Napoleon and wellington relationship questions

Did Nelson and Wellington ever meet, details please?

napoleon and wellington relationship questions

Not possessed of the genius of Napoleon, Wellington was moulded in His power attracted many female admirers; Marriage to Josephine not. Wellington was great at defense and logistics, Napoleon was a master of attack and The later two were once part of the French empire and there are questions . To ask other readers questions about Napoleon and Wellington, please sign up. . Shelves: biography, history, french, politics, psychology-of-power-relations.

Roberts takes his time in pointing out that historians often misintepreted the words of both men and relied to heavily on sources that were honestly coloured.

napoleon and wellington relationship questions

Even though Roberts is known to be a great Napoleonfan, he does not let this come in the way in pointing out Napoleon's mistakes, character defects and when Napoleon was unfairly harsh on Wellington. Towards the end it offers a nice insight in the mind of Napoleon on St-Helena as he seems to slip further and further into depression and disillussion with his current faith and how he blamed Wellington for a large part of it.

Wellington and his Gunners

Much of the book dealt with their personalities and their activities off the field of battle. Only the last few dust ups leading toward Waterloo offered direct comparisons of their actions when facing each other. As to the strategies these two commanders utilized the author presented only brief descriptions.

Wellington vs Napoleon - The Student Room

I gave the book four stars in re In my mind this book was more of a direct comparison of the moral and ethical values of two individuals who were both very successful battlefield commanders. I gave the book four stars in recognition of the research involved. Don't draw on this book to determine who was the greater of the two. Previously, I knew very little about Napoleon, and almost nothing about Wellington, but I found that I learned a lot about the two as I read.

While they were completely different, not only in nationality, but also in upbringing, military technique and their personalities, they were both leaders in their own ways.

Napoleon & Wellington

The Battle of Waterloo brought the two military leaders together, yet it divided them in terms of their greatness Questions, essays, interesting links, or book reviews about a topic are welcome here. Share a military history video!

Post that essay on the Battle of Jena, or teach about a nation's style of warfare, discuss the upsides and downsides of infantry doctrines through the ages.

napoleon and wellington relationship questions

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napoleon and wellington relationship questions

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