Mohini and shiva relationship quiz

Hindu mythology accepts homosexuality, why can't you?

mohini and shiva relationship quiz

Mohini: Mohini (Devnagari:मोहिनी, Mohinī) is the only female avatar of the Hindu god Vishnu. She is portrayed as a femme fatale. The most famous and prominent tale of her life is her union with Shiva. The speculation lies everywhere and so in the story of Shiva's connection with Mohini. Lord Shiva has connection with the material nature but Lord Vishnu (or got bewildered when he saw the female form of Lord Vishnu, Mohini.

Thereafter, their union resulted in the birth of a dark boy with red locks, who was named Hariharaputra. Further, he was also known as Shasta and Aiyannar. The seed was collected and poured into the ear of Anjaniwho gave birth to Hanuman, the incarnation of Shiva.

mohini and shiva relationship quiz

The latter is retold in the Thai and Malaysian version of the Ramayana. Though Hanuman strings from Shiva's seed, he is also considered as a combined son of Vishnu and Shiva. The Buddhist version of the Bhasmasura tale continues with Shiva Ishvara asking the female-Vishnu, who is seated on a swing, to marry him. She asks Shiva to get the permission of his wife Umayangana to take her home.

Shiva returns with Umayangana's consent to find the female-Vishnu pregnant, who sends him back to get permission to bring a pregnant woman home. When he returns, a child is born and female-Vishnu is pregnant again. She requests Shiva to seek approval to bring a pregnant woman with a child home.

This happens six more times. Finally, Shiva brings Umayangana with him to witness the miraculous woman. Vishnu then returns to his male form. Umayangana embraces the six youngest children merging them into the six-headed Skanda, while the eldest, named Aiyanayaka "eldest brother" remains intact.

mohini and shiva relationship quiz

Aiyanayaka is identified with Aiyanar. Asuras are afraid of not having what Devas possess.

mohini and shiva relationship quiz

Mohini chooses to give Amrita [nectar] only to the distracted Devas not because they are more worthy but to show how even taking away the fear of death of losing what they have does not take away fear of losing material things. The conflict within material reality, presided over by Vishnualso manifests as the conflict between the Nagas and Garudathe serpents and the king of the hawks.

Conflict between two forces [Devas and Asuras] is a recurring theme in Hindu mythology.

mohini and shiva relationship quiz

One conflict is that between material and spiritual reality, between the hermit and the nymph between Shiva and Mohini. The other is within material reality, between the Devas and the Asuras. She was so beautiful that he fell in love with her immediately. That is not swearing. Take the solemn oathtouching your head with your right hand. Then I will marry you. Hindu mythology tale in: He wanted to be a powerful king. But he was neither strong nor brave.

He knew he could not wage wars or defeat other kings. Bhasmasura, therefore, wished to obtain some magic powers. He decided to worship Lord Shiva and ask for such powers.

Yoga Hukum: Relationship between Lord Shiva and Lord Vishnu as "Mohini"

Bhasmasura went to a dense jungle. There, he selected a quiet place under a huge tree and settled down to worship Shiva. His prayer lasted a long time.

mohini and shiva relationship quiz

At last, Lord Shiva appeared before Bhasmasura. I am greatly pleased with you. What can I do for you? In the Vishnu PuranaMohini defeats Bhasmasurathe "ash-demon".

Hindu mythology accepts homosexuality, why can't you?

Shiva, pleased with Bhasmasura, grants him the power to turn anyone into ashes by touching their head. The demon decides to try the power on Shiva himself. Vishnu, witnessing the unfortunate turn of events, transforms into Mohini and charms Bhasmasura.

Bhasmasura is so taken by Mohini that he asks her to marry him. Mohini agrees, but only on the condition that Bhasmasura follows her move for move in a dance. In the course of the dance, she places her hand on her head. Bhasmasura mimics the action, and in turn, reduces himself to ashes. In this tale, Vishnu assumes his female form the name "Mohini" is not used and charms Bhasmasura. The female Vishnu asks Bhasmasura to promise never to leave her by placing his hand on his head as per the usual practice to swear on one's head.

On doing so, Bhasmasura is reduced to ashes. The tale mirrors all other aspects of the Buddhist version of the Bhasmasura tale, where he is forced by Mohini to severe fidelity by keeping his hand on his head and is burnt.

Nontok misuses a divine weapon given to him by Shiva. The four-armed Mohini-Vishnu enchants Nontok and then attacks him. In his last moments, the demon accuses Vishnu of foul play saying that Vishnu first seduced him and then attacked him. Vishnu decrees that in his next birth, Nontok will be born as the ten-headed demon Ravana and Vishnu will be a mortal man called Rama.

He will then fight him and defeat him. The crown shields him against all harm.

Mohini – The Unforgettable Affair Of Lord Shiva

Vishnu as Mohini then enchants Virochana and steals his crown. The demon, thus unprotected, is killed by Vishnu. The demon Araka had become virtually invincible because he had never laid eyes on a woman extreme chastity.

Krishna takes the form of the beautiful Mohini and marries him. After three days of marriage, Araka's bonds of chastity are broken, and Krishna kills him in battle. Shiva's seed falls on the ground creating ores of silver and gold. Vishnu then states that emotions are difficult to overcome, and states that Maya will become a half of Shiva's Ardhanarisvara aspect.

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Shiva then extols Vishnu's power. Uma herself is a manifestation of Vishnu where the legend of Durga Uma clearly mentions her creation by the Trivdev. Uma is further referred in some texts as Vishnu's very own female self. Vishnu is believed to have meditated on Shri Lalita Mahatripurasundari the most beautiful woman in three worlds"who was is very own self", to manifest himself as Mohini.

As is widely known, Tripurasundari is no one else but Parvati herself, Mohini was Vishnu converting himself to a form of Tripurasundari Uma herself. The Tripurarahasya, a south Indian Shakta text, retells the story, giving more importance to the Goddess.

When Shiva wishes to see Vishnu's Mohini form again, Vishnu fears that he may be burned to ashes like Kamadeva by the ascetic Shiva. So, Vishnu prays to goddess Tripurawho grants half of her beauty to Vishnu, begetting the Mohini-form. As Shiva touches Mohini, his seed spills, indicating a loss of the merit gained through of all his austerities. Shiva and his wife Parvati go to Vishnu's home. Shiva asks him to take on the Mohini form again so he can see the actual transformation for himself.

Vishnu smiles, again meditates on the Goddess of Shri Lalita Mahatripurasundari a manifestation of his own self and transforms himself into Mohini.