Luke and leia relationship

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luke and leia relationship

Mark Hamill tells how Luke really felt about kissing his sister Leia The estranged siblings didn't know about their familial relationship until. The ones I read all took place after Return of the Jedi, so at that point it was all Han & Leia as far as as relationship was concerned. In Shadows of th. Regardless, the revelation in ​"Return of the Jedi" that Luke and Leia are twins put an end to any semblance of a romantic relationship, and.

luke and leia relationship

What is the third trilogy about? She's not his sister. That dropped in to wrap up everything neatly.

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His sister was someone else way over on the other side of the galaxy and she wasn't going to show up until the next episode. So at the time of Empire, Lucas was intending to do future films with Luke, just like Kurtz says he was planning on doing. But then Lucas stopped at Return of the Jedi. Kurtz says that Luke was going to meet his twin in the new trilogy. Yes, in Empire, Luke speaks to Leia through his mind, which later is part of their connection as siblings, but I think that is more of a retroactive thing where Lucas said, "Hey, we had Luka talk to Leia through her mind -- why not have THEM be twins?

Yes, but it's not very strong; and usually mainly on Luke's side.

Plus, this would naturally explain away why Lucas had siblings kiss in Empire. Since the only definitive answer exists in George Lucas' brain, I suppose we'll never know for sure, but I think there's enough evidence that I'm comfortable going with the legend as False Be sure to check out my archive of Movie Legends Revealed for more urban legends about the world of films.

And click here for legends just about Star Wars! Feel free heck, I implore you! That Rebel outpost was initially set up by Leia's adoptive father, Bail Organa. Lucas' initial plan for the Star Wars franchise was to have Luke pass away at the end of Episode 9.

This would have happened after Luke trained Leia. Granted, the general consensus is that the Skywalker story will come to an end with Episode 9, which goes along with Lucas' original plans. There is one scene that showed that Leia was as sensitive to the Force as her brother.

Were Luke and Leia Supposed to Be Siblings When They Kissed in Empire Strikes Back?

In Return of the Jedi, Luke asks Leia about their real mother and if she remembered her. Although many thought she was referring to her adoptive mother, that is likely not the case.

luke and leia relationship

Instead, Leia referred to Padme Amidala, her birth mother. This means that Leia knew that she was adopted, a detail later confirmed in the novel Bloodline.

Many fans argued that Leia could not do this and that she didn't know how to use the Force in a way that would make this possible.

luke and leia relationship

Looking at all the material that Disney considers as canon, that scene was just additional proof that Leia knew how to use the Force. The Force is part of her very being.

Fans can continue to argue about that scene being unrealistic, but given all the evidence to the contrary, it's as believable as anything Luke ever did with the Force. The reveal that Luke was merely projecting himself to Crait to give the Resistance time to flee the First Order left many fans with their jaws dropped, shaking their heads.

Then Luke appears to Leia one final time. But here's something that The Last Jedi novelization makes clear: Leia knew that Luke was a projection all along. There is knowledge in her eyes about precisely what's going on. That message plays as a hologram, or a projection, that asks for help, beginning Luke's story in the franchise.

Vader treated her as an enemy to the Empire and severely tortured her aboard the Death Star for information regarding the location of the rebel base - all before letting Wilhuff Tarkin destroy her surrogate home; Alderaan. Leia incorrectly saw Vader as a monster willing to destroy the weak. However, she became shocked upon learning of her true relationship with Vader from Luke - that Vader was in fact, her father. She likely had mixed feelings for her father after this discovery; until learning of Anakin's ultimate sacrifice to save her brother's life, Leia now realizes that her father was never the monster she believed him to be and all her beliefs about him were wrong, it is very likely that she now has great respect for Anakin.

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Bail Organa After Padme's death, Bail took Leia in and raised her to devoted her life to overthrowing the Emperor and restoring the Republic he had destroyed but to keep this part of herself to herself so their people don't get in trouble. After Bail was killed when the Alderaan system was as destroyed by the first Death Star, as Bail was on the planet Alderaan; when it was destroyed, Leia grieves over the death of her adopted father.

luke and leia relationship

Luke Skywalker Leia and Luke were separated after they were born, she did not meet her older twin brother until nineteen years later.

Luke, along with Han Solo rescued her from the first Death Star; after Luke becomes a member of the Rebel Alliancethe two became close friends. In The Empire Strikes, Leia only considers Luke a friend, however, she kissed him in a failed attempt to prove she doesn't have any romantic feelings for Han; much to Luke's annoyance.

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Leia is not overly surprised as there was always a part of her that suspected the relationship between herself and Luke. After the second Death Star - Luke joins the rebels in their ultimate victory against the Empire.

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Leia and Luke lovingly embrace each other as brother and sister. In The Force AwakensLeia's faith in her brother, has increased to the point where she believes that the Resistance cannot defeat Snokethe First Order and the Knights of Renwithout Luke's help.

Unfortunately - Luke was not able to prevent Leia's son from falling to the Dark Side - as Snoke preyed on Ben's internal conflict. Ben, upon conversion to the Dark Side, became known as Kylo Ren. Leia was devastated that her son had become evil and mourned him bitterly, yet, despite the atrocities that Ren had committed over the years - Leia still believed that Ben could come back to the Light Side and be redeemed.