did you ever hear me say it or did you come up with the name all by yourself? Such a coincidence we call him by the same name…" Ulquiorra stopped painting. Orihime could tell he was thinking. She knew he was a serious guy but he seemed almost annoyed to be talking to her today.

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She decided that they should just paint in silence. About 5 minutes had pass of awkward quiet painting, when Ulquiorra let out a frustrated sigh.

Oh no he is angry…. I just…sometimes am not good at dealing with people… sometimes I get nervous and sound more stern then I want to be…" Ulquiorra was nervous? Orihime could hardly believe that. Shy maybe, but nervous? You had no problems talking with me when we picked out paint…" "I suppose not…" "And what about our little note exchanges?

Haha you seemed plenty spirited. She could tell he was thinking something mischievous. I had really wanted to see your reactions, and you did not disappoint. His mood did a She didn't want to loose this banter. It almost was flirty, even though Orihime knew he wouldn't mean it that way.

But she wanted to play along.

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Have you ever heard of a cell phone or are you too old for that? Why would I want to use a cell phone when your responses were excellent? I particularly liked when you would frantically look around the room to see if anyone was looking…" Who is this man? Then that makes you a masochist. Cant believe they let in such a student…" "GASP! How dare you speak in such a way to a student!

My young mind it is a vulnerable! Orihime grabbed her head to really ham up their little comedy bit. She never knew they could converse this playfully. It was so out of character for him.

orihime and ulquiorra relationship quiz

Orihime loved it and she didn't want it to stop. Ulquiorra said and did nothing. He just looked at her. Orihime wanted to know what was going on in his head. Before she could say anything, Ulquiorra had leaned forward with his paintbrush and swiped the left side of Orihime's cheek, leaving a large mint line. Orihime's mouth was agape from shock. There was no way he would get away with that.

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Game on Orihime darted forward to try to get his face with her paintbrush. He must have anticipated her actions because he dodged away from her reach. Orihime tried again and missed. She stood up to leap toward him but he had gotten up himself with his paintbrush reloaded. It was a painting standoff. They both slowly walked in a circular motion never breaking contact. Orihime was waiting for the right moment. She lunged forward again, this time making contact with his forearm.

I wouldn't be to surprised if you were soon covered in paint…. Ooo now you have done it SIR. MAM' Their battle went on for a few more minutes before Orihime bent over huffing and puffing.

orihime and ulquiorra relationship quiz

She was covered in mint paint while Ulquiorra only had a few lines on him. She had one last dash left in her. She darted forward unaware that the tarp had come up slightly. Her foot got caught and she started to fall forward. Ulquiorra slid down to break her fall.

Orihime was now in his arms her head was resting by his shoulder, Laughing. They were both on their knees with their bodies were pressed firmly against each other.

Orihime could feel his breath go up and down rapidly. His toned and firm body was pushed against her, unmoving. She could have sworn she felt his heart beating abnormally fast. Orihime moved her head to face him. His face was inched away from hers. Her laughter had stopped.

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She could feel his breath on her skin; it had sent shivers down her spine. Being so close and feeling him lite a fire in her core. She had never experienced such a feeling so strongly. They both said nothing. Without thinking Orihime took one hand and cupped his face, moving her thumb across his cheek.

Her body was acting on it's own again. She could have sworn he leaned in closer under her touch. Their gape was becoming smaller and Orihime was unsure if it was her, him, or both.

She wanted to kiss him… There was a loud ring that filled the room, snapping them both back into reality. Orihime quickly removed her hand from his face looking around trying to find the source of the sound. Ulquiorra let out a long exhale and reached into his back pocket.

Looking at his phone angrily "What do you want? By this point, Orihime had put distance between them. Her mind was racing…what had just almost happened? Orihime was unsure what to do. She believed that they almost kissed…. My friend called me…" "That's okay…No need to apologize!

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His eyes seemed to have scanned her clothes. Orihime was thankful because it made it easier for her to act normal and not die of embarrassment over her actions. Orihime decided to forget it and not let things get weird. Lets finished up these walls," Ulquiorra agreed and they continued to paint.

They had maintained a conversation; keeping it light and never mentioning or question what happened sometime ago. Orihime was very thankful for this. She had no idea how he felt. He seemed flirty but even friendships can have an element of that without meaning.

He might have been just being polite when she touched him…Orihime could think of reasons why he couldn't be into her and not one reason he could. It had looked great. The mint color made her feel her brother's presence again. Everything had gone smoothly. After giving Ulquiorra some refreshments he was getting ready to leave. Orihime was feeling a certain longing that she couldn't put her finger on. She almost felt apologetic to him for touching him without permission again and wasting his Saturday.

Her attitude from before was gone and now she had returned to an uncertain crybaby. When he was opening the door, Orihime spoke up. I wouldn't be able to do it so fast. I really do appreciate it. And… I am sorry," "Sorry for what? I am sure you had better things to do over a 3 day weekend. I am sure it is hard to turn down …a student's request.

Haha you would do this for anybody. You are strict but you always help anyone that's asks. Throughout the fight, Ulquiorra wanted to show Orihime that he was stronger than Ichigo. Orihime wasn't present during the first fight where Ichigo was killed, but this time, Ulquiorra can demonstrate why Ichigo is not the one.

Ulquiorra was using his superior power to break Ichigo and wasn't happy when he didn't budge. Now when Loly and Menoly entered the picture, Ichigo was furious and wanted to break his fight with Ulquiorra to save Orihime. Ichigo used his getsuga tenshou which would have also killed Orihime if it hit her, not to mention Loly threatened to rip out Orihime's eyes if he came any closer which Ichigo completely ignored.

That showed how careless Ichigo was. Ulquiorra had deflected the getsuga teshou saving Orihime and Loly. When Loly mentioned it to Ulquiorra, Ulquiorra replied "I did not block his attack for saving the likes of you. This meant Ulquiorra could kill Orihime while they were alone long before Ichigo arrived.

Aizen's goal was to get Ichigo to fight Ulquiorra and if Orihime was dead, it wouldn't have made a difference, a fight was on its way regardless. Why did Ulquiorra not kill Orihime and want to break Ichigo? Because Ulquiorra was infatuated by Orihime. Of course being a hollow and highly loyal to Aizen meant he didn't know how to demonstrate it and couldn't prove himself to Orihime if he wanted to.

When Ichigo had transformed and beaten Ulquiorra in front of Orihime, Ulquiorra had lost his will to live. It is basically the nihilistic equivalent of 'I lost the one person I care about.

I want to die' and this is a bit ironic. Ulquiorra tried so hard to break Ichigo but he was the one who was broken at the end. The final thing Ulquiorra did was snap Ichigo out of his hollowfication before he killed Uryu who was going to get killed by Ichigo.

It would have been traumatic for Orihime if her friend was killed by another one her friends because she couldn't defend herself from Ulquiorra in the first place.

It was some sort of empathy for Orihime and Ulquiorra saved her from that fate. When Ulquiorra began to evaporate, he finally understood the meaning of a heart. You could also see for the first time, Ulquiorra had a bit of emotion in his eyes. They changed from his segunda etapa green eyes that resemble that of a demon to his normal eyes he has as an arrancar. When Ulquiorra reached out to Orihime and asked her if she was scared and she replied no. Ulquiorra withdrew his hand but unexpectedly, Orihime tried to reach out to Ulquiorra perhaps hinting that Orihime felt something for Ulquiorra.

Does this remind you of a classical fairy tale? One where there was a princess locked up in a castle guarded by a dragon and a knight in shining armor slays the dragon and rescues the princess. There are parallels to that story and this one. For instance, if the dragon wants to kill the knight, why doesn't the dragon kill the princess? This is the same as why didn't Ulquiorra kill Orihime. Here is something to note. The knights job is to save the princess but Ichigo's getsuga tenshou and going after Orihime when Loly attacked wasn't exactly protecting Orihime.

Loly stated that if Ichigo came any closer, she would rip Orihime's eyes out and Loly was directly behind Orihime. The getsuga tenshou would have killed Orihime and may or may not have killed Loly. The odds were in favor of Loly surviving not Orihime.

Ulquiorra, the dragon, saved Orihime from Ichigo's careless decision. What does this show? Ichigo is a bad knight and Ulquiorra went out of his way to protect Orihime. He was so obviously not protecting Loly. She had her own meat shield, she was fine. Another difference was that Ulquiorra wanted to break Ichigo, a dragon would want to straight up kill the knight not waste time toying with it.

The hugest difference between Ulquiorra and the dragon is, when Ulquiorra's eyes changed from demon to his ordinary first form. It is worth noting that not always is the one guarding the princess a dragon.

Sometimes it's a demon, a troll, literally any beast. But when those eyes changed, it meant Ulquiorra was no longer the demon. Once more as Neliel explains to Nnoitra, when they turned from human to hollow, they lost their humanity and became mindless beasts but when they became arrancars, they changed from beasts and regained their ability to reason.

It is also worth noting that normal hollows Not menos or arrancars have holes where their heart was and Ulquiorra's greatest struggle was to understand what the heart is. As Rukia mentions in the first arc of Bleach, hollows where their masks to protect them from their emotions and memories of being human.

But Ulquiorra, even with a broken mask, he still lacked emotion.

orihime and ulquiorra relationship quiz

The location of the hollow hole only changes as an arrancar because it symbolizes that the hollow is now an arrancar. Ulquiorra's hollow hole may have been in his neck but the real hole was at his heart and when Ulquiorra goes into his first and second release, his hole is where his heart is.

This is Ulquiorra's true nature but when Ulquiorra's eyes changed, he was no longer more hollow than arrancar As Neliel puts it. He has always had the ability to reason but what he has gained was an emotion.

Something all arrancar have. Even Nnoitra cared when Tesla was killed by Kenpachi. The eyes symbolized Ulquiorra's change. He wasn't a hollow but an arrancar. Another interesting thing about Ulquiorra. As we all know, Ulquiorra was an espada. As Barragan explains to Soi Fon, each of the espada had something to live for, it was an aspect of death which represented their personality, history and causes of death.

If we look at the following espada, Halibel and Starrk, we notice something about them. Halibel's aspect of death was sacrifice and her goal was to defend her friends and never have to sacrifice them for anything.

It hit her very hard when her fraccion were burned by Yamamoto and she said that their sacrifice would not be in vein. However, when Aizen finished her and said even if he sacrificed more espada, it wouldn't allow him to reach his goals. Halibel's exact thoughts were 'No world is without sacrifice. Doesn't he realise that? Looking at Starrk, his aspect of death was solitude, he was originally a super powerful hollow who was so lonely he split himself into two just so he wouldn't be lonely.

Both of them kept each other company and made sure the other was not alone even then, they were still so powerful that everyone they met would die just by being near them. Starrk wanted to be weaker so he would have more company or if it was too much to ask, for him to have companions just as strong as he was.