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Pairing up Characters can result in extra attacks, blocked attacks and an improved relationship -- this in turn can lead to marriages, children. Now, despite their popularity overall in Melee, Marth and Roy might just be .. dating in RL before you get on anyone's nerves, that's my advice. Marth (Japanese: マルス, Hepburn: Marusu) is a fictional character from the Fire Emblem series, Marth and Roy's appearances increased western interest in the Fire Emblem series, and in part it led Nintendo to start releasing the games.

There was a guy he liked too, but he didn't have a chance with Robin He went back to the Smash mansion to see if he could find his daughter. But even SHE was getting laid. Chrom was so lonely, he totally had no one! But that was when he saw Ike Who are you crushing on? He's just too shy to admit it. Robin was the coolest guy ever. He was kinda short with beautiful white hair that reminded Chrom of eggs.


He found Robin in his room, and when Chrom burst in, Robin was already blushing super hard! It is I, Chrom. I'm here for you. Do you mean it? Their tongues mashed together like two mating natterjack toads. Chrom tore off Robin's pants, and Robin blushed hard. Robin's heart was beating out of his chest. The anime ended production after only two episodes were finished. Typical of most Fire Emblem "Lords" in successive games, he is a swordsman with a slim build and wears a cape; he shows nobility and justness in both of the Fire Emblem games that he appears in, though he also shows himself to be somewhat single-minded in his pursuit in Shadow Dragon.

He also has difficulty in expressing his romantic feelings for the character Caeda in that game's epilogue if she survived. His nobility of character has carried over to the anime, in which he is fighting against villains.

Once Medeus was resurrected he rebuilt his land of Dolhr, readying himself for an invasion of Archanea once again. After the attack from Dolhr, Marth was forced into exile on the island nation of Talys. His father, Cornelius, was killed battling Gharnef, an evil priest and a devout follower of Medeus; his elder sister Elice was taken hostage. With the help of the Altean knight Jagen, the Talysian Princess Caeda, and other characters, Marth embarks on a quest to defeat Medeus, reclaim the kingdom of Altea, and rescue his sister.

Marth meets Nyna, the princess of Archanea-the most prominent kingdom—who gave him the country's national treasure, the Fire Emblem. Marth later obtains the Falchion sword, which was stolen from his father by Gharnef. He uses it to confront Medeus. After the defeat of Medeus, Marth was engaged to Caeda and spent his days peacefully in Altea. It wasn't until rumours had it that Hardin—a former ally and friend of Marth—had begun to conquer various countries in Archanea with the help of the Manaketes [31] that Marth was forced to leave his rule of Altea to investigate.

When Marth and his men gathered at Grust, several of his former allies were fleeing, or some were murdered during the pillages of Hardin.

What is the relationship between Roy,Marth,and Ike from Fire Emblem?

Marth then travelled to Macedonia where he reunited with Linde, a mage of Archanea, who had been keeping the Fire Emblem safe from harm. He discovers that several magical spheres are needed for the Fire Emblem to regain its true power.

Marth retrieves most of the spheres, only to realize that Hardin had conquered Altea in his absence. Next time you get a seal, instead of classing up see: Next time you StreetPass with your friend, have them buy your seals and do the same.

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Since you can only buy one of each item, you only need to put one of each type of seal up for sale, and each one sells for g. Become a veritable seal salesman, and sell those seals! Items in the Convoy will not show up. This price is buying-only. You do not get money from items that others have bought off of you. Check the Barracks[ edit ] Press pause on the map screen to check the Barracks.

Here you'll get great items and improve your character relationships just by listening in on awesome, sometimes bizarre, conversations also be sure to check the adjacent Support menu frequently to improve your relationships even more. You'll get even better items on Birthdays! If you want to be sneaky, you adjust your 3DS clock accordingly.

Weapon Tactics[ edit ] Both you and the enemy have access to weapons that may provide bonuses against certain classes. Viewing all of the enemy units' weapons is crucial in determining which units pose the greatest threat, and for figuring out the most effective methods of taking them out.

You have access to these weapons, so make sure you offset your characters' weaknesses by considering weapon abilities, as well as the weapon triangle. This is a much easier way to reset the game when one of your characters dies. You can also select an empty space, and then select the bookmark quick save option.

This will take you to the title screen. Instead of continuing your bookmark, load your last hard save and the bookmark will be deleted. If you want to use this idea, it'd be wise to save in the battle prep screen. Using Reeking Boxes [ edit ] While battling the Bonus Teams is a great way to gain experience because it costs you nothing, the Reeking Box can be even more helpful. Each Reeking Box costs gold at any shop that stocks it.

Using one summons a Risen team to the location that you are standing on. At least two of the Risen Units in the team will have Bullion S to drop when defeated. The Bullion can be sold for 1, gold each for a minimum overall profit of 1, gold -- essentially tripling the return on your investment.

The strength of the Risen team is based on location, so pick the last Chapter location you completed, or one of the Paralogue Chapters for stronger enemies and more Exp. Choose only 2 or 4 units and be mindful of healing needs Note: This will only work on Normal Difficulty. The price of a Reeking Box in any other difficulty will go up to 4, gold, and you are most likely going to get 2, or 3, gold out of enemy drops.

On Lunatic Difficulty, DO NOT fight the random Risen armies, as they yield only one experience for any fighting you do, and all of the Risen happen to be at max stats, no matter where you are in the game.

There is a way to get more just by defeating enemies and getting a little lucky. The skill's activation rate depends on the luck stat of the unit.

If you find a Leif's Blade and kill an enemy with it, there is a chance that you will get a Bullion S. Dont end battles too quickly[ edit ] If you're in a "Defeat Commander" battle, don't just focus on killing the boss quickly. If your units can handle it, keep fighting all of the enemies and reinforcements to get extra experience.

Send a few strong units just outside the boss' attack range, in case you need to end the match before losing a character. Although this is risky, gaining the extra experience can be very beneficial. They allow you to instantly upgrade a unit's weapon level on all weapons. This can be extremely useful if you're reclassing to a class that does not use your previous weapon, or if you simply want a unit to be able to wield a more powerful weapon.

They have ALL the skills and abilities from their parents. On top of that you can marry THEM! This skill is not worth passing down to the Avatar's children however because they can easily be reclassed to a Tactician to get the skill. This only works with the Unit and their children so you must grind normally with other units.

First it helps to have already played through at least twice once per gender for the my unit character hereafter referred to as Robin the default name. In the first play through have a male Robin marry Sumia then max out all supports between Sumia, Cynthia, Morgan femaleand Robin, then have Chrom marry another candidate like Marribelle and max out supports between Chrom, Marribelle, Brady, and Lucina.

Then on the second playthrough as a female Robin marry anyone of your choosing except Chrom, have Chrom marry Sumia then max out supports between Chrom, Sumia, Cynthia, and Lucina.

Next on the third playthrough for either gender, I'll explain if you play as a female Robin have Chrom marry one of his remaining suitors but have everyone else in the game remain unmarried until you get to the very last main story mission to defeat Grima, acquire all bonus characters Emmeryn, Walhart, Yen'Fey etc. Repeat this process until all supports are unlocked for Robin with first gen partners and Morgan has all first get parents supports unlocked.

Once all Robin has left are second gen supports systematically marry off the other characters and acquire their children. Then repeat the above process to have Robin marry second gen children and have Morgan support with them.

Once all of Robin's marital supports are complete reload and pick a first gen spouse. Then re-acquire the second gen characters and have Morgan support with all of them, reloading after marital supports are complete and you'll eventually have all supports for Morgan and Robin unlocked.

This process can be applied to all other characters except Chrom who you'll have to unlock over several play throughs. Doing this takes ALOT of time and can get boring but it's shorter than going through multiple playthroughs having one character marry a specific character supports are missing with.