Naruto and sakura relationship 2012

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naruto and sakura relationship 2012

A relationship that shaped Naruto's character, albeit unintentionally, was with the It was then that Naruto revealed to Sakura that his wish to bring Sasuke back. Summary: Tsunade and Ino question Naruto about just what Sakura is like as a "Does Sakura live up to your expectations as a girlfriend?. Naruto would have been just as happy with Sakura as he was with it .. Kishimoto took in Naruto, Sakura, Sasuke and Hinata's relationships.

Sakura rolled her eyes before saying, "I wouldn't be surprised if she was watching us right now. She is probably hiding in the bushes. He came back with his hand behind his back.

Smiling to herself, she linked her arm with his and they headed down the path again together. Sakura laughed and started running to keep up with her over-excited boyfriend. Sakura walked hand in hand with Naruto. He decided to walk her all the way to her hospital ward and she didn't complain. Although she inwardly cringed a little as she entered the staff room to see both Ino and Tsunade in there. She was coming to terms with the fact that she didn't care who saw her acting lovingly towards her boyfriend, or if they teased her - she was happy and she wanted people to know that she was completely comfortable.

Ino was just jealous, surely. She leant on tiptoes and kissed Naruto on the cheek. Sakura glanced at the clock, before stating, "Three months, fifteen days and seventeen hours. Sakura shrugged before walking up to a notice board, she pulled off a clipboard and headed back towards the door, her arm brushing Naruto's as she walked passed. Not bad at all! I started this just after 11 p.

naruto and sakura relationship 2012

It was one of those shorts that I just had the urge to write. I pushed myself to finish it all tonight instead of leaving a little for tomorrow. If and when I get an idea for it.

This expanded a lot as I got into it. Sometimes I feel like they could even be part of a bigger story. I finished this the other week With the low NaruSaku spirit at the minute, does anyone object to maybe ten or fifty NaruSaku short stories from me? D I shall spam out this website with positive, fluffiness! Sorry this one was shorter, maybe I'll get a hopefully better one out sooner to make up for it.

Sakura Haruno

I wish you all an early Happy New Year! More from the NaruSaku Collection: During their lunch break, Ino brings up the sensitive topic of the status of Sakura's feelings for Sasuke. Why does she wait for him? Is there not another option when it comes to romance? A certain someone picks a good time to overhear the medics' conversation.

An Acceptation of Feelings Summary: The upper part, though, still had a Chinaesque feeling to it, so as to make her more feminine. Nevertheless, Kishimoto said romance was not what he wanted his series to focus on.

naruto and sakura relationship 2012

The real reasons for this is that Kishimoto wanted to give the anime studio material to create animated only episodes. Nonetheless, most of them started having doubts as during the first anime, Sasuke abandoned his teammates. As a result, by the second series, Nakamura was often asked by other people if her character would instead end up with Naruto.

When Sakura married Sasuke in the end, Nakamura was happy because Sakura stayed true to her feelings. Sakura lacks any unique traits that would set her apart from the rest of Team 7, although Kakashi notes that she has an excellent control over her chakra early in Part I.

During the Chunin Exams, when the rest of Team 7 is left in need of her protection, Sakura realizes that relying on others to fight her battles has been unwise. She resolves to better her ninja abilities from that point further, [17] and she takes a more active role in Team 7's battles throughout the rest of the series.

After Sasuke's defection from Konohagakure at the end of Part I, [18] Naruto's failure to bring him back, [19] and Sakura's inability to help either of them, she becomes Tsunade 's apprentice so that she can do more for her teammates in the future.

Since then, Sakura makes it her personal goal to bring Sasuke home. With help from the elder ChiyoSakura defeats the Akatsuki member Sasoriwho gives her hints of Sasuke's whereabouts. As they search for Sasuke, Sakura learns of the various hardships Naruto faces because of the Nine-Tailed Demon Fox creature sealed inside him, which is being pursued by the Akatsuki. Saddened by the impact both forces have had on his life, Sakura becomes protective of Naruto and tries to do whatever she can to help him overcome these obstacles.

Sakura later resolves to kill Sasuke after understanding he is becoming a menace to the villages. When a war against the remaining Akatsuki is announced, Sakura participates as a medical ninja. She is in all eleven feature films of the series: Sitting by his side, Sakura watches over Sasuke as she worries for his condition. Sasuke is only later re-awakened when Tsunade heals him.

Although before healing Sasuke, Tsunade notices the fresh daffodil flowers in the vase and questions herself if Sakura was visiting everyday. Upon finally awakening, Sasuke is tearfully embraced by a relieved Sakura and, for once, Sasuke doesn't reject her affection. While Sakura is cutting an apple for Sasuke, Sasuke is shown having flashbacks of Itachi's torment along with when Sakura had turned away from him and smiled at Naruto. Angered and aware of the fact that Naruto was becoming stronger, Sasuke unconsciously knocks away the apples that Sakura had offered him.

As Naruto enters the scene, Sasuke gives Naruto a taunting look and challenges him to a match. Naruto at first protests, but quickly changes his mind while Sakura watches the two in horror. As the two leave, Sakura flashes back to Sasuke's first exposure of the cursed mark and quickly chases after the two. Reaching the rooftop, Sakura watches the two battle but unable to resist any longer, Sakura begs the two to stop and rushes in between their attacks.

Towards Sakura's intervention, both Sasuke and Naruto try to pull their attacks away but quickly find themselves unable to. Grabbed by Kakashi and hurled into opposite ends, Sakura is saved but breaks into tears as Sasuke leaves the scene. Kakashi's lecture about revenge gaining him nothing but emptiness and loneliness makes Sasuke remember his friendship with Sakura and Naruto, and he becomes conflicted between his bond with her and the team versus his desire for revenge and power.

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After a humiliating defeat at the hands of the Sound Four, who offer him to join them to Orochimaru, he ultimately decides to defect and sever his bonds with Sakura, Naruto, and the rest of his friends. Deciding to finally confess Sasuke's situation to Naruto, Sakura asks Naruto for a moment between the two and reveals her severe concern of Sasuke's possible future decision to choosing the wrong path.

However, Naruto gives her hope that it won't happen and she calms down a bit, but still remains worried of the possibility. Deciding against on going home and wanting to confirm her suspicions, Sakura approaches Sasuke at the village's exit and realizes her fear is coming true. As the two stand alone, Sakura asks Sasuke if he remembered the first time he had called her annoying. Coldly replying that he doesn't, Sakura continued to proceed and recalls the memories the team had shared and how the revenge would bring him damage.

When she's finished, Sasuke says he could've chosen a peaceful life in the village with her and the team but he has chosen revenge.

When Sasuke finally turns to walk away, Sakura tearfully begs for him to stay, even blindly confesses that she was in love with him, willing to do anything for him as long as she could be with him and she'd also help with his quest for revenge. Promising that if they were together, she would bring him days of only happiness and despite having friends and family, Sakura confessed that without Sasuke, she would feel alone.

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Turning around smirking, Sasuke once again calls her annoying. Proceeding to leave in front of her, Sakura threatened to scream and alert the village of his betrayal. Disappearing in front of her behind her back, Sasuke gives her a soft "Thank You" before knocking her unconscious. Before he leaves, he leaves her on the bench. The next day, a team called the Sasuke Retrieval Team is created to retrieve Sasuke. This team is then approached by Sakura. Upon her coming, Nara Shikamaru confesses that the Hokage had already told him the story and asks Sakura if she really wasn't able to convince Sasuke.

Breaking into tears, Sakura turns to Naruto and begs him to bring Sasuke back. When Naruto fails and is unable to, Sakura becomes disappointed. However, Sakura becomes encouraged when Naruto states that he was keeping his promise.

Motivated, Sakura confirms to Naruto that it'll be the both of them bringing Sasuke back together. After becoming Tsunade's apprentice, Sakura uses Sasuke as one her motivations to become stronger. Part II After Team 7 consisting Sakura, Naruto, and Kakashi get together for the first time in two-and-a-half years, they remember their first training session and get gloomy at the mention of Sasuke's name, showing Sakura still misses him.

Despite knowing better this time, Sakura still whispers to herself how she would do anything to see Sasuke again.

Naruto Uzumaki's Relationships

Later meeting Itachi during their mission, Sakura becomes angered at the fact that Itachi was the one who was 'inflicting pain' on both Sasuke and Naruto, as the organization in which he worked wanted his tailed beast. You know about Orochimaru?

Hearing the name Orochimaru and seeing this as a chance to possibly get information on retrieving Sasuke, Sakura works with Chiyo and the two work together to defeat the Akatsuki. Throughout the battle, Sakura struggles but time to time, encourages herself to bring back the old Team 7. The two finally defeat Sasori and he rewards her by spending his last breath giving info about his spy. Returning back to her group, Sakura then later shares the intel with Naruto and Kakashi.

Although later, Sakura confirmed that although they looked similar, they were nothing alike in personality. Upon a travel during their mission towards Sasuke's location, when Sai insults Sasuke, Naruto quickly reacted in defending against him. However, Sakura protests against Naruto's behavior. Giving Sai a reassured smile and apologizing for Naruto's actions, Sakura sends Sai a punch and automatically declares that she could care less if he doesn't forgive her, ending her sentence by threatening to not go easy on him the next time he insults or bad names Sasuke.

During their first meeting, Sai tells Sasuke that Naruto thinks of him like a brother from what Sakura has told him. Causing Sasuke to become quiet for a moment before responding that the only brother he has is the one he wants to kill. Reacting to the explosion and spotting Sai, Sakura runs to the location and proceeds to attack Sai for knowing full well of his mission of assassinating Sasuke.

However, Sakura freezes when she hears a familiar voice echo her name. As Sakura turns around, she stares in disbelief at Sasuke's appearance while he stares at her with apparent indifference. As Naruto and the other members catch up, Yamato tries to reason with Sasuke about the efforts Sakura and Naruto have made to return him to Konoha and they still consider him a comrade. Sakura expresses disbelief when Sasuke denounces any bond with Sakura and Naruto.

When Sasuke prepares to kill Naruto with his katana, Sakura shouts for him to stop until Yamato and Sai intervene. Sasuke electrifies the group, but missing Sakura. Thinking back to her training and her promise to bringing Sasuke back home, Sakura prepares herself and attempts to attack Sasuke for the very first time.

Noticing her charge, Sasuke prepares to block her attack with his own. However, Yamato their team captain quickly takes the hit instead.

Declaring he no longer wanted anything to do with them, Sasuke prepared to kill them all until he was quickly interrupted by Orochimaru and in the end, Sakura is forced to watch Sasuke flee with Orochimaru. However, instead of getting discouraged, a tearful Sakura vows to get stronger.

Akatsuki Suppression Mission Arc Upon returning home from Naruto's training grounds, Sakura is in her bedroom staring at Team 7's photo. Upon looking at Sasuke's photograph, Sakura sheds a tear and turns to look at the crescent moon by her window. Girl on Girl Technique for Naruto's amusement.

Sakura initially disapproves but quickly changes her mind as soon as Konohamaru shows her the Sexy: Boy on Boy Technique by transforming into naked Sasuke and Sai.

When news finally reach Konoha that Sasuke had killed Orochimaru, Team 7 and Team 8 decide to group up and find Itachi to allow access to also find Sasuke.