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LONGMIRE Preview: Will Vic & Walt's 'Special' Relationship Blossom Under Pressure? (Video). An age appropriate relationship is in the cards for Walt Longmire in Deputy Vic Moretti (Sackhoff) has visions of it being Walt's new woman. Season 6 of Longmire brought the Sheriff Walt Longmire story to an end in a of lingering issues, and went out on a golden rainbow of happiness. Who knows how the relationship of Walt and Vic would end up, but I like.

After an incident involving a Cheyenne child with Scarlet Fever, Cady lost all her clients. She almost left town but was detained in Wyoming by a handsome fellow who Walt once fired named Zach Barry Sloane.

It was a surprising plot twist.

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Katee Sackhoff played Vic Vic was pregnant at the end of season 5, but not very far along. Early in season 6 she is shot and loses the baby.

The grieving process over that loss was explored in season 6. It gave Katee Sackhoff a chance to show more emotional depth that she previously has in this part. I discovered when I wrote this post about the age difference between Walt and Vic that many fans of the books felt they should be together in the TV series as they were in the books. Vic told Walt in many ways that she loved him, without ever coming out and saying the words.

I could have done without that bow to the patriarchy as Walt and Vic reached their happy ending. Despite my complaints about how Walt and Vic ended up, most of the season rolled along with the same amount of danger and tension that characterized all 6 seasons of Longmire. Especially good were the scenes where Henry was staked to the ground in the sun for days before Walt rescued him. Primal heroic story, that. But you never know, you never say never.

There have been formal talks about doing some Longmire movies; I know that all of us would like to do it. Do you feel like an honorary American cowboy now, with sagebrush in your veins? I would be very honored to think that, and I guess I do. Growing up in Australia, the similarities between the American West and the Outback are amazing. I was so happy when the role showed up.

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I must have done 3, scenes, and I found the most affecting and powerful were when ordinary people are trying to survive and do the right thing when circumstances are piling up against them. There is great tragedy in little stories. People look for the big overarching dramatic flourish, and sometimes it is just a quiet guy in a corner.

What has he dealt with? People have a hard time putting it into words, which is the perfect description of the character. But there is something that that is deeply felt that resonates with a lot of viewers. It is quietness and reserve, with so much going on internally.

'Longmire' Season 6: Vic, Walt Develop Romantic Feelings for Each Other?

And an innate decency? We were about the quiet people, and I love that. Pretty early on I was left alone to do that. Can you set the stage for what happens? Henry is my best friend, and Walt is the kind of guy who sticks by his friends even if they are annoying him.

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