Miki howard and gerald levert relationship

Miki Howard's Son Claims He's Michael Jackson's Son

miki howard and gerald levert relationship

Miki Howard's voice and musical influence endure the test of time. a family, marriage and even dating her occasional duet partner Gerald Levert. “But I've had a private relationship with the Jacksons since I was a young. Alicia Michelle "Miki" Howard (born September 30, ) is an American singer and actress . During recording, Howard and Gerald Levert's romantic relationship, spawned the song's "I'll Be Your Shoulder", "Mister" and "Just The Way You. Classical Music Miki Howard news coverage. "That's What Love Is," a duet with Gerald Levert, also hit the R&B charts; the song reflected a After her relationship with Levert ended, Miki had a brief marriage that lasted about a year and.

Why did you choose to begin the story with your mother throwing you out of the house at 15? Were there any good moments with your mother? Do you think some of the choices you made early in your career and with men stemmed from the relationship you had or did not have with your father? There was nothing in the movie regarding your father?

Did you know your father? Yes I know my father. My father has three other daughters and I love and respect him.

Sheen Magazine – Miki Howard: “Life Under New Management”

He was not in my life however and during that time. I met my father when I was 12 years old. As you started singing, you began to meet different people in the business and very noted celebrities including Chaka Khan. Did Chaka Khan introduce you to drugs? I went to high school in Los Angeles with her brother Mark.

miki howard and gerald levert relationship

Yes I started using the drugs with Chaka, but drugs were all around and everyone did it. Yes we did it together. It was like friends going out to have cocktails. It was the same thing. Speaking of being strung out, you knew enough that the drug use was bad because you decided to get help.

Miki Howard: “Life Under New Management”

What was your most compelling moment? I started out doing what I thought was partying. I did not know that I was self-medicating. I had so much more time on my hands. I actually went to the library and this is not in the movie by the waybut I went to the library and I looked up addiction and it said that I needed medical help and that drugs adhered to your cells.

Were there difficult times with making this movie because you had to relive some of your past? These things happened a real long time ago. You always live with the consequence of that. Side Effect's last album appeared in Already in demand as a session vocalist, Howard credited her appearance with Side Effect on comic deejay Rick Dees' singles in the early s as the catalyst for her solo career.

Amphitheater and I saw the dressing room marked 'Star' and I was jealous and wanted my own room. A remake of the pop standard "Imagination," which Howard had fought to include on Come Share My Love, was another hit from the album. In the meantime, Howard's third solo album, Miki Howard, was released in and proved her most commercially successful to date.

Although it was not her biggest hit, "Love under New Management" became one of Howard's signature tunes.

Gerald Levert and Miki Howard: That's What Love Is

After her relationship with Levert ended, Miki had a brief marriage that lasted about a year and produced another child. Howard continued with a successful solo career after switching to Giant Records in By that time, the singer had extricated herself from her disastrous marriage, but not before her husband had damaged her career.

In November Howard released her second album, Love Confessions. LeMel Humes produced several tracks, and became a close friend, working with Howard on future albums throughout her career. Howard and Gerald's group Levertembarked on a U. The pair was also romantically involved, and that romance would spawn one of Howard's biggest hits from her third album.

In November Howard released her third album, the self-titled Miki Howardwhich would become her final album on Atlantic Records. The album would become Howard's most successful to date. On September 15, Howard's fourth studio album, Femme Fatale was released. She had always been strongly influenced by Holiday's vocal technique and music. In the fall ofMiki decided to pay tribute to Billie by recording covers of her favorite classic songs by Holiday.

David Foster and LeMel Humes produced the cover tracks.

miki howard and gerald levert relationship

ByHoward was no longer signed to Giant Records.