Maou and emi relationship problems

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maou and emi relationship problems

#1 an impossible goal. "Live a happy, normal life here without any trouble." But he didn't want normal. "Forget about Ente Isla and start afresh. Adaptational Jerkass: In the first light novel, when Emilia confronts Maou about when Ashiya is "explaining" to Rika about he and Maou's relationship with Emi. Much of the problems affecting Ente Isla in the present day can be traced. In other words, it wouldn't matter if it was Chiho who got in trouble or someone Maou and Emi's relationship was one of best think that make me want to watch.

The unlikely duo is attacked by a mysterious sniper! After a few days spent observing Maou and Ashiya, she discovers that the demons had been leading the lives of ordinary Japanese citizens, and thus begins to question her reason for remaining in Japan.

The next day at MgRonald's, Emi demands Maou to speak with her again that night in the place where the had previously met. He reluctantly agrees to the meeting and manages to sell her a sandwich before she departs. That night she relays her observations of his peaceful lifestyle in Japan, even complimenting his work ethic and talent in the service industry.

She offers to spare Maou's life as long as he remains on Earthbut he ultimately refuses her offer, declaring that he still had plans as the Demon Lord to conquer both Ente Isla and the Earth. Offput by his answer, the Hero vows she will continue to pursue him until he is dead, but her nemesis remains undaunted by the status-quo.

He then peddles away on Dullahan, only to get a flat tire and crash. Emi instinctively helps him up and begins to mock him, but the Devil King instead laments the "wound" his bike received.

The duo is interrupted by a hail of magical bullets, forcing both to flee to a more populated area to avoid the danger. As they run for cover, Emi drops her wallet. Emi spends a night with the demons Lacking the money to return to her apartment on the other side of town, Emi stalks Maou back to his apartment house and embarrassingly requests to spend the night.

Though Ashiya is firmly against it, the Demon King mentions she has no reason or method to harm either of them before reluctantly allowing her to stay. He then gives her some money so she can pay for a ride home the next morning before heading off the bed. Ashiya then warns her he will be keeping an eye out in case she chooses to attack either of them, though he quickly falls asleep, rendering the threat quite meaningless.

Although she is nervous at first, Emi quickly realizes that both of her hosts have fallen asleep, and sensing no danger to herself, drifts into an uncomfortable slumber. The next morning she prepares a dish of konnyaku gel tossed with cucumber, vinegar, and miso paste as a sign of gratitude. She departs before either of the demons wake up, using their key to lock the door behind her before tossing it in back through the open window. Returning to her home in the Urban Heights Eifukucho condominiums, the Hero expresses disgust at having spent the night in a demon's dwelling and using the Devil King's money to make her return trip.

Feeling unclean as a result, she takes a long shower to cleanse herself, then turns on the television to take her mind off of the incident. As expected, the news is covering an investigation of the previous night's shooting on almost every channel. While flipping through stations, she sees Maou and Ashiya standing among a crowd of onlookers at the scene and guesses that they went to retrieve his bike.

After arriving at work, Emi's co-worker Rika Suzuki unnecessarily tells her about the gun shots found the previous night before expressing worry about recently reported muggings and earthquakes. Rika then invites her for lunch, but she turns down the offer. Hearing that Emi lost her purse, her colleague suggests cancelling the credit cards, and kindly offers to pay for their meals today. They continue talking until their shift begins.

Light Novel Volume 14

While working at her station, Emilia receives a mysterious call from a person threatening to eradicate her along with the Devil King. Believing that Alciel is the only Demon General remaining, she dismisses the stranger's threats as the words of a nobody. While leaving work later that afternoon, her conversation with Rika is interrupted by another phone call, this time from the Yoyogi Police Department.

maou and emi relationship problems

Learning that Maou and Ashiya are both being held by the authorities due to their suspected involvement in the previous night's attack, she reluctantly heads downtown to post bail for the demons. Joining them outside, Emi proceeds to chastise them for causing her even more trouble, but the Demon King shrugs off her complaints, claiming that it is only natural for demons to create problems for a hero such as herself.

Unable to argue with the logic, she instead falls back on insulting their impoverished lifestyle, driving Ashiya into an exaggeratedly depressed state and annoying Maou.

The bickering disturbs several bystanders, and she quiets down, warning him about the threatening phone call she received at work before leaving. While watching the couple from a distance, she notes Chiho's outfit and salon-fresh hairstyle, quickly discerning that the younger girl is romantically interested in Maou.

Despite Ashiya's assurances that his master was simply helping out a co-worker, Emi follows them to a nearby cafe. She forces him into getting a table inside so that they can spy on the conversation more closely, much to the Demon General's hesitance.

Realizing Chiho is beginning to confess her feelings, the Hero confronts them openly, scornfully warning the teenage girl that nothing good will come of her relationship with Maou. Her words only anger Chiho, who jumps to the conclusion that Emi was his ex-girlfriend. The high school girl remains unaware of Maou's true identity, having only seen the kindhearted personality he developed while on Earth.

Emi and Chiho argue Maou attempts to stop the ensuing argument, but his pleas are interrupted when the underground mall they were in suddenly collapses, burying everyone underneath the rubble. Chiho wakes up to an apologetic Emi, who formally introduces herself before calmly explaining her dislike of Maou. While she does not reveal the existence of Ente Isla or the demons' true identities, the hero makes it clear that she was never on good terms with Maou.

She then uses magic to put Chiho to sleep, hoping to lessen the emotional impact of the incident. Emi subsequently orders Maou to reveal himself, expressing surprise upon seeing that he had regained some of his demonic appearance and powers. Wary that he would use them for evil, Emi prepares to summon her Sacred Sword to cut him down, but cannot bring herself to do so when the Demon King announces his intention to save the others who were injured in the cave-in.

She watches as Maou clears away the rubble with his powers, not able to believe that the Demon King that had thrown Ente Isla into chaos was helping humans. After using up his power, he reverts back to his human form. After the rescue team manages to find them, Chiho leaves with her father, who happens to be among the police officers on the scene. Emi questions Maou to learn how he regained his power, but he remains more concerned about who was behind the earthquake.

The Demon King explains that whoever attacked them before was also responsible for the cave-in, though they most likely fled when his magical powers began to return. Emilia wonders how their mutual enemy can wield such strong magic on Earth while neither of them are able, but Maou refuses to explain despite having several theories concerning the subject.

Confident that the enemy will not immediately launch another attack, he and Ashiya decide to leave. He notices Rika Suzuki calling out to Emi from a crowd of onlookers and jokingly mentions that the Hero "actually" has friends, prompting an angry response.

Miki Shiba issues an ominous warning Emi shows up the next morning at "Castle Overlord" to return some money Maou had lent her when she dropped her wallet. She loses her footing on the stairs while leaving, and stays behind to get her wounds treated. Seeing his warm and gentle nature for herself, the hero finally loses her composure, sadly questioning why someone capable of kindness had brutally terrorized Ente Isla.

Left at a loss for words, Maou apologized for his past actions, claiming that he never truly understood humans until being forced to life as one. Before Emi could respond, Ashiya returns with Chiho, who becomes distressed upon seeing Maou and Emi in various states of dishevel, and subsequently flees the apartment. The group is then approached by the landladywho openly muses over the situation, dropping a hint that Chiho may have been affected by an Idea Link at some point.

Fearing for the worst, the trio follows after the high school student, only to find that she has been taken hostage by the fallen angel, Lucifer. Emilia is shocked to see him alive after supposedly killing the archdemon during their battle in Ente Isla, but her surprise turns to horror and betrayal when the High Priest Olba emerges from nearby, revealing himself as Lucifer's accomplice.

Before they can act, Alciel is struck down by the devious duo, forcing Emi and Maou to retreat with the injured demon in tow. Emi watches as Maou falls to Lucifer The group is quickly intercepted by Olba, who greets them with gunfire while Lucifer blasts Maou through the shoulder, heavily injuring the Demon King.

Emilia expresses surprise that her former companion is using a firearm, but the rogue priest shrugs off the comment, claiming that he has to conserve his magic power in order to return to Ente Isla. Unwilling to provoke the situation further, Maou teleports them away. Emi rudely calls him a wimp while dismissing his foray into a crowded street as an attempt to find medical treatment.

Before their bickering can escalate, Maou is blasted through the chest by an attack from Lucifer, seemingly killing him due to the frailness of his human body. Emi pleads with him to stand up, but the fallen angel only mocks them while Olba gives the order to finish them off. Seeing that they no longer need a hostage, Lucifer drops Chiho's motionless form into the streets, but her life is saved by Emi, who catches the falling teenager at the cost of breaking her leg.

Lucifer then casts several destructive spells on the nearby bridge in an attempt to crush the Hero and eliminate possible witnesses, but is stopped by the return of Maou. Emilia is initially surprised by his revival, but quickly deduces that Maou had brought them to a crowded area in order to regain his powers by absorbing the panic and fear caused by Lucifer's actions.

Chiho Sasaki awakens in time to witness the Demon King's true appearance, with the other humans bystanders watching in terror. Emilia silently ponders the possibility that her nemesis will terrorize the Earth with his newly restored powers, but her suspicions are put to rest when the Demon King instead pleads with her for help, his powers pushed to their limits just from holding up the bridge. She dismisses his childish complaining and questions how he could still be alive, though he guesses it was a combination of Lucifer's condescension and the fact that his brain remained active when his heart stopped beating.

Sure, let me just contribute to the feeding of your demonic army! You can have the rest if you want. You can take it home and Alciel can replicate it. Great, I'll take it. Actually, I'm not sure I'll have any left, any chance I could just get the recipe? Then I think you can help me do the dishes! Maou went to kitchen to finish off the soup and she waited for the Holy Vitamin Beta to work its way through the Devil's system.

She knew it had worked when she heard his body hit the floor. She spun about and slowly approached the prone figure. He was lying next to the empty pot that, only minutes before, held the soup.

His stomach had a bump from his gluttony and he giggled like an idiot. Emi had seen this before, at a party she had attended with Rika. The Devil had gotten drunk off of Holy Vitamin Beta. He looked up at her and his eyes glazed over. He had large pink blotches on his cheeks and his speech was rather slurred. Jusht… don't hit me-hic-pleashe.

The Holy Vitamin Beta would eventually wear off, so she decided to put her plan into action. She drew the knife from her sleeve and brandished it at Maou, whose glazed eye's suddenly widened with realization. Even in his slow and drunken state, he knew his life was at stake.

maou and emi relationship problems

And if I don't like your answers, I will make sure you die in the most painful way possible. Now, why did you kill my father? His mind was cloudy and his tongue felt thick.

The town you grew up in… destroyed… before Lucifer got there. I swear to you, Emi. It was rectangular and rimmed in metal. She set it next to Maou and kneeled next to the mirror. For a moment his eyes glowed brightly, a burning red glare. Then his hand sunk through the mirror and it became a black rectangle. An image slowly formed of a dark throne room and Emi stared down at a man, kneeling before her view point, presumably from a high throne. I presume you have news? It seems that our sources were correct.

The Hero has been found. Unfortunately, we were too late. Upon our arrival a small force of Knights from the church and a single High Priest were waiting for us. After the battle we scoured the village. The Hero's family was not where our intel had said they would be. Everyone else had been killed beforehand. The lack of flesh wounds brought me to believe magic was the cause of death. Even so, the High Priest that we faced was not the culprit, as his magic was substandard.

I bring good tidings, if you would only listen, I would convey them to you in good time. After piecing together the information I had, I decided to summon a swarm of griffons to track our mystery man.

maou and emi relationship problems

They were intercepted by a well-placed platoon of archers. Meanwhile, Lucifer stayed where he was kneeling at the foot of his lords throne. It was signed 'O'. With a little negative influence, I succeeded in getting a name from that whelp Sariel. For an Angel of Death, he sure can't take a punch. Now, what is the name. I believe they intend to rest the blame for the destruction of the village on your shoulders. This will give the Hero ample cause to kill you, Sire. Very well, continue your push into the territory.

How was Heaven, by the way?

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However you like it. He turned and strode away from the throne. Maou shook with the effort of casting the spell and rolled over, threatening to vomit on the floor. How could he do this… I thought…" "I didn't… I didn't kill him… Emi. Before he could, his strength failed.

Emi straddled Maou before raising a fist and bringing it down onto Maou's jaw. Tear's fell but she appeared irate more than anything. She looked like she would kill Satan right there and then.

Sadao Maou/Relationship

The atrocities you've committed, that your subordinates committed while serving you are still so fresh in my mind… I could… I should…" Emi raised the knife. It would take more than one stab to kill the Devil. As a demon, he was naturally stronger, a predator designed with the express intent of hunting humans and even lesser demons. No, the knife would hurt at first. Then, after he'd suffered, he would finally die. The obvious example is how she wants Maou and her friends to forever stay in Japan and always be with her.

Now i won't say that her "love" is fake, wrong or anything alike, but Chiho can certainly try to prove herself better than now. Despite her wishes in volume 4 and her declarations in volume 6, she hasn't done much to further her love.

She said that she would try her best to get Maou, but instead of directly appealing to him going on dates, creating moments, inviting him over, etcshe still does what she usually did bringing him snacks and all.

She considered Emi her rival, but instead of directly declaring it, she only beat around the bush until it was too late. All of these for one simple reason, she is afraid, that she might lose something if Chiho were to do it.

If you truly love someone, then go out there and act like you mean it, without worrying about needless things. If Chiho truly loves Maou, then she should choose between him or her family, not make him choose between her and his entire race.

If you truly cherish the friends you have now, try to minimize the burden you place on their shoulders. Since the beginning, Chiho has been the weakest link between the protagonists that others often take advantage of, and now that she has dived too deep, she forced others to protect her.