Noragami yato and hiyori relationship tips

Yato and Hiyori: 5 Reasons They Should Just Get Married Already

noragami yato and hiyori relationship tips

Yato and Hiyori's relationship is really special to me. image Noragami makes it different and gives Hiyori a purpose, she is there for a reason and she is strong. She isn't a .. I really love that she gives him an advice. From then on, we see Yato and Hiyori's relationship grow leaps and bounds The anime's title Noragami means “stray god” in Japanese. Hiyori and Yato are very close friends and throughout the series have gotten closer. his and Hiyori's plaques together, hinting at a potential romantic relationship. . who in turn gives him advice when Yato has some identity crisis in his new.

Most noteably, the most important rule we learn is that gods are immortal and can be reborn when they die; however, gods who are forgotten can die and disappear from existence. Unlike Bishamon and Ebisu, Yato is an unknown god with essentially one follower. Hiyori connects Yato to the Near Shore, the land of the living. As if she could get any better, Hiyori even makes a mini-shrine for Yato. Yato treasures the small shrine and can even use it to enter Takamagahara, the residence of gods with shrines.

This is one of the reasons Yato is always following Hiyori around. Hiyori overcomes forgetting Yato twice. By Aragoto Episode 9, she is spending more time with her friends from school and even ends up going on a group date to Capypa Land, an amusement park that Yato loves.

Her heart is conflicted with feelings of regret and loss.

noragami yato and hiyori relationship tips

Hiyori is filled with regret for breaking her promise, and her resolve to never forget Yato is strengthened. As Yato fights to save Hiyori, her memories are destroyed by Rabo.

And yet, when Yato asks if something happened to her because she seems rather pissed lol she brushes it off. Naturally, Yato is finding this very suspicious.

Not only is she having som sort of trouble, but she is also not comfortable talking about it with him. Hiyori was feeling guilty already and now she would go to the place where it happened.

So, the entire chapter is just Yato being extremely excited the entire time, while Hiyori feels rather uncomfortable. Like, has your OTP ever?? Yato and Hiyori watch the parade after Yato begged Hiyori. Hiyori then takes his hand, and says that she always wanted to come to this place with him, and that she wants to stay longer with him. Her words still seemed to had an impact on Yato because Hiyori literally tries to avoid him after that. When Trash Dad tells him that he had a kiss with Hiyori, Yato feels really bitter.

That leads to Yato paying Hiyori a visit and confronting her about this new information. He walks on her while she is changing but this is not even talked about between them. He has no right to do it. If Hiyori had a boyfriend, Yato would just watch out for Hiyori, and support her. Because her happiness is his priority.

There is a scene where Hiyori confronts Trash Dad. Her passion for Yato makes him ask her: Yato had to decide whether to cut her cord, or her bond with him. He hears his father speak, who tells him to kill her and then make her into his Shinki. Yato still thinks that he might have done the wrong thing. However, Hiyori thanks him later because he saved her that day.

And she weirdly apologizes for biting him. Ebisu and Yato have a conversation, where he tells Yato the following: And so, when Hiyori calls him later to inform him that her brother returned and how happy she is about it etc. We have this panel where child-Yato is holding the phone, looking rather sad and concerned while adult Yato says: But as a God, Yato was never meant to feel like this for her anyways, a God just exists for the wish.

And this just smashes everyones argument that Yato is selfish. Yato is one of the most selfless characters. No, Yato has a logical explanation of why he is behaving the way he is. And have you noticed that Hiyori never criticizes that? Yato distances himself from Hiyori again.

Two months pass by and we find out that Yato thought that it would be better for her to not meet them. Hiyori still writes letters to Yukine, giving her best trying not to forget them.

noragami yato and hiyori relationship tips

And when her brothers ask how they know each other Hiyori just answers: When Hiyori wakes up, she feels really nervous about it, pondering about what this would mean for their relationship. So, I wonder if this will influence something or not. There are still a few things we need to talk about. Hiyori and Yato are not a couple. They make them feel bad in order to position them into their own favours.


Especially in a shounen. Obviously he changed much since his childhood lol.

noragami yato and hiyori relationship tips

Yato does make panty-jokes. She says that she will never forget him. She says that she wants to be with him longer. She says that he should believe in himself more. Trust and Support They way Yato and Hiyori support each other is great. When it is revealed that Yato was somewhat a horrible person in the past, Hiyori is able to look past that and ensures him that he is capable of changing. She does not judge him for his past actions.

Both of them are emotionally affirming and understanding.

may our fates intertwine

Yato does not only want to change for himself, but also for Hiyori and Yukine I feel like his determination to change intensified during his stay in the Underworld. He realized that he might not be able to meet them anymore. In my opinion he wants to change for Hiyori because he just wants to make her happy.

I mean he already said that he is going to make her the happiest girl in the world. But how can he do that when he is known as a God of calamity? I really love this quote and it fits perfectly to Yato in this case: When we strive to become better than we are, everything around us becomes better too.

Before he met Hiyori, he literally was walking around aimlessly. It seems like now there is something to look forward to.

Iki Hiyori

Hopefully with Hiyori and Yukine. To Yato, this seems irrelevant. Yato would always love Hiyori. The scene where he could kill her and make her his Shinki is great moment that can be used as evidence here.

He is willing to see her as an old lady, hell he is probably even willing to see her getting married, having children. Maybe there is a side of Yato that is already prepared to see that Hiyori will love another man. He could have just tied it to his own picture. How does the future of Yato and Hiyori look like? In the English dub of the anime, she even goes so far as to say there's no way she'd be happy without him and Yukine in her life. She also takes a strong liking to his smell, even calling it her favorite smell on one occasion, and at one point was even able to regain her memories by recognizing it.

However, she is shown to be rather embarrassed by how much she likes Yato's scent, to the point of dodging the subject whenever it's brought up.

Despite being raised to be completely lady-like, Hiyori is a huge martial arts fan and has a fixation on a martial artist called Touno, whom she copies her attacks from and will often become inspired and act on his words; when she remembered Touno telling everyone to pave their own destiny with their own hands, she followed his advice and attempted to find Yato a Regalia by herself.

However, she keeps this secret from her mother, whom she worries will freak out if she finds out she's into something like that. She is pure and loves people. Unlike normal humans, Hiyori can sense, hear and see the creatures from the Far Shore. She and her brother have inherited the ability to see beings of the Far Shore from their maternal family. This is explained by their grandmother in Chapter