Mr antolini and holden relationship

mr antolini and holden relationship

So, to present a brief summary for the unacquainted, Holden Caulf developed a close relationship with, and intends to spend the night in the apartment his After some time spent conversing with Antolini, Holden falls asleep on his couch, . It's too bad Mr. Antolini ruins his relationship with Holden by stroking his hair after he falls asleep, but the advice was still good. Holden must have remembered. Get an answer for 'Explain Mr. Antolini's actions and Holden's reactions when Holden visits Mr. Antolini in The Catcher in the Rye? Holden goes to Mr. Antolini (his former English teacher) at in the morning. What is their relationship?.

Holden Caulfield and the Culture of Sexual Assault

But back to the cat. Gaitskill originally found the cat in Italy, where it was homeless and blind in one eye. She describes the first encounter: But a third kitten, smaller and bonier than the other two, tottered up to me, mewing weakly, his eyes almost glued shut His big-nosed head was goblinish on his emaciated potbellied body, his long legs almost grotesque.

mr antolini and holden relationship

His asshole seemed disproportionally big on his starved rear. Gaitskill, needless to say, finds this cat irresistible.

On reading it, I laughed, then shook my head in dismay, then thought, What a great story -- funny, horrible, poignant, and gross, the misery of it as deep as the eroticism; the misery, in fact, giving the eroticism its most pungent force.

The wank-book aspect was clearly indispensable, but what interested me most was, Who is this girl? The Hopeful Innocent in the porn story, the cipher in the news story -- what would she be like in real life?

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The essay discusses a smattering of documentaries and biographies about Lovelace, including an incident where she had sex with a dog. The topic has everything Gaitskill gravitates toward: Lovelace is also a psychological puzzle, inconsistent about whether she herself believes she is a victim.

Gaitskill is in fact so taken by Lovelace, her terminology turns religious: To dignify something -- to say that it is worthy of our respect and attention -- is not the same as to redeem it, or forgive it, in the same way that exposing a wound is not the same as treating it. Don't blame Antolini for Holden's touchiness. Nevertheless, Holden took it the way he did and rejected a valid and valuable adult source of solace and consolation, not to mention world class advice.

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There's a lesson in this: Sometimes we misinterpret good intentions out of mistrust and are the worse for it. The teenage years are when we begin questioning or rejecting our parents' world view and look for answers outside the family and extended family circle of comfort and trust. They've lied to us about Santa Claus and the Boogey Man; what else have they been lying about? We've begun noticing their flaws and started looking elsewhere for answers.

We want to be prepared for life, for making our own decisions.

mr antolini and holden relationship

The hypocrisy phoniness within our formerly godlike inner circle of family has discredited them. Who can we trust? Where are the answers? This teenage crisis period of searching is brilliantly rendered by Salinger in the character of Holden Caulfield.

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Flash forward in the novel to where Holden is in the rest home, reflecting on Antolini's quote of Wilhelm Stekel, The mark of the immature man is that he wants to die nobly for a cause, while the mark of the mature man is that he wants to live humbly for one. Holden kept Antolini's handwritten quote. It's doubtful he would have kept it if he hadn't resolved his concerns about Antolini.

So what if someone is gay? One of my best teachers was overtly effeminate and he never made a pass at me or anyone else that I'm aware of.