Meretricious relationship and divorce

meretricious relationship and divorce

Defined as a stable and marital-like, meretricious relationships involve which will enable the court to divide relationship property similarly to a divorce. faith belief that the relationship existing between them is a valid marriage.2 from becoming a putative spouse.5 For example, assume that A's divorce from. Burke Law Group, PLLC represents clients in family law matters such as live-in adult relationships, divorce, children, modifications etc. For more information on.

Continuous cohabitation How long have the couple lived together?

meretricious relationship and divorce

Duration of the relationship How long have they been together as a couple? Purpose of the relationship Was the relationship formed for romantic reasons or as more of a business partnership? Intent of the parties Pooling of resources and services for joint projects What has the couple purchased together? What are the requirements for a Meretricious Relationship? The Washington State Supreme Court clarified the requirements. In Re Pennington, Wn.

meretricious relationship and divorce

A meretricious relationship is a stable relationship evidenced by such nonexclusive factors as cohabitation, duration, purpose, pooled resources, mutual services, and intent of the parties. Distribution of property acquired during a meretricious relationship is subject to a three-part test: It is important to note the primary difference between divorce and this relationship designation.

With a divorce, there is a legal document immediately proving the relationship exists but in the case of a Meretricious Relationship, it must be proven that the relationship meets the designated requirements outlined above and this takes the knowledge of a skilled attorney to accomplish. This must also be accomplished before you can even get into issues of custody or asset division. Once the relationship has been determined to meet the criteria to be considered a Meretricious Relationship by the court, they will then evaluate the interest each party has in the property acquired during the relationship and then determine a just and equitable distribution of that property.

In dividing the property and other assets, the court will turn to community property laws for guidance. Meretricious Relationship and child custody Matters become even more complicated when the relationship has resulted in the birth of children. They bought their first property together on Camano Island while Thilges was still married to another woman. They evidenced their mutual trust by putting the property in Foster's name because of Thilges' marital status.

Foster later formally conveyed half interest in the property to Thilges. In addition, they built a home together, jointly obtained a construction loan, and both contributed considerable physical labor to the project. They also had joint bank accounts and combined their earnings. Although it is not necessary for a couple to represent themselves as husband and wife to establish a pseudomarital relationship, in at least some of their social activities, Foster and Thilges were known as husband and wife.

Once its been determined there is a meretricious relationship, how does this affect property division? In Lindsey, the court states that upon dissolution of a meretricious relationship, a court must, "examine the [meretricious] relationship and the property accumulations and make a just and equitable disposition of the property.

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The Lindsey court cited RCW This was later interpreted in Connell v. The court in Connell stated that, "[t]he critical focus is on property that would have been characterized as community property had the parties been married.

Additionally, Connell sets out a presumption that all property acquired during a meretricious relationship is subject to a rebuttable presumption of "community" ownership.

meretricious relationship and divorce

Another important interpretation was set out in Zion Construction, Inc. In determining how the interest in a home purchased by the parties during a meretricious relationship should be divided, the court stated, "Earnings of a spouse would traditionally be classified as community property.

Therefore, by analogy expenditures on property from earned income in a quasi-marriage do not support a claim for treating property as separate rather than as a pooled asset. How do you distinguish between a "roommate" relationship and a "meretricious" relationship? In Lindsey, the court set out several factors to be considered in determining whether a meretricious relationship exists: Duration of the relationship; 3.

Purpose of the relationship; and 4.

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The pooling of resources and services for joint projects. However, the Lindsey court emphasized that the issue of meretricious relationship should be determined by the court based on the facts of each case, and that these criteria were not a rigid set of requirements to be strictly followed. Does dividing property in a "just and equitable" manner mean it must be an equal split?

meretricious relationship and divorce

Although the division of property following the dissolution of a meretricious relationship must be just and equitable, it need not be equal. Sutton and Widner, 85 Wash. If one party has considerable separate assets, the court may consider that in dividing the community property.

meretricious relationship and divorce

Zion Construction, 78 Wash. The court has wide discretion in deciding what constitutes a just and equitable division of property. Can the court award maintenance alimony or attorney's fees in a meretricious relationship lawsuit in the same manner as they can in divorce proceedings? Parties to a meretricious relationship are not entitled to an award of maintenance or attorney's fees.

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