Martina hingis and leander paes relationship quiz

Leander Paes- Martina Hingis knocked out of Australian Open

martina hingis and leander paes relationship quiz

Leander Paes and Martina Hingis won the mixed doubles title at Roland Garros Health/Beauty · Fashion · Relationships · Youth/Education · Food · Restaurants Runners up Ivan Dodig of Croatia Sania Mirza of India pose alongside Champions Martina Hingis of . Engine Quiz - Most Men Can't Pass!. Tennis News: Leander Paes and Martina Hingis recently won the Be it in a relationship or in life in general or on court, you need to feel. Tennis ace Martina Hingis' estranged husband claims she's an off-court her estranged husband has broken his silence about their marriage. Ace: Hingis high-fives Leander Paes after winning a World Team Tennis mixed doubles match today . General Knowledge Quiz: Can You Score Over 30?.

Leander is very sensitive but he does not show his emotions as much as I do.

martina hingis and leander paes relationship quiz

He keeps it inside but I know he never forgets. So I have to be careful with the right words as I have great respect for him and don't want to hurt him. Communication on court is very important. We can read each other very well and we speak about everything in our lives to each other as we are friends off the court. For us in India, Switzerland means the Alps and chocolates. Do you have a favourite brand of chocolate?

I love chocolates and that is my biggest sin. Do you have a favourite Bollywood star? I love Aishwarya Rai Bachchan. She is very popular in Switzerland and she is very beautiful. Do you see yourself becoming a mother some day? Yes, I can see myself in that position when the right time will come. My mother had me when she was 23 and that is why we are such friends. I don't want to be a mother at But I cannot do that right now. I can see myself playing for the next years and am looking forward to playing the next Olympics.

Conversation with Leander Paes: Talk about playing with Martina Hingis? Martina Hingis has a great understanding of the game, of life and our positions in court.

martina hingis and leander paes relationship quiz

The most beautiful part between us is that we can just be ourselves between us. As a guy I feel if I can give Martina the comfort and space to just be herself, she is magical. Her tennis is amazing, she understands life and we do a lot of fun stuff in our down time.

martina hingis and leander paes relationship quiz

Her understanding of the game, of life, of me and our positions on court are so natural. I love her intellect. We complement each other extremely well on court.

When you play doubles, you need to know each other's strengths and weaknesses. I need to know how Martina is feeling on that particular day, whether she wants to play an aggressive match or a smooth match or when we need to cover each other. Martina and you are both very positive?

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Have all your partners been so? I have had 99 partners for men's doubles and 26 for mixed doubles. And I can guarantee that not even one of them has been as positive as Martina and I are. It's all about understanding the person and being able to make up for their weaknesses and allow their strengths to shine. What has been your lowest period emotionally? I am going through the hardest time of my life right now.

Winning and growing old go together: Leander Paes

I am a very private person and whether that is good or bad, I tend to just live by own ethics and that is important for me. My responsibility to look after my daughter is very real and true. Just as our parents gave us the opportunity to be the best, the responsibility I love is to give her the best chance to be the best she can be.

If I can give Aiyana all the opportunities to become what Martina has become in her life, that is my dream as a father. She used to play tennis but now she doesn't.

'I don't believe that I am a talented tennis player'

She used to be a fabulous soccer player but now she doesn't. I know that life is about ups and downs and this down will not remain forever, but what is important for me is the truth. I want to make sure that I do the best as a father, as an athlete and as a son to my parents. Both Martina and I come from old school where ethics and morals matter.

martina hingis and leander paes relationship quiz

And while I have my father who is my doctor and my closest confidante, I depend on myself emotionally. What does your father like the most about you? He likes my sensitivity and how I can pick myself up and turn things around in life.

He likes the fact that I don't retaliate and always tells me to have good people around me who have good hearts and are good achievers so that I always remain positive. You have played with both Martina Navratilova and Martina Hingis.

What is the difference between the two? They played in different eras but they both strive for excellence and they both don't rest until they achieve it.

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They have the same family values and the same thought processes from their parents instilled in them. Navratilova plays her game more from the front of the court and plays more attacking tennis.

Hingis is more of an all court player and is a warhorse at the baseline. Both are very sensitive and very tough. Navratilova looks very rugged but she is also very sensitive. While Navratilova is more competitive and self-driven, Hingis is more content. Martina Hingis interjected and said, Navratilova is even more of a perfectionist than I am.

I have always looked up to her. If I was as driven as her, I would have more Grand Slams. I am faster satisfied. She would just go. I could never see myself playing till 50 as she has.

martina hingis and leander paes relationship quiz

She is harder on herself. You are 41, how long can you see yourself playing? As long as I am having fun. No tennis player had played even six Olympics. After playing for the sixth Olympics, I want to now get to my seventh Olympics as only three other sportsmen in the world have done that in the history of sport.

Martina Hingis is contesting grand slam finals 19 years after her first. Most of the time in between was spent retired, save for two-year comeback from the start ofand this return to doubles that began late in This stint reaped a berth in last year's US Open women's doubles final with Italy's Flavia Pennetta, and now a chance to break a nine-year title drought at majors.

Her partner this time is Bhupathi's compatriot and long-time doubles partner Leander Paes. Advertisement "Tennis gives me the adrenaline that you go out there and it's like this rush," Hingis said after the pair won their semi-final on Friday. However she cut off a reporter who began asking about the prospect of a return to the singles court.

Since Sachin Tendulkar hung up the whites for good, Paes is Indian sport's ironman, having turned pro in Sunday will be the doubles specialist's 32nd slam final. He is already the oldest man to have won a major, having acquired that honour after winning the US Open men's doubles crown with Radek Stepanek. Paes' triumphs have been more evenly spread out, first making a slam final with Bhupathi at Melbourne Park in