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oga and aoi relationship quiz

The "perfect how quiz the girl to find" conceal was strappingly perfumed for evade representation identical badly aoi and relationship oga chimp Wife a logical. Beelzebub is a Japanese anime television series based on Ryūhei Tamura' s manga After dodging her powerful attacks, Oga asks Aoi to be Beelzebub's mother, which just makes her embarrassed. Later .. Tatsumi refuses to fight his opponent, Alex, and instead quizzes him while attempting to dodge his attacks. Browse through and read or take thousands of aoi stories, quizzes, and other creations. Kyoko Kirigiri and Aoi Asahina's relationship during the events of the Danganronpa series! Experience the story from both of Oga Tatsumi. WARNING.

After returning Kouta to Aoi, Kanzaki performs his special move, though it just leaves everyone confused. As Kanzaki leaves, Tatsumi admits his move was surprising. Wanting Tatsumi to get beaten, Himekawa informs them that Tojo works at the beach. Tatsumi gets held up to their meeting, arriving only finding a pile of beat up gang members, which Tojo beat all by himself.

Despite Aoi's warnings, Tatsumi looks forward to finally meeting Tojo. While chatting with the Red Tails, Takayuki is approached by some delinquents from his old middle school and ends up going against their leader, Takashima, when they start hitting on the girls. Takayuki tries to hide in the pool, but Takashima calls more of his men and tricks the lifeguard into evacuating the pool, leaving Takayuki and a stunned Tatsumi.

As Takayuki becomes surrounded, he forces Baby Beel to cry in order to shock all the delinquents before facing Tatsumi's wrath. Next, Hilda brings Tatsumi to Ishiyama High to collect prints of rare, powerful beasts, a.

During the chase, Baby Beel ends up planting several carnivorous Demon Plants, one of which grows into a massive giant causing havoc until Tatsumi destroys it. As his condition gets worse, the Zebel Spell on Tatsumi's hand disappears, leading Hilda to become frustrated towards Tatsumi for showing little care towards him.

As Tatsumi tries to decide what to do, he encounters one of Tojo's henchmen, Shojo Aizawa, who seemingly outmatches Tatsumi before leaving. The next morning, both Hilda and Beel have disappeared. As Tatsumi searches for them, he encounters Tojo with Beel on his back, who challenges Tatsumi to a fight.

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As the two fight, Tatsumi is shocked to see what appears to be the Zebel Spell on Tojo's shoulder, before he is knocked clean into the river.

He diagnoses the illness as King Fever, resulting in massive amounts of demon power being transferred from Beel to Oga.

However, Baby Beel feared that Oga wouldn't be able to handle the overwhelming power and might die if it was too much for him, so he severed the link between him and Tatsumi for his sake. Later, when he finds Tojo, he thinks of him similar to Tatsumi since he misses him, and connects to him. Tatsumi begins a treatment to try to reconnect with Beel and enters a dream world through the effects of a Demon World drug that is shot into his head. He eventually finds a sleeping Beel in the middle of several inscribed circles that are shrouded in an electrical field.

Reassuring Baby Beel that he can handle anything, for his sake or not, and goes after him despite the shocks. After about 6 hours of treatment, Tatsumi still has not waken up and Lamia assumes that he has died and becomes happy.

Tatsumi suddenly wakes up and spanks Lamia and claims he is teaching her some manners. Hilda asks Tatsumi how he feels after having gone through the hard part of reconnecting with Beel and Tatsumi says he is in the mood to get Beel back.

On the way to Ishiyama High, they are surrounded by a large group of delinquents, which Tatsumi takes care of swiftly. Upon arriving at Ishiyama High, the rest of the school is there to confront Tatsumi, only to have Kunieda and the Red Tails take care of them for him.

Tojo sets off fireworks to try to cheer up Beel and all the delinquents are captivated by them.

oga and aoi relationship quiz

Tatsumi confronts Tojo and Tojo is willing to give Beel back only to have Tatsumi tell him that whoever Beel wants to stay with is up to him. Beel's fever breaks and he immediately goes to Tatsumi and climbs on his head, and a flashback shows Tatsumi reconnecting the bond between him and Beel.

Just as the episode ends, Tatsumi and Tojo are about to begin their fight. Meanwhile, Kanzaki, Himekawa, and Shiroyama confront Aizawa and Karou and begin to fight, but are quickly beaten by them, but they refuse to give up because of their stubbornness.

Natsume shows up and defeats Karou in one blow, and is about to deal with Aizawa. Kunieda and the Red Tails finish dealing with the delinquents and go to watch Tatsumi and Tojo's fight, with Tatsumi at a disadvantage. Beel activates the Zebul Spell, thinking Tatsumi cannot win, shocking everyone.

Lamia accidentally sets off one remaining firework and it's aimed at Tatsumi and Tojo. Tatsumi easily stops the firework and causes a giant flaming Zebul Spell to appear on the ground. Tatsumi orders Baby Beel to not interfere in his fight, promising he will win and Beel erases the Zebul Spell. Tatsumi and Tojo resume their fight, which goes on until dawn, and just as it looks like Tojo is about to win, Tatsumi spins around and performs a suplex on Tojo, winning the fight.

Tojo's past is revealed, showing a man he looked up to who taught Tojo the true meaning of fighting and had a Zebul Spell on his shoulder, which Tojo got tattooed on his shoulder in order to look like him, and Tojo tells Tatsumi he is now the strongest at Ishiyama High.

But when Baby Beel got over excited, which was giving problems to his arm, he releases all of that energy which destroys the school. There, he stumbles across Kunieda carrying Kota in the disguise she wore at the park with her grandfather. While Tatsumi is still unaware of her true identity as Kunieda, her grandfather develops an interest in him.

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Forcas begins to return to the Demon World through Alaindelon. While they were being transported, Baby Beel grabbed onto Lamia and refused to let go, causing Furuichi and Tatsumi to be transported as well. All 4 of them landed in Vlad's Haunt, one of the most dangerous areas in the Demon World, with Alaindelon unconscious from transporting too many people at once.

Lamia manages to contact Hilda through her cellphone, and is informed that Alaindelon's daughter might be able to transport them home safely. A Yople alien shows up, which Tatsumi punches, causing the Yople to call the creatures in Vlad's Haunt to attack the group. As the group escapes to find Alaindelon's daughter, they encounter numerous creatures, with Furuichi suffering the worst of their attacks. When the group finally reaches their destination, they realise the place was ransacked by bandits, Gare and Edda, who have kidnapped Alaindelon's daughter.

As Tatsumi defeats the bandits easily, the episode ends with Furuichi realising how attractive the daughter is. The rescue runs smoothly until a large Demon named Vlad's Master is awakened and terrorizes the village in which Beelzebub suddenly grows huge to fight it off.

Ishiyama, with all the significant characters being placed in the same classroom. Their new homeroom teacher, Sadohara, challenges Tojo to an arm wrestle to try to establish some authority over the class, failing miserably when Tojo accidentally slams him upside-down against the wall.

He then picks a second target, Tatsumi, who was sleeping in his seat, and wakes Tatsumi in order to challenge him. Baby Beel is angry to have been woken and subsequently tantrums, shocking Tatsumi and Sudohara.

An aspiring delinquent from St. Ishiyama, Kazuya, goes searching for Tatsumi after hearing rumors of his strength, bringing his childhood friend Azusa with him. A gang pick a fight with Tatsumi and Furuichi in an alleyway, and upon fighting back, a gang member grabs Kazuya and Azusa, who were watching from the entrance of the alleyway, and threatens to hurt them if Tatsumi does not submit.

Aoi shows up and frees them, allowing Tatsumi to now beat the gang senseless. As he's beating them, Baby Beel has a tantrum, electrocuting all of the gang members and Tatsumi. Kazuya confuses this for Tatsumi's attack. After leaving the alleyway, Kazuya begs Tatsumi to take him under his wing.

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Kazuya tries to copy Tatsumi to become strong like him, even making identical lunch boxes. They receive a warning of expulsion, should they persist to cause trouble for the school. Meanwhile, Kunieda tries to learn from Azusa to be more open to men, but realises it to be impossible. In order to get Kazuya off his back, Tatsumi pretends to teach the secret technique of electric shocks, and manages to convince Kazuya successfully.

Kazuya hears news of Azusa being kidnapped by a bald man suspected to be a Teimo member, and tries to rescue her with his new "powers". After Kazuya fails to land any hits, Kunieda arrives and reveals the man to be an acquaintance of her temple, and the situation is resolved. Unfortunately while the gifts were being retrieved from Alaindelon, a Yople alien teleported into the human world and escaped.

Angelica resolves to track down the Yople, using a demon wand that transforms its user into a Magical Girl. Gathering 4 other girls - Hilda, Azusa, Honoka and Aoi, they form the 5 Fairies of Light and manages to track down the Yople at an amusement park where Tojo was working as part of the cast in a Gohan-kun theatre drama.

A rival girl gang challenges Aoi while they were capturing the Yople and a fight ensures. Eventually, Furuichi manages to pin down the Yople and both of them are teleported away with Angelica's ability.

Furuichi eventually returns back to the human world through Alaindelon, leaving him to wonder if he was even inside Angelica at all in the first place. Unfortunately, Angelica left before Furuichi could ask her about it. Baby Beel gets jealous of a toy which accidentally gets stuck to Tatsumi's back, and locks himself inside of a locker to pout in protest.

While trying to lure him out, the girls come into the room for their physicals, forcing Tatsumi and Furuichi to hide under the desk while the girls strip off and start measuring. The girls leave the room without seeing them, despite a few close calls, and upon the girls' departure Tatsumi and Furuichi get up from under the table and start trying to lure Baby Beel out once more.

Aoi returns to the classroom moments after leaving, and finds the two of them in the room. She realizes that they have been there all along, and goes on the offensive. During the conflict Baby Beel exits the classroom through an open window and climbs into Sadohara's sports car, and locks the door behind him, which Tatsumi is unable to pull open. Baby Beel "springs a leak", filling the car. Tatsumi, unable to think of any other option, chops the car resulting in the entire shell of the car shattering.

Tatsumi, accompanied by Aoi, goes searching for Kazuya to get more information about the 6 Holy Knights. Meanwhile, Furuichi runs into an old friend, Miki. He warns Furuichi to stop Tatsumi getting involved with the six, and tells him that the six wear badges to identify them as Holy Knights, before promptly revealing himself to be one of them.

Tatsumi finds Azusa while looking for Kazuya, and is quickly interrupted when two of the Knights show up, revealing themselves to be Alex and Sakaki. Sakaki tests Aoi's strength first by attacking her with a wooden sword, while she only has a ruler she borrowed from Azusa to defend herself with. Aoi cuts the tip of Sakaki's sword off during his attack, proving herself to be the more skilled swordsman.

Tatsumi refuses to fight his opponent, Alex, and instead quizzes him while attempting to dodge his attacks. Alex gives up when he realizes Tatsumi is not taking the fight seriously, and the two knights leave the scene.

Two students from St. Ishiyama are seen hassling two of Aoi's gang, causing Shiroyama to interject, telling them to leave. The two disgruntled students are offered a free punch by Shiroyama as compensation for breaking off their advance on the girls.

They roll a large weight onto Shiroyama, hospitalizing him. Kanzaki bursts into the classroom the two boys are in later that day to get vengeance, only to be knocked out by Miki in one blow. Miki the invites the students of Ishiyama High to meet him on the roof after school. Himekawa, Natsume, Furuichi, Tatsumi and Aoi all go to the roof after school, though Furuichi stays in hiding. The four known members of the 6 Holy Knights are all waiting on the roof when the Ishiyama High students arrive.

Tatsumi attacks Alex, knocking him out in one punch. Miki steps in to challenge him, claiming to know Tatsumi from a long time ago, and to have surpassed him. Tatsumi claims to not recognize him, but takes him seriously, passing Baby Beel onto Aoi in order to fight properly.

He strikes Tatsumi with a technique which Aoi recognizes to be Hakkyokuken, a martial art form from China. Tatsumi continues to fail to hurt Miki, using a variety of "special moves" which do not seem any different from his usual attacks. Miki begins to power up his most powerful technique, which he advises Tatsumi to dodge due to its power. Before he has a chance to use it, he is interrupted by Nanami, the 2nd strongest of the 6 Holy Knights.

oga and aoi relationship quiz

She is shortly joined by the final knight, Izuma, the strongest of the six. Aoi senses how much power he has and recognizes that they have no hope of defeating him. The students return to their classroom to find a notice, declaring all of the Ishiyama High students who were present on the rooftop expelled.

The students go to the Counselor's office to complain, and are told that they have a chance to avoid expulsion - by beating the 6 Holy Knights at a sporting event at the upcoming school festival. The students reluctantly accept and leave the office. The students find out the sport will be volleyball, something none of them have any experience in. The students lack motivation which Hilda promises to sort out. With the help of Alaindelon they kidnap the delinquents and force them to watch a poorly edited video of the 6 Holy Knights bad-mouthing them.

The delinquents, except Furuichi, all believe in the video and become fired up, ready to beat their opponents. He finds Miki training in a nearby Dojo, and challenges him to a fight. Tatsumi takes all of Miki's attacks head on, and is clearly damaged from the strength of the attacks. Miki has a flashback to a time when Tatsumi betrayed him in the past, where Miki followed Tatsumi to fight alongside him, but Tatsumi turned on him, knocking him down and kicking him on the floor.

Tatsumi finds Tojo and challenges him to a fight, looking for some insight into what his own special technique should be. Tatsumi appears to be quite beaten up after fighting Tojo, but not deterred from it at all. He claims that it is all a matter of fighting spirit, and that he is ready to win at volleyball and any fights he gets into. Furuicihi offers to help, and Azusa and her friends obey his commands blindly due to his reputation as 'The Strategist'.

Some rowdy guests from Teimo High enter the cafe acting unruly, whom Hilda is quick to discipline. The Ishiyama High gang commit fouls and play dirty, gaining them enough points to make the first set a close one. Izuma starts serving using a fighting technique to power the balls towards Kunieda with such power that she's unable to dig them out.

Kunieda's arms are burned badly from trying to deflect the balls, and she substitutes for Furuichi, who proves to be totally useless. A determined Kunieda returns to the court and manages to start digging out Izuma's serves. The Ishiyama High students start playing earnestly, trying their hardest at last.

Both teams are at match point when Izuma hits a ball that heads right to the edge of the court, beyond Kunieda's reach. Tatsumi jumps ahead and manages to return the ball, with enough speed and power that the 6 Holy Knights are unable to return it, causing Ishiyama High to win the match.

He declares that he is seeking revenge on Tatsumi, and has taken hostages at the school to stop anyone interfering. He ran out of his room and headed downstairs. Why did you suddenly just burst into the house like that? Oga's mother gave him a confused look as he entered the bathroom.

He grabbed the closest towel near him, small size, and then opened the cabinet door under the sink. He took out the large bucket and started pouring cold water into it, while drenching the towel as well.

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Oga's mother entered the bathroom to see what her delinquent son was doing. When she saw him pouring water into the bucket and then the towel, she became worried. The worry she felt seconds ago became worse. Oga turned off the water and put the towel in the water filled bucket and grabbed it. His mother moved out of the way as he made his way back upstairs.

His mother followed him and when they got to his room, her eyes widened at her condition. He did just that. She made a noise in surprise when suddenly Hilda walked up behind Oga's mother.

At the sight of her, Oga stood up. It's not like I did it on purpose!

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He then moved Aoi's neck a bit and everyone gasped at the large purple like spots that started forming. Folcas…i-isn't that the…" Lamia stuttered. The virus that was supposed to have disappeared years ago…the Chrimara Virus. This virus is extremely deadly, but luckily it's not contagious from human to human contact.

The same goes for human to demon contact.

oga and aoi relationship quiz

The only way it could be spread is by demon to demon contact. Get the anesthesia out from the kit. Folcas wrote down the ingredients on a piece of paper and then handed it to her.

She looked back at them and felt that she shouldn't disturb them and then left. She prayed that Aoi was going to be okay. If it reaches her heart then she will die. Oga grit his teeth in anger.

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He wasn't going to forgive that man if Aoi died. He felt so useless. Why wasn't there anything he could do? He wanted to do something, but he didn't know what. It pissed him so off that he couldn't protect her. This was the entire 34th Pillar Squad scenario again.

Why wasn't he strong enough? He had to do something. He took a look at her pained expression and it only made him angrier. He watched as Lamia injected Aoi with the anesthesia. Hopefully, that would quell the pain she was feeling. Baby Beel whined and when Oga turned his head to look at him, he saw tears in the corner of his eyes.

He wasn't going to let her die. He then suddenly ran out of the room. Where are you going?

oga and aoi relationship quiz

Baby Beel had the same expression as his human father. Hilda's eyes widened at him, but she then smiled. If anything happens to him, I will personally kill you. The three of them were sucked in by Alaindelon. When they arrived in the Demon World, Oga remembered the exact way it looked like the last time he was there. He didn't like the Demon World for many reasons, but the main reason was the fact that this place is basically stupid looking.

Weird demons, man eating plants and the foul smell that could kill any normal person. He would never say these things out loud because this was Baby Beel's home and he was afraid that Hilda might kill him for such remarks.

That's not the right way! The plant licked its lips at the food he was preparing to devour and then opened its mouth to show its fangs. Oga just stared at the plant, unfazed by its appearance. The plant then lowered itself to try to bite Oga in half, but he picked the wrong day to try and eat him.

Oga mercilessly punched the plant so hard that it flew a good 70 feet in the air. He was then hit in the head by a very angry wet nurse. Stop going off to anywhere you please! Oga rubbed his head to ease the pain and looked at her with a scowl. I know where to get every one of these ingredients. After trekking through swamps, climbing some mountains or in Hilda's case flying up and swimming to the bottom of a lake, while battling several plant like monsters and demons, Oga, Hilda and Baby Beel managed to find every single ingredient that was on the list.

I didn't do anything!

oga and aoi relationship quiz

All I did was call for help and then you showed up! With that, they all entered Alaindelon and teleported back to the human world. Falcos said as behind them Alaindelon appeared and opened himself up to free the others. Here are the ingredients. Lamia let's start creating the antidote. Falcos grabbed the bag. The others could only watch now as Falcos and Lamia began preparing the antidote.

The atmosphere in the room was so dense that it felt hard to breathe. They watched as Lamia started grinding the plants they gathered, while Dr. Falcos made sure to check to see if the virus had spread to her heart. Luckily, it had not. About 30 minutes later, the cure was complete.